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  1. MQM

    MQM back up plan

    MQM were last seen driving this plane but it went missing (Malaysia Flight Flight MH370)
  2. MQM

    Racing Event

    Wallah ya shall be punished.
  3. MQM

    0.3 DL

    At last
  4. Me no want to lose 1 armor me OP -Retard
  5. You just rained M4 bullets without 0 interaction cause you guys just want to win you guys never did any role-play DM means shooting without reason that's what you clearly did. Ramez tried to shout with muffled voice and literally one of you guys rped in front of me of kicking someone under the pool table then I tried to check under it and then all of you start spamming clothes.
  6. /em What will i see under the pool table?
  7. There aimbot will get exposed xd
  8. Walkers : "You will see more clothes" that lie tho
  9. 1: a friend wanted me to take his vehicle so he can buy another one and when he bought it he sold one useless vehicle when he asked me to give his car back i put 1m amount I was kidding first but then I got 1m and he lost 1m he had 1m minus cash then we took it further and made multiple accounts 2: Ahmed_yasin was the one i discovered the bug with and he did it daily with me then I told Chaudhry_Aslam about the bug and he did it weekly with me till we got banned. 3: when we discovered it we planned to do it every day when no admins were online we made 35m per a fake acc , I don't know the amount we totally made I only know that we made 35m every time per a fake acc 4:we bought many properties and vehicles + weapons drugs when we abused the bug Ahmed me and Chaudhry kept half half cash
  10. What is your in-game name? Altaf_Hussain. Which staff member banned you? Don't know When did you get banned? 09/22/18 What is the ban reason? Using Money Bug Personal comment Yes i have used the money bug as stated i was using it for months and haven't told the Staff about it because i thought i just gone too far with it so i had continue it for months i'm really sorry for using it to gain money and didn't work hard like others did and after time i had invited other people in it to help me do it more fast i should have told the Managers about the bug but i didn't because i thought i could make good money with it and i thought admins won't notice i'm really sorry for doing this and disappointing the Staff here in Mudoo i apologize for my behaviour and i won't abuse any bug again just like i did before i come here with accepting what i have i did and i agree that i have done a wrong thing which i shouldn't have so this is a kind request for a Unban if possible and i will try to be a better player then before and will earn money on my own and won't lead other players to doing bug either i want to come clean and start again in Mudoo. Thank You.
  11. Your in-game name [AFO.R]Altaf_Bhai You real life age 16 Your country and timezone Pakistan, GMT+5 How do you describe yourself as a person Well i'm really a helpful person towards the one who needs help or any support and i will always act with my role in where and when someone is need of help of mine i will respond as quickly i can. What are your motives for becoming a moderator? After joining the Server i got attracted to it and really liked it but i noticed some work can be put in to make it more better so i wanted to help the Team here with my support as much i can and help the newbies and others as much as i can i want to help people who are need of help at any time possible How will you deal with a friend that is asking for favors? i will listen to what favor he wants and help him out with his needs How will you deal with a new player that keeps on rule-breaking, after several warnings? If he doesn't listen after several warnings i will talk to him once again properly to stop rulebreaking and play nicely with others around the server but if he still continues Rulebreaking then i will take actions against him. Any additional information you feel is relevant I'm really interested in becoming a part of TDM Staff Team and help out the server with my support as much as i can Screenshot of your in-game stats
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