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  1. KazutoIX

    My departure

    Farewell Leonardo you have made a good community and has helped in various ways. Good luck in your IRL affairs and hopefully we see your return someday whenever that maybe
  2. This race will start this Friday at 16CET correct? Also is this illegal racing or legal? If legal then sign me up
  3. Chip is a bot controlled by certain admins via /bsay or a command like that
  4. Tbh nothing has changed only more DM like mudoo is just becoming a DM zone with the least given fuck about RP. People copbait、 cbug abuse bugs everything what do people do? Fuck all they only allow the DM to continue so what's the point about having this topic if nothing much has happened like people evade a ts then they stop and shoot and about 10 random ass aiders join and nothing? That's what is making mudoo shit and it's ruining the player experience for some people
  5. I like your motives, although I don't see you online much (this might just be me as an individual due to timezone differences). so I would say be more active. so I'm staying neutral for now.
  6. I like your motives and the fact that you were apart of the team back when it was AG. I agree with your motives, but showing your ss of your stats you have initially just started. Also when you said "show some bugs i will help him" do you mean by this? (just to clarify) Other than that I'm staying natural for now.
  7. Add more customization to Vehicles like how /furniture is with interior stuff could be like that for /tune parts instead, with re-positioning etc
  8. I like your motives and agree with them but like what Blacknight has said you need to be more active thus im staying neutral for now
  9. Hi Abdullah, Having read your application it is evident that you just started this server and as seen by your K/D stat which in your in-game stats are not present. Thus knowing for are fairly new to the server and you are fairly active on the server which I believe to be a plus side. Although, during the time I have seen you on the server you are consistently pushing for video tutorials for how to make the application despite being given several times where to go and the URL link to the site to create your application, and it shows that you are very determined to make this application to become a moderator, personally this has become repetitive and has become relatively a problem in my opinion. Other than that you are a determined person but as you are new to the server I would recommend you understand the server and server commands more and to help out other players if they are confused. Therefore its a negative vote from me.
  10. I see that your new and not 100% familiar with the features and commands. Therefore I'm going for a negative vote.
  11. BlackKnight given reading your motives for becoming a moderator I personally agree. Your helpful and enjoyable to be around, although I see you semi-active so my only wish is to see you more active ingame, other than that I recommend you, just be more active.
  12. Dominik I see you are non-stop working hard to get this position and showing that you constantly try to improve yourself which I think is a good quality of you and seeing you always interact with other players and allow them to enjoy the server more. I highly recommend you. Don't let me down Dominik.
  13. Your in-game name [FB]LLENN You real life age 18 Your country and timezone United Kingdom GMT+0 How do you describe yourself as a person Casual Gamer who wants to play fairly and lets others enjoy the game aswell. Im open to suggestions for ideas. I am kind to my others unless provoked although I reframe myself from being rude to others who are rude to me/others as much as possible. What are your motives for becoming a moderator? My motive for becoming a moderator is to allow other players to enjoy the game without hackers or players who want to just ruin the game for others. Alongside this, I wish to ask the players for what content they would like to see be add and from that I will ask the higher authority members if their suggestions could be added. How will you deal with a friend that is asking for favors? If a friend is asking for favors regarding score etc. I would refuse what they are asking for. Although if they are asking for money I will use my own player money to give otherwise I will not proceed to use my moderator status to give benefits to an individual compared to others. How will you deal with a new player that keeps on rule-breaking, after several warnings? I will inform them of what they are doing and what rules they are breaking. If they persist on rule-breaking I will temporarily ban them for a set period of time and if they continue then I will permanently ban them Any additional information you feel is relevant I use model mods to change the look of characters/weapons/vehicles in-game to make it more personalized although I use a singular Cleo mod called "Rhino Tracks.cs" as this will allow the tracks on the rhino model I use to move other than that I do not use other Cleo mods Screenshot of your in-game stats

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