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  1. i told you last time if you want me to consider your unban appeal i need 150-200 word why i should unban you. with each reason tell me how you plan on improving yourself as a person.
  2. Im not convinced about your sincerity, plus you havean extensivepunishment record. Try and appeal again in January 2020
  3. Unbanned, please note in future multiaccounting isn't allowed and please return to your main account which is Sander Pronks
  4. I firmly believe your interests in the server are noferious. You have a shitty track record from ban evasion to weapon cheats, you can try again in March 2020. Denied
  5. You tried to ban evade during your ban. Eitherway you have a very minimal punishment record, therefore i will unban you. Note YOU ARE ON THIN ICE DON'T WASTE IT Unbanned
  6. Your still not answering the question, plus you have 3 full bans. At this point according to the guideline you have one more chance left before a permanent ban. If you fail to answer a basic question, then i will be forced to set your review date to August 2020. Now answer the question and prove me otherwise.
  7. Nah you can take your arrogance and pride somewhere else. Come back and make an appeal when you ate serious about it. Denied
  8. I will unban you, next time remeber you're on thin ice.
  9. Two things, firstly i might consider unbanning you since its your first ban and your new. Secondly ypu tried yo ban evade, what will you differently this time?
  10. Side note- there is a major concern and pattern I've noticed in your behavior and conduct as a vet player and former admin. Your punishment record in the last 2 months and the year in general says it all. You were caught sitting outside of PD going rambo on new spawned cops in total there were 5- 6 reports on you about DM. Justify your trollish behavior and quite frankly shitty conduct. All of the in game reports were of the same reasons by 4 different players, judging by your track record this ban appeal is a mere formality to get back to trolling in the server. Convince me otherwise
  11. Side note, I've heard this "i will improve my rp skills story one too many times" quiet frankly its old.and tiring. In 100-150 words provide reasons why should you be unbanned, with esch reason having a justification and a way forward and what you intend on doing.
  12. I really dont mind giving you a chance, what im laudingis your attitude towards the server. You said it yourself, you acted autistically because of the server dynamics. Regrardless of what you think of the quality of roleplay you ought not to contribute to the so called " shitty" Roleplay. Nevertheless i will consider it and give you a response soon, you may add a few words if you want.
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