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  1. Basically you did the most braindead shit I've com across. If it were up to me, you would have been Community banned at this point.
  2. Trump will loose the November elections. His lackeys' will not let go of power that easily. Ladies and gents we could witness the first civil war since the 1700's. This time not about race, but one of Democrats versus Republicanism 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. dellpacker


      dude look at the rallys look at anywhere else as much as you dont want it the majority of americans do

    3. Dizzy
    4. MarksmanV2


      Welp, as unrealistic as it may sound this is pretty much the reality of the current usa. Gonna be some awesome civil war Lee n Grant be rolling in their graves.


  3. I cannot see your ban from our discord server.
  4. You not be unbanned, as you knew what your intention were in sharing that folder.
  5. You have a history of being wholly toxic and trollish. I dont see a reason to unban you. Convince me otherwise, and this time actually seems sincere about it.
  6. Here's why you were banned As you can see, you decided to try and be funny by doing so. So tell me exactly what do you plan on doing to fix your attitude.
  7. You knew exactly what you were doing. In what world do you think you suddenly had an extra set of guns that you previously never had.
  8. May i ask. Did you forum report this player first?
  9. DId you report this player for such actions? I'd like for you to report him first.
  10. After Leonardo's post. i'll issue you the patriot.
  11. Did it ever get destroyed at some point may i ask.
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