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  1. the topic starter
  2. this IC issue thing is only Killing the fun in server , Swat can make Barriers at the side of mountain to make a perfect platform to snipe at BCR Bunker but we can't.
  3. yes and thats a fact , lets bring back old 2018 Admin Team that was not into giving warns. Straight up Ban over a small DM or rulebreak.
  4. Sir their was no such rule according to those Rp screens at that time. We lost the status and served 3 months Blacklist, it doesn't means that we can't achieve the status again. Dizzy said that You get 40 Rp points and 60 Script points you gets official. If you have any problem with our status you should talk with Group Managment instead of making Cry Baby topics.
  5. bro i exited LSCH , i was not SU nor their was any interaction. got sprayed by M4 and mp5. by Dexter , reported him for DM and despite of 7 Admins being online none handled the report.
  6. Tax money goes to group banks that own EB turf.
  7. hmmm. should have contacted me 4 months earlier.
  8. this is what i call a pro volunteer abuse , he is an Ex member of my in MQM , he is abusive and a scammer . Soon he will again leave PD and go back criminal.
  9. to be honest as the corona vacations are over player base will go a little bit down , only the commited will stay rest will leave.
  10. if your power went down during some RP sit , instantly message any admin over discord and explain him that your power went out.
  11. TheAssassin

    Last night

    Hmmm. Sir a nice way to address still what do you expect from terrorists ? welcome white citizen with a beer. irl terrorists kill hundreds of people without anyreason but still we need to not to kill people. Terrorist are brutal and gruesome. maybe we should develop more of our character by killed more people Still we only kill players inside BC because we roleplay a new state their with a new passport. You can avoid getting killed if you have BC passport.
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