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  1. I think the biggest issue is that Mudoo is full of absolutely filthy pakis, utterly destroyed, the level of retardation makes the server unplayable and there's only one certified way to remove retardation - ban muslims.
  2. Take your prayer matt and fuck off you fucking towel head.
  3. Can we get that in English Mr Osama?
  4. Me and Timon have been sexual lovers for years now, so yes I will accept the ass licking accusation
  5. I hereby nominate Mudoo Roleplay for worst server on GTA SA:MP
  6. Yes but due to being a paki he will not spend any money
  7. Must be Timons, paki graphics for paki computer
  8. "Famous 24/7 in LV" - Also known as "Dead 24/7 in LV"
  9. You know what Mikro, I don't give two fucking shits about SA:MP, it's such a fucking crap ass shit fucking server full of cry babies, the admin team is fucking shit, you got retards like Dizzy being promoted to manager because he's the only cunt sad enough to sit there all day waiting for new players to relog just so he can compare their serials from the logs, then when he catches one he thinks he's some fucking cyber genius, mother fucker everyone uses a serial changer these days, apart from me, go check if I ever used one retard, think's he's doing something special with his life, you got retards like fucking Eren who get frustrated and boil over IRL because some cunt on the internet challenged his police "authority", you got all those dumb ass mother fucking Gambino admins harassing people to protect their paki friends, all those fake ass balla gangs trying their best to take over GS9 then crying like bitches when they get wacked, you keep droning on and on and on trying your best to get me to submit, trying your best to get me to accept your shitty fucking terms or wanting me to apologise, well I won't accept shit, your retarded admins make it impossible to respect administration, but that's expected when you got cunts who can barely speak English who've been playing the server for 4 fucking months who are given admin rights (they paying for this shit?), the more you go on and on just makes me realise, do I really want to play on such a fucking cancerous shitty server? Hell fucking no, I got better things to do with my time. Bitch, deny my ass, I'm out.
  10. I never did oppose everything, you seem to think the only times admins have confronted me is when I've been banned, I was probably getting frozen and hassled like 8 times a day, and so many of those times I was quite facilitating, hence the lack of punishments that are not bans. Like I said, I act to the administration as I feel they have acted to me, that being making me a target of some campaign to get rid of me, evidenced by the now 4 bans, 3 of which were revoked shortly after and if you ask me I was not once found to be at fault, maybe if that other harassment had not happened (along with the constant spectating, freezing, teleporting, etc) I would not have been so quick to tell Dizzy to fuck off, for one I couldn't even understand why Dizzy just popped up and said "Remove it" - Like I've said before everyone else found it hilarious, management didn't have a problem with it when they (including yourself?) saw it, neo-nazi roleplay is not prohibited and Dizzy didn't bother saying that I had to remove it because it was unrealistic, instead it was because he found it inappropriate, knowing that neo-nazi roleplay isn't prohibited I could not understand why he would be nagging me over it unless he was so unhappy over the lack of realism, however this isn't a real life roleplay server either.
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