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  1. I was trying to escape under the water.The police killed me when I stepped over the water to breathe.Then Aaron texted me as you see and The joker seized my markedmoney as you see.Then Aoron didn't do anything for him.He had to warn or punish Thejoker.Guess what he did!!!
  2. What is your in-game name? Bascma.Alemdar Which player(s) do you want to report? TheJoker and Aaron_Carson When did the rulebreak happen? 10/13/18 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Unrp and injustice What happened? (quote what rule was broken) When I was running from the police, my engine stopped and jumped into the water.Read more below. Evidence [23:35:04] The engine became severely damaged. Try to turn it on with "/engine". [23:35:05] Your attempt to turn the engine on failed. Try again in a few seconds. [23:35:19] * Jeffrey_Carson unholsters their taser. [23:35:19] * Declan_Finney unholsters their taser. [23:35:19] * Emily_Thompson unholsters their taser. [23:35:34] Government. (13): {FFFFFF}Ezz ! [23:35:41] * Jeffrey_Carson holsters their taser. [23:35:44] * Jeffrey_Carson unholsters their taser. [23:35:45] * Jeffrey_Carson holsters their taser. [23:35:48] Ezz_Eldin (18): {FFFFFF}n3m [23:35:50] Grizz. (20): {FFFFFF}nice name [23:35:50] [?] Tip: Use /tutorial to get brief knowledge of basic server features. [23:35:54] *** [GOVERNMENT]: Panopticon Bridge tolls have been unlocked. [23:35:54] * Emily_Thompson holsters their taser. [23:35:55] Grizz. (20): {FFFFFF}n3ma fy fmk [23:35:55] * Declan_Finney forces Bascma up. [23:35:57] * Please use English in public chats. Feel free to speak foreign languages in private channels. [23:36:04] Grizz. (20): {FFFFFF}bla lba bla [23:36:08] Jeffrey_Carson (9) suspected you of trying to avoid death, suiciding in water. [23:36:20] Ezz_Eldin (18): {FFFFFF}fme? [23:36:20] Dexter (6): {FFFFFF}It can also turn into a warn, grizz [23:36:26] Grizz. (20): {FFFFFF}oh rly [23:36:29] Declan_Finney (40) unsuspected you of suspection #2 - .. [23:36:32] Dexter (6): {FFFFFF}ys rly sir [23:36:35] Aaron_Carson (4): {FFFFFF}Stop cops! [23:36:36] You paid 5 for hospital fees as you were killed by police. [23:36:38] Aaron_Carson (4): {FFFFFF}... [23:36:41] Grizz. (20): {FFFFFF}wait what [23:36:47] You spawned at the group HQ. [23:36:51] TheJoker says: sapd [23:36:52] Grizz. (20): {FFFFFF}kacper still an admin and jelly becomes an manager [23:36:53] {FF0000}Aaron_Carson{C2A2DA} says: what did you do [23:36:53] Grizz. (20): {FFFFFF}lmao [23:36:55] Grizz. (20): {FFFFFF}im happy lel [23:36:58] Bascma.Alemdar says: who ? [23:37:00] [WS]Tarion_Smith says: so you're smth here [23:37:04] Bascma.Alemdar says: am i ? [23:37:05] Dexter (6): {FFFFFF}kacper got fired before the promotion [23:37:09] Grizz. (20): {FFFFFF}lol [23:37:11] Grizz. (20): {FFFFFF}why [23:37:12] {FF0000}Aaron_Carson{C2A2DA} says: you decided to jump in the water as soon as you saw cops? [23:37:14] [WS]Tarion_Smith says: what's ur rank in sapd [23:37:17] Bascma.Alemdar says: yes [23:37:19] * [WS]Tarion_Smith locks their Turismo. [23:37:22] Grizz. (20): {FFFFFF}hay? [23:37:27] Bascma.Alemdar says: what can i do ? [23:37:28] {FF0000}Aaron_Carson{C2A2DA} says: attempting suicide to avoid being caught? [23:37:31] Bascma.Alemdar says: no [23:37:38] Grizz. (20): {FFFFFF}can u tell me [23:37:41] {FF0000}Aaron_Carson{C2A2DA} says: what else? [23:37:42] Dexter (6): {FFFFFF}No clue. [23:37:44] * [WS]Tarion_Smith unlocks their Turismo. [23:37:46] * [WS]Tarion_Smith locks their Turismo. [23:38:01] Bascma.Alemdar says: i didnt want arrest [23:38:08] * [WS]Tarion_Smith turns off the engine of their Turismo. [23:38:10] TheJoker says: why not dumbass [23:38:14] * [WS]Tarion_Smith turns on the engine of their Turismo. [23:38:19] Bascma.Alemdar says: and i can swim [23:38:23] {FF0000}Aaron_Carson{C2A2DA} says: so you decided to suicide? [23:38:27] {FF0000}Aaron_Carson{C2A2DA} says: no no no. [23:38:37] {FF0000}Aaron_Carson{C2A2DA} says: Declan RPed getting you out of water. [23:38:42] TheJoker says: ban this bmx retard [23:38:43] {FF0000}Aaron_Carson{C2A2DA} says: you completely ignored. [23:38:52] Bascma.Alemdar says: are you seriusly [23:38:58] [?] Tip: Get a passport and a license in order to unlock features such as purchasing vehicles, houses and other. [23:39:11] TheJoker says: ur gonna get arrested here now] [23:39:17] * TheJoker unholsters their taser. [23:39:17] Bascma.Alemdar says: hahahaah [23:39:19] * TheJoker fires their taser and hits Bascma.Alemdar. [23:39:19] You've been tased by TheJoker! [23:39:23] * Jeffrey_Carson (9) logged in to the server. [23:39:23] {FF0000}Aaron_Carson{C2A2DA} says: Gave you various verbal warnings. [23:39:27] * TheJoker applies handcuffs on Bascma.Alemdar's hands. [23:39:29] {FF0000}Aaron_Carson{C2A2DA} says: But you failed to improve. [23:39:30] Taser effects have ended. [23:39:31] [Rstar]Ned_Hawk (7): {FFFFFF}welcome to fbi jeffery [23:39:36] TheJoker (10) seized Marked Money (8761 quantity) from you. [23:39:37] {FF0000}Aaron_Carson{C2A2DA} says: Hold on, Joker. [23:39:38] You made a report against TheJoker (10) for as. [23:39:38] TheJoker says: RIP [23:39:38] Jeffrey_Carson (9): {FFFFFF}fbi? [23:39:41] Aaron_Carson (4) is now looking into your submitted report. [23:39:43] * TheJoker removes the handcuffs from Bascma.Alemdar's hands. [23:39:47] [Rstar]Ned_Hawk (7): {FFFFFF}SWAT* [23:39:49] Bascma.Alemdar says: give me my money admin [23:39:54] Declan_Finney (40): {FFFFFF}He isn't SWAT. [23:39:54] Bascma.Alemdar says: he cant [23:39:55] Jeffrey_Carson (9): {FFFFFF}:( [23:39:57] Grizz. (20): {FFFFFF}nubs [23:39:59] Ricardo_D.Angelo (17): {FFFFFF}he's dick [23:40:00] Grizz. (20): {FFFFFF}swat fbi all shit [23:40:02] You made a report against TheJoker (10) for unrp. [23:40:03] [SAPD] Grizz. left. [23:40:03] [Rstar]Ned_Hawk (7): {FFFFFF}wtf was that interview for? [23:40:04] * [WS]Tarion_Smith unlocks their Turismo. [23:40:05] Aaron_Carson (4) is now looking into your submitted report. [23:40:06] Emily_Thompson says [American accent]: nice gun! [23:40:06] Grizz. (20): {FFFFFF}get ur own life dude [23:40:11] Declan_Finney (40): {FFFFFF}It was just a talk. [23:40:14] Jeffrey_Carson (9): {FFFFFF}6 [23:40:17] Grizz. (20): {FFFFFF}7 [23:40:18] You made a report against TheJoker (10) for give me my money aoron. [23:40:21] Aaron_Carson (4) is now looking into your submitted report. [23:40:23] Ricardo_D.Angelo (17): {FFFFFF}Hes UC [23:40:25] TheJoker says: just took u shitty money that u die for [23:40:35] TheJoker says: kill urself now since u lost some gta money [23:40:38] Moderator Victor_Bonacci (0): Bascma one report is enough, eitherway you'll be punished. [23:40:38] Bascma.Alemdar says: go fuck yourself [23:40:50] [WS]Tarion_Smith (8): {FFFFFF}ban joker troller [23:40:50] [SAPD] [Rstar]Ned_Hawk (7): reeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE [23:40:50] TheJoker says: u need to learn [23:40:52] [SAPD] [Rstar]Ned_Hawk (7): reeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE [23:40:55] [SAPD] Emily_Thompson (1): hi [23:40:56] * Ezz_Eldin (18) just passed the passport examination and became a legal citizen! [23:41:00] TheJoker says: to stop being a retard and play properly [23:41:02] Grizz. (20): {FFFFFF}people being so cool [23:41:04] Grizz. (20): {FFFFFF}cool mods [23:41:06] Grizz. (20): {FFFFFF}cool admins [23:41:09] Bascma.Alemdar says: shut the fuck up idiot [23:41:11] Ezz_Eldin (18): {FFFFFF}xDD [23:41:11] Grizz. (20): {FFFFFF}cool cops [23:41:12] [SAPD] Dexter (6): hi emily dant collin [23:41:19] [SAPD] Emily_Thompson (1): hi [23:41:24] Jeffrey_Carson (9): {FFFFFF}Congratz Ezz. [23:41:27] TheJoker says: you deserve all that comes to u [23:41:31] * David_Rogers (17) logged in to the server. [23:41:33] [SAPD] [WS]Tarion_Smith (8): u dant collin? [23:41:34] * Ricardo_D.Angelo (22) logged in to the server. [23:41:37] [SAPD] Emily_Thompson (1): yea [23:41:49] * David_Rogers turns on the engine of their Police Car (LSPD). [23:41:57] PM to Victor_Bonacci (0): if one report enough come here punish him [23:42:04] * TheJoker (10) left the server (disconnected). [23:42:05] AdmCmd: You got issued a warning by Aaron_Carson. [23:42:05] AdmCmd: Reason: shit roleplay
  3. Please unban me .i am not guilty.You made a mistake.Admit it.
  4. "For no reason." İts not true ask your friend he shot at me and I go to the other roof and defend myself.its selfdefence.if you talked to me you would not ban.
  5. What is your in-game name? Bascma.Alemdar Which staff member banned you? Kacper When did you get banned? 08/29/18 What is the ban reason? Copbaiting, Piss poor rp Personal comment Why did you ban me ? I want explanation.
  6. What is your in-game name? Bascma.Alemdar Which staff member banned you? anonymous When did you get banned? 07/24/18 What is the ban reason? Die in the car Personal comment The police vehicle hit my Vortex. I tried to run the engine and the smoke was coming out and I started to press the explosive "F" key and the car exploded. I was banned by Anonymous for 7 days.
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