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Weston last won the day on December 2 2019

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    South Africa 🇿🇦
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  1. ive only recieved one message regarding your gifts. Please contact me so that i can forward this list to Locmax
  2. Your blarring arrogance and unwillingness to cooperate after you were given an option was quiet frankly disgusting. Nevertheless this is your first ban i will unban you, collect yourself and get your attitude sorted.
  3. Your intelligence is reflected in the fact that you tried to ban evade and multiaccounted. Regardless i will unban you
  4. Trump will institute a full on war in Iran, just to win the 2020 elections

    1. JessePinkman


      It won't be the first time someone starts a war to win elections, however this time it'll backfire and he might lose.

    2. Weston


      Bush tried it 2003 anf it back fired 

    3. JessePinkman


      Ye, the thing is no matter how many scandals Trump is involved in, he has some serious amount of supporters. The guy is a businessman, not a politician. He has no morals and what he did is a prime example.

  5. Your still new please correct your attitude and adhere to server rules. Unbanned
  6. As per the guide you will be unbanned in 2 weeks and have 40% of wealth removed
  7. Ironic that we are here, anyway what do you have say for yourself
  8. Message me personally if you haven't recieved your gifts and I'll try and push the community managers to issue these. I will also issue what i can script wise. Message me a WestonL#0660
  9. The way i see it you show no signs of even changing at all. We've been here before, honestly i believe your intetions of playing here are of a malicious nature
  10. If i unban you do promise to adhere to server rules and admit that were wrong in this matter?
  11. I will unban you since this is your 1st offence. Let me make this crystal clear to you, if you so much as continue that kind of behaviour and disregard server rules i wont hesitate to act.
  12. You will wait, if you kerp bothering tge community manager. I will simply deny this
  13. well well well......................... life is funny isn't it? do you recall this remark? "You cant unban me, cuz Sam banned me, btw how? You said im remorseful, soo, i dont have attitude, selfdefence, if you know what that means, you can unban me, or you can ignore me, i just dont want to talk with you anymore, btw, Carlos said you are the worst admin, do what you want or do what you have to do, you can unban me or ignore me, its your choice, Goodluck Weston... "
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