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  1. Well it was him who created dramas
  2. James.

    Staff applications

    yes you are not the only one to get denied .stop making it a issuse
  3. I meant advertisements in this section doesn't requie deadline
  4. Cops are governments bodies why the heck will we pay for weapons? Government will be providing I weapons from the money collected from taxes
  5. Your in-game name Richie (old name-[TFD]Marshall_Parker) You real life age 16 Your country and timezone Nepal GMT +5:45 How do you describe yourself as a person I am a helpful and kind person.I am ready to give my time to the server I love to work in a team. I try to learn from my mistake.I am an active guy and is ready to face criticism to improve my self What are your motives for becoming a moderator? I served as helper in RPG for like 3.5 months + and now I wanted to contribute to TDM side. I wanna give my time to TDM too.With this new update surely player base will increase and new players will join so I want to help them to adjust in the server.As I said before I served as helper in rpg And also want to server in TDM I am applying for this position. How will you deal with a friend that is asking for favors? It depends upon what kind of favour is it. If those favours are against the rules it will end up in rejection How will you deal with a new player that keeps on rule-breaking, after several warnings? I will try to make him abide by the rules but if he breaks the rules despite several warnings I will make sure he will be punished Any additional information you feel is relevant I already served in RPG and now I want to serve in TDM too Screenshot of your in-game stats
  6. LMAO why the fk would cops protect em -Legalizing drugs will remain as your dream
  7. James.

    0.3 DL

    Or get samp addon
  8. SAAF is abolished and CSD is formed under SAPD instead
  9. James.


    Exams will be back from Friday
  10. James.


    Name: Marshall_Parkers Hi everyone I will be mostly remain inactive in game till october 12(might come online for sometimes) Iwill be available in discord and forum though.
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