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  1. Ok u can do it i take the deal
  2. Look All i took was his 110k u can minus that from me.
  3. What is your in-game name? Noah Which staff member banned you? I don't know maybe kacper When did you get banned? 10/21/18 What is the ban reason? Quiting while rp Personal comment Look first of all Me and kacper dealt i scammed him then /qued i have never head of anything Like that in this server Then second when i came back to talk to him I was already banned Look i have never heard anything about Quitting while Rping PS: I am sorry Please unban and i never heard about Quitting while role playing.
  4. Mr.White

    Unbanned Rusell_Gambino banned by I Don't Know

    Look, Sir i am sorry they multi account they are only two i am really sorry but he wont do it again he said he will not ban evade again he tired of it i promise
  5. What is your in-game name? Rusell_Gambino Which staff member banned you? I Don't Know When did you get banned? 10/02/18 What is the ban reason? Ban Evading. Participating in multi acc Personal comment First of all We are 3 cousins name King_Nicest ABBAS_IBNE_FIRNAS and last me. so Abbas got banned by admin for poor rp and he ban evaded so i got involved in this too since we use the same net i told all the admin about this situation but when i relogged after 1 day i was banned too PS: please unban me abbas said that he wont ban evade please.
  6. Mr.White

    Denied David_Balfour Banned by Sergie

    first of all i didnt lied at all i left my acc of mr white bcz tht acc had low ratio and on my new acc aka david i had a high ratio so i started to continue with it and i did and suddenly u banned me we both r czns dnt involve anyone just involve me and PAGALLL
  7. Mr.White

    Denied David_Balfour Banned by Sergie

    Look i lied in RPG i confronted the truth there i am Mr.White on my other acc i have 4k score and i didn't join after my cousin got banned like i joined after 20 days or sp
  8. Mr.White

    Denied David_Balfour Banned by Sergie

    The relationship between us is that we both are cousins @Senior
  9. Mr.White

    Denied David_Balfour Banned by Sergie

    Mr.White was my old acc i changed it into this i played alot before my cousin
  10. hmm I know u might ask about that but i wont the punish u gave me was enough i think i love this server and i won't lie to I promise
  11. Sir about that first of all to avoid the situation i would never dm or rule break second if someone dm me i would report him to an admin i would never lie to an administrator i will change my attitude by being positive role playing properly listening and never rule break
  12. What is your in-game name? [MIB]David-Balfour Which staff member banned you? [SB]Sergie When did you get banned? 09/10/18 What is the ban reason? Ban Evading Personal comment So first of all let me get straight to it We are 2 cousins playing on 2 PC same net and my cousin got banned so i joined the game after he got banned i played alot and then sergie told me r u ban evading i told him i didn't and then told him the whole story after 1 day he told me to change my name and then he banned me for ban evading
  13. @Matteo Please answer
  14. @Matteo Okay, i tried to dm sheikh just to get my revenge on him stealing my body i am sorry i got angry and then disrespectfully dmed sheikh but i am sorry i feel very ashamed just please can u give me 1 chance i will improve myself from now on wards that i wont break the server rules i promise just 1 chance i wont Dm or Wont Role play i will improve myself just give me 1 chance I hope u understand what i mean.
  15. That's why i lied too you

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