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  1. In-game name: <Weston Lockehead> Registration date: <answer> Most recent punishment, type, and date: <September 2018 don't remember the date> Current group membership: <SAPD and Road-Hog Fishery Co. (my own group)> Previous group membership: <Vegas> Motive for joining the council: <well I believe that some of the ideas that i have for the group council would be of great benefit to improving Roleplay in mudoo and my contributions from time to time in suggestions are proof of such. my main aim is to create a great environment for Role play in the server> Three positive and negative attributes about yourself: <some positive aspects of me is that I work well in a group environment, I am a very patient person and I love organization. some negative aspects would be that disorganization frustrates me, sometimes under pressure, I tend to underperform and I can be impatient with unrulyness>
  2. Silvester is right it gets freaking annoying when a simple traffic stop turns into an all out war between SAPD, CSD and Gambino's. I mean fucking simple traffic stop, Suddenly like 2-3 cars with 20 monkeys car surfing pull up to ram your ass with M4's and AK-47's. All because someone decided to "/pm 6 help bro cops are on my ass". Then when SAPD responds with heavy fire we get topics on forums started by the instigators. I mean to criminal syndicates does it make an logical sense to you guys, I even see group leaders part take in the noferous activity. You'd expect more from them to conduct role play in a much better manner.
  3. just when you think this crap was gone
  4. chip is either Dylan or Mikro but they have special abilities that enable them to mask their identities
  5. What is your in-game name? Weston Lockehead Which staff member banned you? MathewC When did you get banned? 12/30/18 What is the ban reason? No Reason Personal comment Mathew made a very huge mistake he probably thought i was ban evading whilst i havent been punished for anything. the second account is froma different account for my younger brother, he just started playing the game so our internet connection messed up so we had to log out. other than that we have been for no reason.
  6. Full Name: Weston Lockehead Phone Number: 8192 Vehicle: Broadway
  7. Like I mentioned before I have poor track record which i had stated and the most recent ones in term if AFKing with out tabbing thats just me being bust in real life so i decided to rectify that issue so that i wouldn't get banned. I got scared when i got warned for afking for 9th time so i fixed that, but the way Tyrone handled this matter was uncalled for but its fine reallt im gonna be the bigger person and apologies to Tyrone but in future i won't even bother voicing my dissatisfaction or concerns with the server or players. But once again I apologies. It's entirely up to you if you feel that i dont deserve to return but my comments made here on this platform are if the truest and most sincere form Thanks Dimitri Rothschild
  8. What is your in-game name? Dimitri_Rothschild Which staff member banned you? Jelly Valentine When did you get banned? 09/12/18 What is the ban reason? Constant RP rule breaking and the disrespect of a staff member (Tyler Morrison) Personal comment Right firstly reason I had decided to argue with Tyler is that the man had been very unfair in the judgement of RP so i had decided to give him a peace of my mind. Was it justified in disrespecting him? NO but its very easy for an individual to tell you as a another member of staff his own version of events but not the full version of the story. Now i am aware this is my second permanent ban to which the last one was about 7 months ago and it may look veru bad but in this situation i do feel Tyler's judgement of the situation was quite poor in this case. I would verymuch still like to play in the server and obviosly play with in the rules of the server but i am not satisfied with the way i had been treated. Hope you take my words into account. Thanks Dimitri Rothschild

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