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  1. Come at me lmaoo. I'm pretty sure I'm a damn good RPer. I started atleast 6 years ago on freeroam servers. ur the clown here
  2. Lmaooo, only reason you don't because I don't put effort into a shitty server with no return.
  3. Because the only thing people can do right now on mudoo is: Truck (Unoriginal and boring) Create portfolio businesses with shitty and boring roleplay Join/Create a mafia and cause unnesecary shootouts Climb their way to a decent level via an alibi, join some high ranking faction like FBI/ join the staff team and then unleash their absolute bastardness and their shitty p2w mentality. Join SAPD and asslick their shit to the top and then sit on their throne while their own shit burns down. It's like burning down your own house but only dying to smoke pois
  4. Helpers aren't supposed to help people TO ROLEPLAY. If you are gonna come on a ROLEPLAY server with 0 roleplay knowledge and english skills, you do NOT belong there. Helpers are here to help out the players with their extra needs and introduce them to the server. But not roleplay or learning english. I don't care if you have to start somewhere. I started on freeroam servers and guess what? I'll say it again and one last time YOU COME TO ROLEPLAY ON A ROLEPLAY SERVER, NOT LEARN IT.
  5. I'd rather have 30 playerbase like 2018 and have quality RPers than 120 pakis that shoot me 20 seconds after logging in because i jumped on the car by accident. This is the mentality that took the server to shit. We don't need this to be a heavy RP server. You clearly don't know what the server was like back in the day. Also, you need to stop saying SAMP is dead or cOUlD dIe aNY MOmEnT. Just because the last developer left like a fucking crybaby doesn't mean SAMP is dying. There are countless and I mean countless SAMP servers that provide a unique script great, friendly staff and overall good
  6. This is going nowhere. Everyone has been trying to turn mudoo for good. It's not gonna work. Shit is rotten from the start guys. It's quite useless arguing at this point. Management has neglected mudoo via letting players who can't even RP in, neglecting their own staff in a kiss-my-ass and you'll be fine style, same goes for SAPD. This is the deep rotten core of mudoo RPG and this is it. Unless there would be an entire management overhaul, nothing is gonna change.
  7. acting like this is such a revolutionary change. maybe you should consider doing something that would actually have an impact on the server. maybe reform the staff team, SAPD, the community?
  8. It's more like late 2018 when everything went to shit. counting from the RP level to SAPD, staff team etc
  9. common sense is what most admins/moderators dont have. They grew up in servers like this and cant think outside forum and ig /rules and dont have any experience being staff on any server that has RP standards like mudoo. Admins arent trained well enough and people who actually have common sense probably wont get hired because of favouriteism and because they dont actually take mudoo that seriously 50% of the time and dont have the cleanest record. I'd be willing to administrate the server 24/7, put all my heart to 3 applications to become a helper and did as much good deeds ig as i could arou
  10. its actually this way robber:omg this guy stole my car and fucked with me im gonna track him down and kill him, *realistically hunts the stealer down and punishes him accordingly* OMG SHIT I FORGOT TO SAY /S HANDS UP OR I SHOOT NOW IM GONNA BE JAILED FOR 30 MINS OMG SO SORRY FOR NOT RPING AT ALL EVEN THOUGH I DID 15 /MES AND RP WITH MYSELF OMG trooper:admins dont even spec us and they are friends so meh i can do what i want such as ramboing people unrealistically, use excessive force, the list goes on. i really think people so one sided and tunnel visioned l
  11. FBI HRT and SWAT is ridiculous. did u ever see SWAT or FBI patrolling around regularly IRL or any other roleplay server that has RP standards? ofc not. they shoot at everything, disregard protocols and are just a deathmatch suicide squad. examples:leaves u there to die /m stop /me kills /me leaves scene /r got shootout cleanup troopers then lick my ass, they come shoot everyone then leave no RP at all, using heavy weaponry and excessive force 24/7.
  12. i dont necesarrily think this is character development at its best but uh... i dont think you'll find the RP level you deserve in PD, not even in this server dude.
  13. you dont have anything to counter it besides with that?
  14. why u texting in bold doe doesnt make u look any wiser or cooler lol
  15. its pretty realistic to call for atleast one additional unit when you are dealing with a felony traffic stop, its actually in PD guidelines lmao
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