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  1. i know im sry for all about this im not gonna attack the server again im realy sorry what can i say sorry im sorry i need to be unbanned to continew playing in this server coz i like this server i need to see my friends again . sorry for everything
  2. What is your in-game name? Frank_Willies Which staff member banned you? i dont remember When did you get banned? 01/01/18 What is the ban reason? im banned coz i made an adv for just mistake to my chief frank_thompson and frank_thompson coz hes a gooooood guys he tell to ad Personal comment first the when did you get banned its wrong coz i dont remember it too so sry about what happened i know i made revances at the server hacks.flooding.vps.and more of them but nah im sorry if you guys need unban me im nott gonna did it again
  3. my feedback is to add more jobs add some thinks on roads add helper only for newbies i think thats all

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