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  1. I'm seriously impressed with your creativity keep it up
  2. do you seriously think administrators let alone the community owner is that stupid to believe that that is your own definition? i can run that whole paragraph through a plagiarism generator. i just ran this through several plagiarism generators even turnitin dont make idiots out of us and actually put some fucking effort into your own responses. most of them even tell me its 94% copied so dont try and act smart with us.
  3. Reporting player is currently banned
  4. Hi i will be the administrator handling please be patient for the time being
  5. Hi there i will be the administrator that will be handling this please be patient for the time being
  6. This is honestly a waste of time in my opinion, you have just proven me right, you arent here to roleplay but you are here to death match and troll. i mean your punishment history says it all, youve barely been playing for more than 4 months youve managed to amass numerous punishments on top of that 3 full bans. anyway the administrator has requested that you write down why should you let be back inside the server. do this and write down 500 words why you should be let back in, and also give us a 200 word explanation of what roleplay is (not a google definition) your own definition.
  7. Weston

    Roleplay is dead?

    Champagne Commentary, players here are only after one thing "to be the biggest boss in the server" there is nothing fundamentally wrong with that. issue is everyone is a criminal these days all want to have 50M in a matter of weeks so they just focus on the ease of playing mudoo instead of focusing on developing a character. most players seemingly have multiple personality disorder, today they are Loco Mexicans tomorrow they are Italian mafias(most common theme). ive always been a fierce advocate for forced character development, but players dont seem too keen on it. i believe its a step towards making the concept of rp clear to players especially new players i can guarantee you no more than 10+ new players in the last month or so have immdeatly joined criminal groups that have a distorted view of what rp is this is also true for SAPD. character development is very important, but then again i would probably be asking to much seeing as to that our player base ranges from 16-18 on average
  8. Its Quite clear you still dont understand the point of this post, Mathew is reiterating that there are petty and simple questions to which helpers, administrators ans senior administrators can handle. instead of bothering Community owners for simple things like server commands or players reports etc, there are people designated for such tasks. i find it quite uproarious that you find it productive and progressive to simply insult helpers and administrators, mind you these people are human beings they do not know everything hence they go higher up the chain for assistance. it is also unbecoming to simply judge helpers and administrators and simply assume they are useless whereas these people work timeout to ensure the server is enjoyable. if you are unsatisfied with how and administrator or helper handles a situation, the collection of proper evidence and articulating yourself in a cogent manager to managers whom will therefore deal with that administrator or helper accordingly. i suggest you apply to be a member or staff to have first hand experience of the kind of treatment heleprs and administrators go through from players. i'll give you some context, administrator handles a typical death matching situation adresses both parties but one member feels that the outcome is unsatisfactory threatens "IM GOING TO GET A MANAGER HERE NOW!!!!!! GET ME A MANAGER NOW!!!!!!!! STUPID ADMINS WHO THE FUCK MADE YOU AND ADMINISTRATOR!!!!!!!!!!" thats your everyday response even after a situation has been explained. after the threats the go spam tag managers on discord even private message them. there are procedures and protocols to be followed, contacting managers or the community manager should be the very last thing after having exhausted all avenues
  9. Did i not specifically warn you that if you so much as broke one rule you can forget about being unbanned? barely a week and you stuff up
  10. Happy birthday Chief, great work ethic good morals stren leadership. Have a splendid day
  11. This is someone's campaign to which they expect postive comments or constructive criticism. Bruce is right what you did there is just mentally challenged. Why do you see the need to use 72 font unless you can change and comment like a normal person I will remove it.
  12. Wow this is A grade quality work Argon keep it up, something most players lack. This campaign has tangible substance very promising
  13. You see if we pin point a particular nationality it doesn't help with the conversation, because they could argue the same. the last thing we need is a group of people who feel vindicated already to further escalate their concerns. we are trying to hold dialogue to find common grounded solutions.
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