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  1. Timon are you kidding ?
  2. @LocMax Can I tell these folks that who is Chip ? Sorry for tagging , if you don't mind
  3. Give me 1m I will tell you the history of Chip ! ☺
  4. Yes Timon I also want to increase it ! 😈😈😈
  5. Mine is here ! 😬😬😬😬 Well, Okay Check your PM locmax
  6. You are right , I was addicted of Minecraft , you know nothing is perfect . Minecraft is not even perfect , The world in which I played got bugged. And I don't know why it happened, everything was invisible , animals were flying .... I decided to not play this game after that bug , and finally deleted the app.
  7. Your in-game name [RO]Dr.Brainn You real life age 18 Your country and timezone Pakistan GMT (05:00) How do you describe yourself as a person I am from Pakistan. I love playing video games especially Samp. I love talking and chatting with friends for a long time, I never get tired of playing games. I am kind , loyal , gentle boy , talkative , friendly , and that's all. I am studying in Class 11th . My favorite subjects are English , Maths and Chemistry . I study for a long Time. I always get 1st position in my class . I have my own YouTube Channel , In my free time I work for the people who requested me to make such games videos , mods , animations , Intros .etc. I love helping them . I created my channel Just for Fun , I swear I didn't knew that people really love my videos ! Now I am waiting to hit 1k subscribers . I forgive people before their words such as " Soory ". Extra :- I feel very bad when someone shows their attitudes or disrespect others not only me. What are your motives for becoming a moderator? Actually I want to help this server out from hackers , rule breakers . When ever I connect to server , people are shouting main chat , " hacker , id 3 hacker , someone call admin in game , Help me from this hacker , " and I feel very disappointing after reading these messages. I only want to make this server Hacker free , I think I can stop these hackers . I know about every hack . Well I am enough active to notice each and every thing . I am a good person. I am well experienced , I played old server for 2 or more years . I know every thing about this server . when that server was deleted i croed for more than 30 or 40 minutes continuously. I have seen some moderators who don't know about every feature about this server, I don't want to mention their names and i really , really hate hackers who comes and exploit the interest of others. I think its time to grow up this community . These hackers don't have a life so they come to exploit others . I want to save them . I don't want to hear anything from these hackers they don't deserve to get a second second chance , Some of them can get if they apology in good ways. In my views this server is losing his players day by day. I will try my best to bring few of them back . I will invite my friends of friends to this community . I Will advertise in my channel to join this server. That's all I can do. We should appreciate those players who spent their days and nights just to earn scores not by hacking or cheating, to increase people like these then we have to BAN every single hacker and punish every single rule breaker ! How will you deal with a friend that is asking for favors? Favors for a friend ? Well as a part of administrator team i will not speak in favour for my friend and if my friend is still asking for a favour i will listen to him but it its against the rules of this community I will not help him but if he want justice I will be with him right there. But , If my friend uses hacks and tell me to keep quite I will take the evidence and send it to seniors . I will not speak in favors of my friend. How will you deal with a new player that keeps on rule-breaking, after several warnings? I will tell him the rules of the server. I will do my best to keep him away from getting warned , and if he keeps on rule-breaking while knowing the rules I will go against him and for that I will kick him from the server and I will do what I will be ordered to do. Any additional information you feel is relevant Additional information :- I am old player of this server and well experienced about every single feature about this server , I want to grow up this community and save this community from hackers. I play 3:00 -4:00. Hours on weekends EASILY ,But on normal days I play only up to 1:50 hours. Sometime I play 2:00 hours. Mostly I play in Morning or Evening , at that time I just play alone I never see any player except admins and after a long time I leave. Screenshot of your in-game stats
  8. Really ? Not long time I can give a hand if needed. I can help them in making Minecraft server for that I will be available 24/4 And who don't play Minecraft everyone plays .... But that name is awesome !
  9. I got you , and you are right . And second ... What about Minecraft multiplayer /??? I am waiting for it. Absolutely right.
  10. Be happy Don't let the sadness destroy you !

  11. For what ? Any purpose ? You can also Pm me if its personal.
  12. What do you mean by FLA ? Are you a part of FLA? What is your link with FLA? His do you know them ? His will you call them ? And you said documents. I took them and saved in my pocket. i dare you to call them Haha .... Suppose I am having a loan on this shop for 300m Then what would you do buy it ?
  13. 1). Yea ! 2). We can either download crack apk....right ? I am with you because creating more servers in every game will decrease the amount of people. I mean if TDM has 50 Players playing daily it would effect them and they will be left 20-30. ..... Got me ?

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