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  1. @Ahmed_Waheb you need to verify the staff team that they are your brothers.
  2. Sir here Staff don't Support Character Roleplay , they prefer the use of /me and /do only. No chance is given to Players to interact, Total PG is done , nobody use /attempt and give other player a chance to roleplay. This is the main reason for DM. Nobody want to Roleplay. If a person wants to rob other player they just start a shootout instead of roleplaying. Staff should strictly enforce PG rules and the use of /attempt Command. This is the key reason that there is a lot of DM fest here.
  3. Username: Jack Comment: The governor should take some steps about it instead of making his own drug empire
  4. TheAssassin

    Hello there.

    Indeed Pacho, Tou will see Let and MQM in the form of Bcr, More over the corleone is also back
  5. Indeed. Give this man an invitation to BCR he is skilled with using knife
  6. At least we Do Roleplay , how is your Racing group with Civics Working i am seeing No Rp Contributing from it ?
  7. Cant win an argue with a BrainDead person. I am a human and i am pretty Sure you are not from my Kind.
  8. NO U , the person who only login just to pay taxes. Sir we are Rping like Terrorist. doesnt We can Roleplay like Terrorist if we want ?
  9. @Jake Randall Can we roleplay Terrorist Attack via Train? Or transport some Bombs in Ls Via it.
  10. She is the Best Shooter in the State Excellent Markmen. She have more Marksmen score then Billy.
  11. @Tyche Intrested in buy cheetah for 500k ? Have custom plate.
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