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  1. Dr.Brain


    Good luck brother , I don't know you but miss you ! We hope you will ever come back soon ! Good Luck with your life ! @Sticky
  2. Dr.Brain


    Okay br0 ! Good luck 4 exams !!!!
  3. Dr.Brain


    But why you are leaving ? Studies... Or any personal reason ! See you !
  4. Dr.Brain

    What features would criminals / civilians like?

    We should be able to add our Weapons at stores/Houses.etc We should be able to store our own invent items into our store / Shop. Did you got me?
  5. I said this all over here , because i am his friend...... I dont want my friends to follow a wrong road. Sorry !
  6. If you want to get unbanned then why do you hack/cheat ? Answer me !
  7. Bumping Seriously ? Sorry if I did ! But do you know I played AG server 2 Years I think and I earned more than 55+K scores which is. ....... So I just wanted that....if not it's not a problem !
  8. Love this community ! @Dylan
  9. Welcome back ! But wa....wait what about our stats .... We worked hard ..... @LocMax Bro ? Is there any way that you retrieve our stats.... I am 99.9 °/. SURE THAT ITS IMPOSSIBLE ! Another thing I want to share with you is that ...... if we provide you our stats picxs then? Will you refund?
  10. Hey Trytee what you said? 3 Players .... yes well you are right in the beginning there were not even 3 Players but now there are more than 40+ Players ! Means people......
  11. I am impressed too ! And I hope it will fly smoothly ! Read my story ! It was a sunny day and I still wanted to play some games but my mobile battery was less than that of 10°/. ..... I turned my computer ON and Connected to Mudoo's RPG server I was about to play COD:GW but when I heard that there is a server named as Mudoo's RPG ..... I never never liked a RPG server but when I just registered I feel very booring.... And I decided to play for it 5 Mins .... I don't know I swear I don't know how those 5 Mins changed into 5 Hours ! From that day I never thinked about to play Mudoo's COD:GW XD ..... Rate my story ! lol
  12. Dr.Brain

    [CENSUS] Who's in here for Roleplay?

    IG Name: - Dr.Brain Time Zone: - GMT +05:00.1 Time Availability: - 2 to 4 hours/day ! What are you currently roleplaying as? What would you like to be roleplaying with the rest of the server?: A Young Handsome man having few friends recently settled in Los Santos and drug dealer 😋😋 !
  13. Dr.Brain

    MUDOO Screenshots & Videos

    Thanks Man !
  14. Dr.Brain

    MUDOO Screenshots & Videos

    Why RPG server is down? https://imgur.com/a/R2SVBDy

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