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  1. your IN-GAME name:Richie Williams your DISCORD name and tag:James_McCane#0613 your number ( 1 - 30 ) :10
  2. I see you are talking about Miranda right .It is already server scripted we don't use keybinder for that.(/Mir)
  3. James.

    Staff applications

    yes you are not the only one to get denied .stop making it a issuse
  4. I meant advertisements in this section doesn't requie deadline
  5. Cops are governments bodies why the heck will we pay for weapons? Government will be providing I weapons from the money collected from taxes
  6. LMAO why the fk would cops protect em -Legalizing drugs will remain as your dream
  7. James.

    0.3 DL

    Or get samp addon
  8. SAAF is abolished and CSD is formed under SAPD instead
  9. James.


    Exams will be back from Friday
  10. James.


    Name: Marshall_Parkers Hi everyone I will be mostly remain inactive in game till october 12(might come online for sometimes) Iwill be available in discord and forum though.
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