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  1. What is your in-game name? Gregory Walker Which staff member banned you? Morais. When did you get banned? 09/02/18 What is the ban reason? Attempted mass DM. Personal comment I was trying to park the heli on the roof of the LSPD... heli was already damaged due to previous crashes to the trees/buildings... suddenly engine got severally damaged from the tree so it started falling.. I couldnt control the vehicle anymore and I crashed to LSPD and heli blew up, Morais thought I did that on purpose and he temp-banned me for an hour... (check the cut from chatlog below) 18:34:59] * Gregory_Walker turns on the engine of their Maverick. [18:35:00] The engine became severely damaged. Try to turn it on with "/engine". [18:35:06] Gregory_Walker (39): {FFFFFF}tf [18:35:10] You spawned at the group HQ. [18:35:10] * Jack_Williams (9) logged in to the server. [18:35:21] Gregory_Walker says: dam it [18:35:25] Player is not suspected of any crimes. [18:35:26] *** [GOV]: Tolls LS-FC Bridge have been locked by Law Enforcement. [18:35:26] * ABBAS_IBNE_FIRNAS (12) logged in to the server. [18:35:38] You were frozen due to property load freeze. You thawed yourself. [18:35:38] * Hero_Man (17) logged in to the server. [18:35:39] Player is not suspected of any crimes. [18:35:40] AdmCmd: You got temporarily banned by Morais for 1 hour(s). [18:35:40] AdmCmd: Reason: Attempted mass DM. [18:35:41] Server closed the connection. Unfortunately, I've not anymore evidences to show and I know that it's not enough, but I hope you will believe what I said.
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