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  1. Hi Wiston i Forgut My Password Account Emma_Maxwell please help me to get it back 

  2. Considering this is your 2nd Ban review date is set for 2 weeks from now 26/06/19
  3. Your In game name: Weston Lockeheed Possibility High
  4. then why did you lie about it in the first place? Considering this is your 2nd full ban Write me 300 words as to why i should consider unbanning you and what will you change in your behavior
  5. Lets cut through the Internet BS and let's get to the part where you are actually going to be honest with me a few facts that are to be established first 1. You have a history of quitting to avoid RP I have seen multiple reports myself 2. you could have used /b to inform us of your internet problems we would have waited for even a discord message 3. we never used /b1 or the megaphone upon landing the logs prove that. that just shows me you quitted to avoid arrest, to begin with ''i saw some messages from a megaphone on my chat but i didn't see cops at that time. So i relog....'' how can you see megaphone messages when they were never used by us? just be honest with me then maybe I'll consider unbanning you
  6. So it's pretty clear you still don't understand your reason for being banned either way I will give you a chance to prove that you won't troll again. don't waste it, if you so as to violate any rules you will be banned. Familiarize yourself with server rules. To be Unbanned
  7. Ayyyyyyyy mayne dis shiiiiii' guuuud cuz, im finna see you der hommie
  8. Can you tell me will you do to improve your role play quality seeing that it is a problem for you?
  9. https://forum.mudoogaming.com/index.php?/topic/4431-boyard_tigers-banned-by-weston_lockeheed/ try again
  10. hi there Boyard I will be handling your report a few things we need to establish before we continue: you only started playing this month but have managed to amass a total of 15 punishments all for the same reason. judging from this you clearly have no intentions of roleplaying in this server so give me a good couple of reasons as to why I should consider unbanning you?
  11. Weston


    It is clear that you cannot satisfy everyone when something is being done to celebrate particular religious community management is suddenly called anti-Muslim. just like Denzel said all it takes is a bunch of internet children to complain it shows a lack rationalization, but either way it will be noted in future not offend anyone in future or whatever is considered to be offensive.
  12. Weston


    Again no one said they hate particular religious group accusations against a person are very harmful in their very nature, the suggestion of a mosque was purely to celebrate Ramadaan it was suggested and people agreed to it. you cannot assume the people who agreed to it were Christians you have no evidence of such. we are not going to delve into some religious argument point is it was suggested and people agreed to it. you had the opportunity to raise objections to it. for you to even refer to a real-life tragic event is worrisome.
  13. Weston


    Where do you get the idea that the mosque was to insult the Islam religion if feel someone provoked you nor insulted in any way you can raise it up with managers. Matthew proposed the idea of a mosque and many replied that you wanted one, now suddenly its a promotion of hate? get your facts straight before personally attacking the community owners
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