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  1. Bhai ma asay hi chaskay le raha hon, :V
  2. My campaigns list: 30th June- Speech at LSCH July- Rally
  3. Brain did his best last time! 90% of state members have houses and their own businesses Thank you supporting and Voting me! It was a successful YEAR. I applied to become governor again, if you wanted to cure those 10% homeless then vote for me
  4. Dr.Brain

    Finally banned

    No! I don't owe any community, I was told to do that act..... :[ At least I didn't expected this comment from you
  5. Dr.Brain

    Finally banned

    Finally I got banned, Sounds cool. Isn't it? I have a dirty face as community members says. Raising voice against them is considered as something like.. Hmm bad, Well, It was a great time with you all! This is my first and last community, Have fun everyone. I am quitting Mudoo:RPG Have fun everyone! I'll miss you all!
  6. Dr.Brain

    Staff applications

    I also got denied, Mean Staff don't need me here, neither community members does
  7. Wow! Happy birthday ! [in advance] Thanks for making such a beautiful community!
  8. I didn't died, Brain_Genoveese died and I am Brain_Genovese.
  9. NAME: Dr_Brain DATE OF BIRTH (CHARACTER): 1/2/1978 OCCUPATION: Government Job.
  10. Happy birthday!(in advance) ~ From Everyone!
  11. After meeting with State's Citizens the Big problem was of Poverty, People reported that they are getting lower paychecks and the taxes are too high for them, its difficult to pay they also told that they can't live in this state due to these minor problems. Its a fact they like me as a Governor, but I wanted few days to work properly which I got! Now ! Therefore today Governor has adjust the taxes and everyone is able to pay them! Item TAX:- Food --- 7$ Phone --- 5$ Walkie-Talkie --- 5$ Drinks --- 6$ Wi ll effect on 14th may (For 14th May to 12th June) Without TAXES Government is nothing, To RUN the state TAXES are important.
  12. Facing problems like economy, increase or decrease of tax, or anything else [Related to IC]. Follow the above format and post it. Do note:- Governor Secretaries will reply to your problems, every single problem can't be reached to Governor unless it's a serious matter. Secretaries Misuse of the format may surround you with problems, Be careful! Format to submit the report, Your in-game name:- Old name:- phone number:- Comment:-
  13. 10 People showed their interest in becoming Governor's secretary and 3 are selected out of 10 applicants! These are, @Ashley_Fisher @Argon@Aslan_Chinar Congratulations ! Please do note:- You all should keep your phone ON, GOVERNOR will call you shortly! Thank you!
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