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  1. Silvester_Aaron


    thats what i was trying to say
  2. Silvester_Aaron


    i dont even mind if its expensive it was 50k for an m4 case back in the day when it was a big deal
  3. Silvester_Aaron


    also, gambino members spend 6+ hours ingame afking even back in the day i saw gambinos afking for 780+ mins, one of their members even got banned for aimbot and nobody seemed to give a fuck
  4. Silvester_Aaron


    gambino never deserved them. all they did was take screenshots of RP which are just blank screeens of them /idle 1 85% of the time. also i dont think you want to give a group official status so reputable quality and community representing group who's owner was banned multiple times for casino scams and then said he will leave 5 times just for attention asslicking his way back to the top 2 weeks later. when ali shan had to leave due to actual IRl problems and announcened he was leaving everyone called him an attention seeking paki piece of shit think about that
  5. Silvester_Aaron


    nowadays heavy weapons are segregated from the main black market to the official egyptian asslicking cool boys. there are literally 10% chance you will run into an honest guy whos actually able to sell you heavy weapons at a fair price at large quantities. remember the old days? somehow the whole server was filled with m4s ak47s and warehouses were actually owned by people who distribute them fairly
  6. ur just so desperate and trying so hard to provoke me too hard ur squeezing the poopie out watch out
  7. u were the first person who got butthurt over it, then you are trying to play it off with your shitty deescalation skills like nothing happened shut the fuck up with your paki first grader insults alongside your cringy generic profile and behaviour ur the one trying to provoke me because you got butthurt, it's that simple.
  8. why are you so butthurt about a meme that was clarified a meme?
  9. you get your shit straight, this is purely meant to be laughed at and not get offended, exactly mentioned it after posting
  10. lmao you clearly dont know what roleplay is or how to do roleplay. you put types of characters in roleplay into stereotypes that they are and it fucking ruins it that is why this server and many mafias suck
  11. yea yea thats what i experienced in my 2 weeks of being there or so never stated it as a fact i mean i dont really know why you're the one speaking when as a senior admin you fail to RP gunfear... O_O
  12. you guys are always messing around IG lmao i was in this group for a bit all we did IG was 1. fuck around 2. do max 45 mins of RP daily 3. afk around our hood
  13. wtf is TCC btw 2 and 4 dont deserve it lmao also its just a joke
  14. ok even if snowfalkes do come here or some admin decides to mute me for this im gonna make a statement this is purely for laughs no bullying intended take it as a joke alright? just a meme
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