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  1. Previous Page Next Page What is your in-game name? KonsopiA Alemdar Date & time of occurence? 14/1/2018 14:58 Elaborate how you lost this/these items We discovered and entered mudo in 2018(2012-2017 argonath), we continued to play for 6 months. We had money over 15M, 2 weed houses and 1 warehouse We had 5 property on LasColinas We had 3 bullet,1 turismo,5 huntley,2 buffalo. Now everything is gone. Even someone else has bought our HQ. We have been in the game for 10 days and we are back again. We do not want the money, cars and houses we lost. The loyalty system came out while we were away. We didn't spend any loyalty points in this process. We all want a refund for loyalty.(Drago_Alemdar,Armando_Alemdar,Bascma_Alemdar,allthan.Alemdar) We demand 2 weed house for not to start from scratch Let me tell you a little bit about us. As all realms, we are friends in real life over 10 years and we have always been with each other. We have known you closely since 2012, we know a little bit and we like you. If we are understanding towards each other, our relationship will continue for years. You can be sure that we will support you. Thanks for everything Proof Carlo_Gambino knows everything and Matthew knows us.
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