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  1. (.Connecting to relay xx001101100xxx11.) (.Changing Host Ip.) (.New Host Ip xxxxx000011xx1xx.) Name: player Comment : Tons of drugs seized still none reached the Lockers. Police officers are accountable for this. The supervisors should look over the seizures process. #RemoveCorruptOfficers. #CorruptSAPD.
  2. well this should be imply in the server.
  3. i agree with Craze here i want Castillo's back
  4. Username:MilfHunter Comment : Silvester_87 why you and your mum Gay
  5. well i agree with LocMax. we can't please everyone
  6. well a lot have changed in 1 year in the server . back 1 year the player gets a ban for poor Rp and now they only gets warned. Shootouts are a part of Roleplay but the problem here is that we dont have a definitive view of Rp , Staff should imply the Type of roleplay the server needs I myself will prefer Character Roleplay over more /me ones.
  7. Craze is right some times player dont want to lose stuff and acts like a retard.
  8. please dont convert it into a shoutbox
  9. @LocMax Sir limit the groups in numbers or territory's ? It will be good if you limit them in territory's and force them to Rp along their character.
  10. 14 Million dollars pay checks nice since there is no EMS or FD member online , and a little players do other jobs so PD got about 10million$ paychecks even though a lot of volunteer dont gets enough pay
  11. well i suggested it and your were the first against it.
  12. TheAssassin

    0.3.7 or DL

    What does the 0.3.7-R3 means ?
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