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  1. Name: David_Reznov Type: Business Reason: Because, It will profit me and the interior itself is already a bar and I want to make it 1 for real so I can sell drinks/food for people and profit my own self aswell. Image:
  2. Hmm I see, well anyways If I'm interested I'll let you know.
  3. Mr.White

    Woods Tag.

    Ye kab agaya MQM mai?
  4. Is this a auction? LMAO the starting price you put should be BO: MAX. If somebody goes that high.
  5. Can you make/edit montages aswell? If yes what price?
  6. I see, no FBI,HRT member would get involved in this as the proofs are clear against him/her. Anyways If he does he’ll still be favoured by Admins/Managers, since most of them are PD. So there is basically no point at all no actions will be taken since the admins are biased.
  7. 3K HP Premier Custom Plated aswel Offer.
  8. What is your in-game name? Percy_Clarke Which staff member banned you? James_Kavanagh When did you get banned? 08/30/2020 What is the ban reason? Account sharing- David_Adley Personal comment He banned me for account sharing which I know isn't allowed but technically It isn't account sharing, He's my brother and I told him that I am going offline so you can take care of my account and use it, he has alot of experience with Mudoo RPG but like how is that rulebreaking in any sort of way I ga
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