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  1. Nice , Next increase the paychecks of Medic and other profession's
  2. @Parthonax things removed are smokey trainer and all other mods except blood effect mod , skin mods and HUD pics;- Pic of cleo folders:-
  3. TheAssassin

    Group Council

    plus their ban was also removed due to they were wrong banned
  4. Sir I I removed it the day I got banned , also removed the asi file. That day Now on your demand I can also remove the trainer. This is the truth .
  5. The trainer is SP trainer and don't work on MP. The vehicle mod I have removed it week ago OK I will upload them in a sec
  6. Yes I have a car mod pack for some cars . For jump I was using hydraulics , if you want to try it press H x2 rapidly, when driving a car. And I am sorry that I was using it to avoid paying tolls.
  7. Parth can you actually tell me what Vehicle Hack I Did , Like i teleported some cars to me or My car was flying in air . And if you have some Proofs can you please Upload them. I also want to see my Car Flying in air.
  8. What is your in-game name? Ahmed_Raza Which staff member banned you? Parth When did you get banned? 01/27/19 What is the ban reason? Vehicle Hack's Personal comment There is some kind ok Missunderstanding. I did not get the Reason i was using my own Car and i just got a Lag , i did not know what you see at your side but at my Half my screen was frozen and when the App responded i got Ban
  9. President want to buy a villa not the govornor
  10. i AM sorry to Admins that i DO Mistake and i am Sorry please forgive me SOrry Pain Sorry PoorMan
  11. I have done nothing Wrong that turns it in to a DM scene. The whole thing is that IT was a kidnap and we give him Warnings to suffer or surrender , instead of Surrender he Shoot's back . Secondly , If you kidnap and the target shoots back at you , you just stand there? Thirdly , 1st warning was given to him when we were in the car then we exit it so how the hell can i shoot him, I did not DB him. Forthly , Accept it was a rush BAN. as the whole Kidnap scene was turned out in a shootout, and in shootouts 1 side lose.

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