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  1. Aldo

    Group Council

    In-game name: Aldo Sindacco Registration date: 3 July 2018 Most recent punishment, type and date: I got a tempban before 2 months. Current group membership: The Sindacco Family Boss. Previous group membership: Andolini Family Motive for joining the council: Well, the groups on Mudoo are very important and we always should be improving them to the better, as I have always been into the groups also currently leading a group, Im looking forward for a change into the group system on Mudoo, which is for the best so I want to extend a hand and share my ideas and my opinions within the group which I work with to make it to the better always, also to raise the roleplays and more enjoyable updates that can motivate others to RP and join the groups. Three positive and negative attributes about yourself: Positive: Im a simple guy and love simplicity in everything. Trustworthy Patient Negative: I sometimes cant hold my anger, and I start talking without thinking. I take fast decisions. I overthink. I over analyze every single issue in my life.
  2. *Name: Aldo Sindacco Alias(optional): N/A *Phone number: 110 *Vehicle used: Sultan
  3. Aldo

    0.3 DL

    I highly support it, we should move asap!
  4. it gives u a warning when u join it, dont blame him
  5. That stupid act by me which I did is totally wrong I did something which I shouldnt have did, by using that mod which makes me not die faster than the others, I used that mod because I wanted to win few fights which it was a bad move from my side,I learnt from this to not add any kind of mods / cheats that might ruin others gameplay also to play from now on CLEAN without any kind of mods also I learnt that cheaters / illegal mod users wont last for ever they will get caught, also maybe if I didnt get caught I'll let others use it and it will ruin others experience on the server by using that mod which is forbidden, using cheats is not allowed because it gives you advantages and also it ruins others gameplay. I maybe ruined others gameplay by playing with that mod and I really apologize for this, and I promise that you guys wont see anymore stuff like this again from my side. I removed that mod which I used and wont use it ever again.
  6. Well, because I didnt want to ruin my family’s reputation also because im a helper didnt want to lose it.. I used lag.cs in order to win few fights which are shown above, I used it just in these two situations because I thought the cops returned after death. it was a stupid act from me at all. I will delete it from my files, and wont use it in the future.. and once again I do apologize for that.
  7. Alright it seems you wont believe me, either wont get me anywhere.. Alright I used lag.cs in the both of the videos.
  8. But in the end of the video, I died.. And my hp was decreasing normally if I was using lag.cs It wont get so high like that.. Check in the last 5 secs of the second video, how my HP dropped..
  9. I tell you for the million times, I didnt use anything.. I wont admit something that I didnt do.
  10. I repeat it, If i was lag.csing I wont take damage at all... In the video its shown in the end my armour/hp got damaged.. I maybe was lagging, but I wasnt using lagcs I know this wont get me anywhere but I wont admit something I didnt do. The blood effect means nothing..
  11. I see, but at the first the deagle bullets didnt even get me, I was taking damage from the other guy which was shooting with SMG.. And I repeat it, I was possibly lagging but still it doesnt mean it was lag.cs.. Also that blood mod which he got doesnt mean that I was getting shot at that time Also why did he cut the video in the end? Its a report hunt lol..
  12. How I didnt take damage, I was taking damage from the other guy which was shooting behind me with SMG.. Also why didnt he continue recording till I died? It doesnt prove anything..
  13. The bullets didnt even get me at the first, that video doesnt say anything.. maybe I was lagging at that time.
  14. What is your in-game name? [TCL]Aldo_Andolini Which staff member banned you? Governor_Kacper When did you get banned? 11/11/18 What is the ban reason? Illegal Mods Personal comment I had a fight with cops, and died.. After 1 min I see that I got banned for Illegal Modifications? I didnt use anything that gives me advantage in shooting, either that HP hacks that you claim that I used..

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