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  1. Bank robbery event :3
  2. Vehicle has been sold to Pablo Escobars Lock this topic, Thanks.
  3. Auction has been ended! Sultan is now belongs to Mister Pablo Escobar You may contact me ingame ((my name ig is: Fangeruz_Lamrez))
  4. 7 days left before the auction ends! Bid now!!
  5. Thats like world war 3 coming with army uniform and a shit heavy vehicles and cops getting so OP all of them having a M4 on there hand and sniper on there hand while a simple criminals only have deagle, shotgun, and rifle. So what do u expect from it? This roleplay server will turned to CnR
  6. You got no reason to kill cops just like that, and that will be called just a DM and by the way you made a topic in wrong thread. Apply for your unban appeal here: https://forum.mudoogaming.com/index.php?/topic/18-ban-appeal-information/
  7. Selling my Sultan: Starting bid: $1,250,000 Buyout: $2,000,000 Auction will end on April 11,2019
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