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  1. Create a discord ticket. but from what i can gather it probably owned taxes.
  2. Hi (sir) the weak is over, but why my ban appeal denied



  3. Yup, what i predicted.
  4. Before i open this backup let me make something clear. 1. If the is an actual general trend of cops actually baiting then we'll be forced to treat them under the cop baiting rule. 2. Of course this has to be backed up with facts and actual evidence not mere accusations. 3. Recording stuff is your friend trust me it saves you the time for arguing and bitching 4. I like it when players argue in a CIVIL MANNER not calling each other retards and what not. 5. This is a 16 year old game get over yourselves and stop the personal OOC hate. 6. I will discuss with the rest of management ACTUAL CRITERIA as to wjat constitutes criminal baiting amd come back with a solid answer 7. Yes i agree cops who bait criminals into shoot outs should be treated like criminals who cop bait 8. The reason why i need to first dicuss it is because. The minute we randomly slap a criminal bait rule, assholes will abuse it to avoid any interaction with cops and getting their shot seized. Hencei want to discuss it.
  5. 'Kay gonba have to close this shop cuz people can't argue in a civil manner.
  6. Like I've said before and I'll say ur again. I agree volunteers are problematic, but I've seen enough official cops that acr braindead. I'll lool through my recordings, but you cannot fix the lack of common sense. If cops bait players into a shootout then yes they should be punished for it. Your primary function as SAPD is to descalate matters not escalate them. But instead random troopers start sniping criminals for No reason
  7. from the bottom of my heart and i mean this. This comment is braindead
  8. i swear i swear i swear not my wrong i have problem in my internet i swear i swear


    1. Wyatt


      yes yes yesyes yeyse sok o ko kk ok okoko ko yesyeysysssss

    2. Ahmed_Waheb


      are u idiot ???????????????? make sure he have logs Aoner left the game (disconected) not (crashed) when u say the truth may u have a chance to unban !!!! STOP LYING HAHAHAHA... JATT FOR LIFE JAAJJAJA

    3. Lara_Blood


      i think he is not lying im not sure but i had problems with wifi to and i get disconected every 5-10 min but idk what everyone get in chat crashed or disconected im really not sure...

      so dont take that as truth.

  9. Thanks for a Dope event Leonardo as always your leadership skills are impeccable
  10. Tell me what does does role play mean in 150 words. If you try to copy and paste something from google i'll deny this.
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