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  1. Sir, they kills you without reason its IC issue. you kills them without reason its DM.
  2. well cops do the same thing at Gs9. comes their and stays their till some balla approach him then /panic and starts a shootout.
  3. TheAssassin


    I my self asked countless cops to help me with some Rp but each one of them denied , then with Jelly's permission i asked 2 of my own members to go on cop duty to help me roleplay that scenario. @Leonardo when we ask cops to help us create any scenarios they only do /b3 and then open fires. Sometimes even if we want to surrender Swat is deployed and we are killed no matter if we are surrendering, I like to quote names here. Khalid King. Ricardo Perez. Anthony. Charles McChane. They even comes to an active turf and starts killing us without any warning. So how can we create Roleplay scenarios ?
  4. TheAssassin


    Dude we owned the WH before we were even Offical and you should get sober because we did not added Rp points and awarded Offical without even checking the logs.
  5. TheAssassin


    i still laugh that the group council was so blinded that they awarded 30 rp points to Magaddinos one day and remove them the other day. Like wtf if you cant judge then why you volueenter to be on the council.
  6. 1- roleplay is playing as a real life character in a virtual game. Clarification. if you are roleplaying as a Cop you also need to behave like a Cop. If you are roleplaying like a hobo and driving Expensive cars its kind of unrealistic. 2- Using information Obtained Via OOC source for IC reasons. Clarification. For dumb people like you, its mixing OOC information with IC information. Using Discord /PM to set up deals. 3-Forcing somebody to Roleplay , Doing irrealistic roleplay. Clarification. Like /me gets bitten by a spider and turns into spiderman. Now will you like to Explain. KOS and PK ?
  7. mine is still better then your 3 screens in which you /lean 1 and take SS then add the chat later.
  8. i am opposing the claim that they are the Best roleplayers.
  9. now who wants to argue that LM is the best roleplaying group ?
  10. TCC is The Calton Crew.
  11. there are about official group which are paki. 1-TCC. 2-Magaddino family. 3-BCR. 4-Winters Corporation. Each of them roleplay Specific Characters.
  12. give it under court contract so if the player gets banned or goes offline you can appeal in court and get the car back.
  13. even evaded 3 Cops HSU ?
  14. you never mentioned the number.
  15. Roaming in car is a crime. I only see it as abuse , "the attempt to do Crime" was added when someone is caught during a robbery or nuking ATM , not for free roaming. Sergio its a felony stop and you can kill them. Killing on TS is not allowed but you can kill for felony stop.
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