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  1. What is your in-game name? Gregory Walker Which staff member banned you? Morais. When did you get banned? 09/02/18 What is the ban reason? Attempted mass DM. Personal comment I was trying to park the heli on the roof of the LSPD... heli was already damaged due to previous crashes to the trees/buildings... suddenly engine got severally damaged from the tree so it started falling.. I couldnt control the vehicle anymore and I crashed to LSPD and heli blew up, Morais thought I did that on purpose and he temp-banned me for an hour... (check the cut from chatlog below) 18:34:59] * Gregory_Walker turns on the engine of their Maverick. [18:35:00] The engine became severely damaged. Try to turn it on with "/engine". [18:35:06] Gregory_Walker (39): {FFFFFF}tf [18:35:10] You spawned at the group HQ. [18:35:10] * Jack_Williams (9) logged in to the server. [18:35:21] Gregory_Walker says: dam it [18:35:25] Player is not suspected of any crimes. [18:35:26] *** [GOV]: Tolls LS-FC Bridge have been locked by Law Enforcement. [18:35:26] * ABBAS_IBNE_FIRNAS (12) logged in to the server. [18:35:38] You were frozen due to property load freeze. You thawed yourself. [18:35:38] * Hero_Man (17) logged in to the server. [18:35:39] Player is not suspected of any crimes. [18:35:40] AdmCmd: You got temporarily banned by Morais for 1 hour(s). [18:35:40] AdmCmd: Reason: Attempted mass DM. [18:35:41] Server closed the connection. Unfortunately, I've not anymore evidences to show and I know that it's not enough, but I hope you will believe what I said.
  2. What is your in-game name? Gregor_Williams Which player(s) do you want to report? Andrei_Valensci When did the rulebreak happen? 07/13/18 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Omar_Alston What happened? (quote what rule was broken) Well, it was normal day, I was patrolling... someone breached house at ganton, this guy was near the territory and I asked him for frisk, he didn't resist. he putted his hands up and let me frisk, I found heroin and C4 in his inventory, so i suspected him, he said that I couldnt su him for that and he reported me also he said "wait for admin", I said OK... while "waiting for admin" he took out his desert eagle and start shooting, he killed both of us (Omar_Alston and Gregor_Williams)... also after report he lied to admin (David Rodriguez) that he didnt got frisked by me, after that admin left (crashed/connection lost I guess) so he just went away... he mixed OOC and IC because he said reported, admin is coming so we were waiting for admin but he suddenly took out weapon and killed us. it's kinda DM too, also lying to administration is main stuff, check the evidence below. P.S. he flamed me in PM Evidence Here's cut from the chatlog when the situation started and when it ended. [14:53:57] ** {0235A3}[SAPD Dispatch]{006FED} A property alarm went off at Ganton, Los Santos. ** [14:53:58] Matching Players: [14:53:58] * Marc_Jared (2) - level: 1 [14:54:10] ** {0235A3}[SAPD Radio]{006FED} Volunteer Gregor_Williams {0235A3}[X-RAY-7]{006FED}: Goptta check ganton ** [14:54:23] ** {0235A3}[SAPD Radio]{006FED} Volunteer Omar_Alston: 10-76 ** [14:54:30] * Andrei_Lavonsci (11) logged in to the server. [14:54:48] ** Gregor_Williams o<: This is the Police, pull over to the side of the road! ** [14:54:52] ** {0235A3}[SAPD Radio]{006FED} Volunteer Gregor_Williams {0235A3}[X-RAY-7]{006FED}: possible breacher ** [14:54:54] ** {0235A3}[SAPD Radio]{006FED} Volunteer Gregor_Williams {0235A3}[X-RAY-7]{006FED}: elcorona ** [14:54:56] ** {0235A3}[SAPD Radio]{006FED} Volunteer Gregor_Williams {0235A3}[X-RAY-7]{006FED}: red cheetah ** [14:55:02] ** {0235A3}[SAPD Radio]{006FED} Volunteer Gregor_Williams {0235A3}[X-RAY-7]{006FED}: requesting ground unit ** [14:55:03] ** {0235A3}[SAPD Radio]{006FED} Volunteer Omar_Alston: 10-4 ** [14:55:15] ** Gregor_Williams o<: This is the Police, pull over to the side of the road! ** [14:55:23] * Jawwad (20) logged in to the server. [14:55:27] ** {0235A3}[SAPD Radio]{006FED} Volunteer Omar_Alston: Where? ** [14:55:28] ** Gregor_Williams o<: This is the Police, pull over to the side of the road! ** [14:55:31] ** {0235A3}[SAPD Radio]{006FED} Volunteer Gregor_Williams {0235A3}[X-RAY-7]{006FED}: That guy ** [14:55:35] ** Omar_Alston o<: This is the Police, pull over to the side of the road! ** [14:55:45] ** Omar_Alston o<: Engine off ** [14:55:46] ** {0235A3}[SAPD Radio]{006FED} Volunteer Gregor_Williams {0235A3}[X-RAY-7]{006FED}: Let me deal with him. ** [14:55:49] Andrei_Lavonsci says: Done [14:55:53] [?] Tip: Register on our website, at www.mudoogaming.com [14:55:56] ** {0235A3}[SAPD Radio]{006FED} Volunteer Gregor_Williams {0235A3}[X-RAY-7]{006FED}: dont get out ** [14:55:57] Andrei_Lavonsci says: Yes? [14:55:59] Gregor_Williams says: Hello. [14:56:14] Gregor_Williams says: We had a security alert near ganton, someone breached house... [14:56:19] ** {0235A3}[SAPD Radio]{006FED} Volunteer Omar_Alston: 6-LINCOLN, gonna be 10-86 on Yellow Beffalo, next to Unity station, co.. [14:56:19] ..de 4 ** [14:56:22] Gregor_Williams says: You were near that teritorry, so may we frisk you? [14:56:31] Andrei_Lavonsci says: Is this gonton officer? [14:56:32] Gregor_Williams says: For safety. [14:56:35] ** {0235A3}[SAPD Radio]{006FED} Volunteer Omar_Alston: Plates 2U70VSWC ** [14:56:39] Andrei_Lavonsci says: Sure [14:56:42] Gregor_Williams says: No, but you were near it when I started chasing you. [14:56:45] * Omar_Alston browses through the mobile data computer. [14:56:51] Gregor_Williams says: Alright, put your hands up. [14:56:55] * i cant frisk without it (Gregor_Williams) [14:56:56] * /handsup (Gregor_Williams) [14:56:59] ======== Weapons ======= [14:56:59] Desert eagle [14:56:59] ======== Items ======= [14:56:59] Seed [14:56:59] Water [14:56:59] Calcium [14:56:59] Sodium [14:56:59] Acetone [14:56:59] Heroin [14:56:59] Beer [14:56:59] GPS [14:56:59] Coca Cola [14:56:59] Sprite [14:56:59] Fanta [14:56:59] C4 [14:56:59] Phone Tracker [14:56:59] Airhorn [14:56:59] Flare [14:56:59] Lithium [14:56:59] Toluene [14:56:59] Dice [14:57:12] ** {0235A3}[SAPD Dispatch]{006FED} Gregor_Williams suspected Andrei_Lavonsci of Possesion of drugs and c$. ** [14:57:20] Andrei_Lavonsci says: WTF [14:57:22] Gregor_Williams says: Well, you've heroin and C4. [14:57:24] Andrei_Lavonsci says: reported [14:57:24] Gregor_Williams says: That's illegal. [14:57:27] Gregor_Williams says: reported? [14:57:30] Gregor_Williams says: You let me frisk you. [14:57:31] Andrei_Lavonsci says: You can't do that [14:57:34] Gregor_Williams says: What? [14:57:38] * Omar_Alston steps out of the cruiser. [14:57:41] Gregor_Williams says: Report me if u want. [14:57:45] Gregor_Williams says: I literally can. [14:57:52] Andrei_Lavonsci says: Admin coming [14:57:54] Gregor_Williams says: If i found durgs I can su you) [14:57:55] Gregor_Williams says: good. [14:57:58] Andrei_Lavonsci says: You must reas rulles [14:58:02] Andrei_Lavonsci says: Read* [14:58:12] Gregor_Williams says: Dude, I asked you for frisk. [14:58:16] Gregor_Williams says: You let me, and I found drugs. [14:58:19] Gregor_Williams says: and C4. [14:58:20] Andrei_Lavonsci says: And you suspect me? [14:58:23] Gregor_Williams says: Those items are illegal. [14:58:25] Gregor_Williams says: YEAH. [14:58:29] Andrei_Lavonsci says: You can't suspect me like that [14:58:32] Gregor_Williams says: Possesion of them is suspectable. [14:58:33] Omar_Alston says: Wanna put him in cuffs? [14:58:33] Gregor_Williams says: Yes I can., [14:58:35] Andrei_Lavonsci says: I did nothing [14:58:36] Gregor_Williams says: Wait for admin. [14:58:49] Gregor_Williams says: YOU HAVE DRUGS AND C4 it's enough to suspecty u [14:58:50] * Sergio_Marquina (14) logged in to the server. [14:58:53] You spawned at the nearest hospital. [14:59:00] [?] Tip: Use /settings to adjust your account settings according to your preference. [14:59:02] PM to Andrei_Lavonsci (11): DM, lying to us like waiting for admin [14:59:08] You made a report against Andrei_Lavonsci (11) for DM, lying to us like waiting for admin. [14:59:10] PM to MatthewC (1): REPORTED [14:59:10] Do note that the player you privately messaged is currently paused and may not respond quickly. [14:59:13] PM from Omar_Alston (6): are u serious [14:59:13] PM to MatthewC (1): w/ct [14:59:13] Do note that the player you privately messaged is currently paused and may not respond quickly. [14:59:16] PM to Andrei_Lavonsci (11): reported [14:59:16] [Help Chat] Marc_Jared (2): {FFFFFF}every when is paycheck? [14:59:18] PM to Omar_Alston (6): i reported him [14:59:23] PM to Omar_Alston (6): he said wait for admin [14:59:24] [Help Chat] Dominic_Adams (17): {FFFFFF}i think everyhalf hour [14:59:26] PM from Omar_Alston (6): as soon as u saw the drugs should have cuffed him he had his hands up [14:59:27] PM to Omar_Alston (6): but he dmed us [14:59:32] PM from Omar_Alston (6): well yea [14:59:35] PM to Omar_Alston (6): he "reported" us. sooo [14:59:35] [Help Chat] [PC]Vincent_Clifford (12): {FFFFFF}every 30minutes [14:59:36] Online Administration: [14:59:36] * Administrator =AV=David_Rodriguez (16) [On Duty] [14:59:36] Use "/helpers" to check online Helpers. [14:59:39] PM to =AV=David_Rodriguez (16): David [14:59:42] PM to =AV=David_Rodriguez (16): Take my report [14:59:44] PM from Andrei_Lavonsci (11): if you did that to me again [14:59:44] PM to =AV=David_Rodriguez (16): Please. [14:59:52] PM to Andrei_Lavonsci (11): R E P O R T E D [14:59:56] PM from Andrei_Lavonsci (11): i will cut you'r dick and throw it on your ass [14:59:59] ** {0235A3}[SAPD Dispatch]{006FED} =AV=David_Rodriguez unsuspected Robin of all suspections. Reason: asituation. ** [14:59:59] PM to Andrei_Lavonsci (11): Waiting for admin's response [15:00:02] [Help Chat] Marc_Jared (2): {FFFFFF}do you get notified when paycheck arrived? [15:00:07] Matching Players: [15:00:07] * =AV=David_Rodriguez (16) - level: 12 [15:00:11] PM to =AV=David_Rodriguez (16): dude accept my report [15:00:12] PM to =AV=David_Rodriguez (16): please [15:00:15] [Help Chat] Marc_Jared (2): {FFFFFF}sorry, i accidentally pressed up once. [15:00:16] =AV=David_Rodriguez (16) is now looking into your submitted report. [15:00:25] PM to =AV=David_Rodriguez (16): we stopped him he had drugs and i sued him [15:00:29] PM to =AV=David_Rodriguez (16): he said" wait for admin" [15:00:31] PM to =AV=David_Rodriguez (16): i said ok [15:00:32] [Help Chat] [PC]Vincent_Clifford (12): {FFFFFF}yes [15:00:35] PM to =AV=David_Rodriguez (16): but he took out deagle and shoot [15:00:41] PM to =AV=David_Rodriguez (16): when we were "waiting for admin" [15:00:48] PM to =AV=David_Rodriguez (16): He said "reporteD" aslo [15:00:48] PM from Robin (0): robbery ammunation [15:00:55] PM from Robin (0): fuck m/c [15:01:03] PM to =AV=David_Rodriguez (16): I can prove it. [15:01:08] PM to =AV=David_Rodriguez (16): TP me to him let's discuss. [15:01:11] You gained some experience! Your current experience is 17/45. [15:01:11] You received a paycheck of ,000. Collect it inside a bank! [15:01:11] Use '/paycheck' inside a bank to collect your paycheck. [15:01:17] This vehicle is owned by State of San Andreas. [15:01:17] [?] Tip: Use /v to view vehicle options. Abbreviated commands can be used, such as: /engine, /lights, /window, ... [15:01:18] * Gregor_Williams turns on the engine of their Manana. [15:01:27] PM to =AV=David_Rodriguez (16): are you listenign? [15:01:35] Online Administration: [15:01:35] * Administrator =AV=David_Rodriguez (16) [On Duty] [15:01:35] Use "/helpers" to check online Helpers. [15:01:49] AdmCmd: You have been teleported by =AV=David_Rodriguez (16). [15:01:53] PM to =AV=David_Rodriguez (16): He insuldted me in PM also [15:01:55] {FF0000}=AV=David_Rodriguez{C2A2DA} says: Don't talk [15:02:03] {FF0000}=AV=David_Rodriguez{C2A2DA} says: Gregor [15:02:06] Gregor_Williams says: ? [15:02:06] [?] Tip: Use /ask to publicly ask a question, use /support to request support from the Staff team. [15:02:07] {FF0000}=AV=David_Rodriguez{C2A2DA} says: What did you sue him for [15:02:10] Andrei_Lavonsci says: I have right to defende my self when an officer trying to areest me [15:02:11] Suspections of Andrei_Lavonsci (11): [15:02:11] Suspection #0 - Murder of Debin [15:02:11] Suspection #1 - Possesion of drugs and c$ [15:02:11] Suspection #2 - Murder of Gregor_Williams [15:02:11] Suspection #3 - Murder of Omar_Alston [15:02:13] Gregor_Williams says: /crime 11 [15:02:14] Andrei_Lavonsci says: Isnt it [15:02:18] Gregor_Williams says: Possesio nof drugs and C4 [15:02:20] * Pacho_Jahejo (12) logged in to the server. [15:02:23] Gregor_Williams says: Possesion* [15:02:25] [Help Chat] Jawwad (20): {FFFFFF}i cant buy anything to eat they said i was shot by someone [15:02:27] Gregor_Williams says: Isnt it real reason? [15:02:27] PM from Mike_Marvin (15): orive rogor mogkla [15:02:32] {FF0000}=AV=David_Rodriguez{C2A2DA} says: How did you know he had drugs? [15:02:34] PM to Mike_Marvin (15): 'waiting for admin response' o [15:02:38] Gregor_Williams says: He let me frisk him. [15:02:39] Gregor_Williams says: Lol. [15:02:40] PM from Mike_Marvin (15): [15:02:42] Andrei_Lavonsci says: He lie on you david [15:02:43] {FF0000}=AV=David_Rodriguez{C2A2DA} says: Andrei [15:02:45] PM to Mike_Marvin (15): davareporte [15:02:47] {FF0000}=AV=David_Rodriguez{C2A2DA} says: is that true? [15:02:50] Gregor_Williams says: I have chatlog [15:02:50] Andrei_Lavonsci says: Na [15:02:52] Gregor_Williams says: LOL [15:02:57] Gregor_Williams says: Give me your e mail please. [15:02:59] {FF0000}=AV=David_Rodriguez{C2A2DA} says: Gregor send me the logs on forums [15:03:02] Gregor_Williams says: Forums? [15:03:04] Gregor_Williams says: acc name? [15:03:07] Gregor_Williams says: forum acc name [15:03:08] PM from Mike_Marvin (15): markettan raghaca xdeba [15:03:12] The staff member who was handling your request disconnected. New one will take over shortly.
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