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  1. In Los Zetas I tried this many times. I was on low HP and aimed the police, but then instead of they aiming at me too they started shooting and no one gave me a chance to give up.
  2. No one is forcing you to be an admin. You think just because you babysit pakis you are allowed to make wrong decisions? What you said above is more worth a ban, than what I did in game.
  3. Get the damage logs, fucker. Let's see how will you explain then. Bruce got rigged. If I didn't care about the community I would not have donated money in first place. It's shame the potential is being wasted by incompetent decisions. Also thanks for the kind words you just proved what I said.
  4. My game lagged and the only thing I did was to leave the car. Don't make up stories, you're just a moron with power to ban.
  5. Also you lack good administration. >entire server does mass dm on daily basis >bans the only player who rps for mass dm
  6. No offense, but it takes very little common sense for one to aknowledge that TDM scripts will bring TDM environment. You got no roleplay supporting rules and you expect players to roleplay. At least now you opened your eyes.
  7. I'll make clear something - indeed I might have talked too much about Argonath, I apologize for that. It's funny because in my perspective both communities have invisible bond between each other and they try to compete in every possible way. However neither me, nor Mike Kevin (as I heard you suspect him too) try to recruit players from one to another. The scripters here showed they can create something unique and working. In fact, because of the way I understand things, I praised them in front of that other community which almost got me in the same situation as here. I don't feel guilty because I never had the intention to recruit people, but in fact my words could have been interpreted as encouragement. Sorry to Derek too for my impulsive reaction.
  8. As I think this is a misunderstanding, I would like to know what do you define as encouragement and how did I advertise a server on discord¿
  9. What is your in-game name? [9th]BigBelly Which staff member banned you? DerekC When did you get banned? 12/17/18 What is the ban reason? Advertising Personal comment ?
  10. I hope more people understand it.
  11. If you create a group of 4 people then you are the don, underboss and the capo. You didn't understand what I said and I'll say it one more time. People here think they're too good to be the lowest rank in a group. It's not easy to overcome your winning and leading mentality, but once you do that you'll be satisfied. This is only a game after all. If you have 4 friends that doesn't mean all of them should start with high ranks. For example you decide to open a taxi company in real life and you need 10 drivers for your cars and 2 people to manage the company. What will happen if you have 10 friends who want to work for you, but not as drivers, but as managers because they're all your friends? Will you still hire them eventhough that will make you lose money? I doubt it. In order to make something work you need to do it the right way. The purpose of role play is taking a role from real life and acting as real as possible, but in order to do that, you need some knowledge, you can't start from nowhere. In my opinion people who always want to win in-game and don't know how to achieve it, are losers in real life. You'll never get on top of a mountain without being in the bottom first. And yes, Soprano has the best structure. If you look closely, that's what I said.
  12. If you claim to have criminal organization and you have the intentions to roleplay you don't make all your friends leaders. Read the entire topic.
  13. I noticed something in the criminal groups in Mudoo and I decided to make a topic about it. It's about the criminal gangs/families structures. This is how most of the criminal stuctures look like: You can see every criminal organization has boss/don on top. Of course that's a requirement in orded to work. Most of the groups also have right hand or consigliere followed by underboss and 1000000 other high ranks. Well since I study that I'll explain it without making fun like I did in the past. Most of the work in the criminal families in real life is done by the "soldier" rank. This rank has no count limit. Because of that every crime family should have most people in that position. This rank can't take decisions and anything related to leadership - their only job is to do what they're told. *Most of the families have veteran mobsters which is not very common in real life, so I'll write it as an exception. Veteran mobsters are still mobsters, they still do what they're told and can't take decisions. The only difference is that they have shown loyalty.* And here of course we come to the leadership. All criminal structures have people who tell the soldiers (and veterans) what to do. These are called caporegimes and they're not always needed, but I'll explain about that below. Don/Underboss assigns them the tasks and with proper motivation (speech or payment) caporegimes have to make their soldiers do it. Capos are considered in the leadership, but in most of the time they help their soldiers. In some structures they don't have the rights to speak about leadership directly with the Don/Boss, they need to go up to the chain. Next rank in the criminal chain is the underboss. Their job includes 99% leadership. They have to organize everything, from recruiting new soldiers to making allies, dealing drugs, killing people, HOWEVER they don't get involved in this. Their job is only to lead. *Another exception: The consigliere rank. This rank is the don/boss advisor. He should not in any way engage with criminal activities. He could even be a high-ranked cop. His only job is to give details and make suggestions regarding the group well being. This rank is common in Japanese and Italian crime families in real life where loyalty is something appreciated. It's not necessary for a group to have it.* The Don/Boss rank is on top of the chain. They should be known(among the criminal leaders), feared and respected, but in the same time they should not even think about doing crimes. They should stay 100% civil and in the same time observe what happens in their family/mafia and manage the direction of progress. And without speaking too much I'll explain it better below. And now I'm about to show you what made me write this topic. I allowed myself to rate the structure of five active criminal organizations. In Andolini you see 6 people considered leadership and only 3 soldiers. (If this is the updated version of the family tree) This is clearly an example how things won't work in a server with roleplay standards, because someone needs to do the dirty work and if everyone just gives orders there won't be anyone to do the job. (Unless leadership starts doing it, which is inaccurate). In Yakuza you see almost the same thing. Eventhough it's a new group they already have 4 leadership roles, 1 veteran and 0 street mobsters, which leads me to the thought that this group isn't there to roleplay, but just to exist and do the ordinary other TDM server groups do. I might be wrong, tho... What I'm trying to say is - if the leaders recruit people with offering them high ranks - the roleplay standards will drop. On other hand people should understand that not everyone should be a leader and there is nothing bad in being a street mobster, in fact if you play your small role better than someone with higher role you get RP bonus points ++ (aka respect for the efforts you put). Gambino and Soprano have a good structure and they're ready to be rated for their roleplay. In my opinion if there are more people ready to sacrafice their ego and get a lower rank for the sake of role play, the server quality will improve. I was thinking to make a small criminal rp tutorial, but this topic will become huge so i'll do it when i have time.

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