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  1. LSC was total bullshit lmao just because he was lucky and a mapper doesn't mean they were actually good, jason is a fucking idiot, he dumped a whole mafia that actually slowly could've became quite respected, he was the Co leader,for this bs that didn't even run well, also bullied an ex mudoo member for his dyslexia and took it to a whole another level. Idlewood bloods was fine wah ching didn't even hear of it so no comment
  2. lmao my head hurts from all these fakey fakeys
  3. Just wanted to give you an advice, how am I supposed to rp if the server gives you literally no options neither the players
  4. not you not me not us, management for listenting to EVERYONE finally for gods sakes when i pointed out this bullshit when it started and could've been prevented it was called crying, whining, now look who's agreeing with my opinion HE HE
  5. The worst thing is that management is so desperate for admins which you dont need. Managers and/or Server Leaders should make new staff becoming moderators, admins, senior admins and make them ready for their duties and know what to do. You don't need 15 admins, 6 moderators, when seriously 5 admins who take their duties seriously and not just as a big sigh or something then the server would be fine, I believe
  6. But this could be controlled if the staff wouldn't be just staff for 'ahahahah i'm an admin/moderator on a server hahahahaha i wont do shit but just have these shiny tags on my name' every single time in the last few months i believe that admins take such a big sigh on coming to a single report IG, handling a report on forums. most newer admins cant even do their job properly
  7. The server was okay in the begininng, then came the sloppy times (2018 summer and etc) Then it became devastated for players and players did come right after, but they were all pakis and half of them was probably recruited into mafias via discord by their friends or something. now everyone's p2w mentality and the server cant function properly
  8. I don't know why do you want this or why it would even benefit for everyone, plus lets just transfer this topic into suggestions man
  9. I see what u tryna do, keep it up but make a story and not this blend
  10. its not unique the management is so desperate for admins, but you don't need 15 admins and 16 helpers when 5 active admins who care about their community and not sigh after having to come to a report after they afked on the server for 5 hours straight and are actually passionate about what they are doing
  11. Your Ingame Name: Raaj Tariq Your Discord name and tag:Silvesteeer#1681 Your Number:29 ayo hit me up with that nitro thnaks
  12. plz stop hating on me for telling my opinion people

    1. Saaruman


      No one needs your opinion, you're just retarded and toxic.

    2. Silvester_Aaron


      I was toxic for politely telling my opinion on the group? Just because something is negative towards you or is from me doesn't mean I am toxic.


      i don't think I am the retarded one when ur literally harrasing me

    3. In Memoriam

      In Memoriam

      because you are so provocative!

  13. What is your in-game name? Raaj_Tariq Which player(s) do you want to report? Jayden Santana When did the rulebreak happen? 08/25/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? All people watching and in the video What happened? (quote what rule was broken) I think Jayden is using aimbot in this clip inbetween 0:20 and 0:22 where we can see him kill 2 officers but when he moves onto the second one, his aimbot triggers and rapidly moves his crosshair onto the cop, and i'm raising eyebrows because when his aim got onto that same 2nd officer the aiming stopped pitch perfect on the officer's mid body, too good to be true to have such skill and reaction time Evidence
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