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  1. It's the truth. Randall is buidling up both Derek's and Weston's department.

  2. you can take ss duplicate them, remove chatbar and then edit the text
  3. the screens look so so so awful it hurts my eyes learn to edit them properly
  4. we dont need politics weston u need to stop being so full of urself after becoming pd chief you cant even be infront of the media for 1 minutes after jake randall set your and derek's whole department up.

  5. OSHA short for Occupational Safety and Health Administration was founded in the early 1970's by the 37th US president, Richard Nixon. In most of the states there are usual checkups by one or more of the current 2,000+ workers in the government agency. The current government seems not to be bothered with any of the OSHA laws which can prevent life-threatning situations For example, look at the current Idlewood gas station. On the top there is a stationary helicopter most of the time, a few couches and a table or two. This is highly dangerous as the roof could collapse any time if too much pressure is put on it. But there are obviously way more houses that have structural and design-side flaves in them. We can vote to implement OSHA laws in the state of San Andreas aswell! Protest with me for the right of being safe inside your own home! #OSHAlawsmatter! post made by:silvester_87
  6. little lucky boy remebmer when it gave us aks and snipers hahahahaha
  7. 😋 😋

    😋 bruce retire for 2 months then reinstate 😋 😋 😋



    1. In Memoriam

      In Memoriam

      once a staff always a staff.

  8. killed current pd chief lifetime achievement - thank u for that seems like everyone is giving slowly but steadily giving up on SA-MP, the mastermind behind this is a guy named 'Sergio', he recently purchased a GTA V platform for 15k$ and is a spanish spoiled brat who is trying hard to make everyone to neglect and leave SA-MP one of the biggest heavy rp server(others aswell) are under attacks, the whole samp community is neglected, under attack and is slowly coming to an end lets stay strong
  9. you register here and randomly start disliking all my posts, randomly of course, not some alt account at all hehe no suspiciouns
  10. its jake randall go see urself on PD FORUMSMSHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  11. Username:silvester_87 Comment:i remember when i owned this
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