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  1. you didnt even quote me, it's called minding my own business sometimes because i cant be arsed to argue for hours on forum topics with idiots. soz sucks i know but im retiring slowly
  2. also if you're talking about the GTA V bs, its because my comment didnt get approved by a forum moderator yet
  3. i literally said "afaik" which equals to in english =I'm not sure but i think so where did i ignore your replies again?
  4. i got accepted into FD once, if i remember correctly at the start. I got accepted to PD 2 or 3 times. This last time it was denied because I gave up waiting after literally a month of waiting on my application
  5. well i mean when an FD CAPTAIN (aka you) becomes an SAPD officer meanwhile keeping their position in PD aswell and the higher command is totally inactive then there is ALOT of problems with. btw ur situation, t shouldnt be allowed because its total bullshit and you are not supposed to be a cop and a fd captain at the same time just resign its not that hard.
  6. but they will unban all the pakis who dont deserve unban in july so it doesnt matter ser im godsent so i deserrve all ur unbans
  7. they are essential and they wont be. FD is as dead as it is nowadays because no one wants to rp here
  8. yeah its not up to them to constantly rulebreak, troll, threaten any cop or most civs that come to gs9 to heal or refuel with a knife w/e reason, way over-exxagerate gang life as i said before, drop kamikaze bombs every hour for fucks sakes, and at first it was funny but now its getting old and neither do admins nor management does something about it. really if they are not here to roleplay then bye bye honestly if you're just looking for shootouts and confrontations for your epic clips so that you can apply on generic DM server #5 for admin, then just get the hell out of here you're not doing any productive.
  9. maybe start rping properly and GS9 and not start immediately threatning people with your pocket knife, you don't know what real gang life is neither the rest of NBA and all that other gang groups. i hope you wont turn GS9 into some imaginary state where you are DM hungry 24/7. if you want to shoot some people go onto the 1000 DM servers there are on SAMP bro, but dont turn half of the server into rampages 24/7 with your over exxagerated way of gang life
  10. tell him to take screenshots from the start and to the end every 15-20 seconds via f8 everytime they rob him personally tell him to ask in /b what is the reason and why do you keep targeting me etc if you can translate that to him and he is able to write it down. post the screens on the topic and we'll see
  11. bro not everyone has 2080ti and 9900k bro i play on i3 4160 4gb and 750ti on normal
  12. will there be volunteer pd system? will the weather be rnadom or set different in different counties 4ever? what scripts/jobs/features will stay from SAMP and which ones will not be included (hunger thirst bar plz stamina is enough hassle)
  13. mr.enterprise happy 1 less year away from dying!
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