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  1. Admins i suggest to you after someone Quited and if he didnt log in like 5 mins of 10 mins Banned him Dont ban players so ez, If someone Quited and join back go made a admin situation and let them explain..
  2. What is your in-game name? Jinnah_Raza Which staff member banned you? @Jelly When did you get banned? 11/24/18 What is the ban reason? Quit to avoid Police Personal comment Yeah I quited but i didnt meant to /q and dont ruturn, i just try to relog because i see all players in my area is having a Timer icon behind to there names and i decided to RELOG not to /q and dont ruturn in the game Look im not fking lying i just RELOG not to /q to not ruturn in the game just to avoid police and this is my first banned in server
  3. Add group turfs on Mafia/Terrorist/Army/Gang only if someone attack it must be in proper RP only. And add mask too (/mask) once if someone used it will be turned to their name to "Unknown".

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