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  1. Weston


    It is clear that you cannot satisfy everyone when something is being done to celebrate particular religious community management is suddenly called anti-Muslim. just like Denzel said all it takes is a bunch of internet children to complain it shows a lack rationalization, but either way it will be noted in future not offend anyone in future or whatever is considered to be offensive.
  2. Weston


    Again no one said they hate particular religious group accusations against a person are very harmful in their very nature, the suggestion of a mosque was purely to celebrate Ramadaan it was suggested and people agreed to it. you cannot assume the people who agreed to it were Christians you have no evidence of such. we are not going to delve into some religious argument point is it was suggested and people agreed to it. you had the opportunity to raise objections to it. for you to even refer to a real-life tragic event is worrisome.
  3. Weston


    Where do you get the idea that the mosque was to insult the Islam religion if feel someone provoked you nor insulted in any way you can raise it up with managers. Matthew proposed the idea of a mosque and many replied that you wanted one, now suddenly its a promotion of hate? get your facts straight before personally attacking the community owners
  4. Your level of serious in taking up the Governor position is very questionable, furthermore as Governor when you put out official you're supposed to use the Official State Crest. at this rate, it is very worrying how you conduct your affairs as governor. you seem to be more a reactionary than a proactive governor. you seem to have no political or policy directorate, to begin with, no plans in place this seems more like a symbolic postion to you instead of exercising the powers you have to effect positive change to the people of Mudoo.
  5. Hi there Kaid I'd like to point out a few things before we continue 1. During situation I understood that maybe you had problems with your PC when you disconnected the first time so I let it go 2. You disconnected or left 3 times in total one of them was that you logged for a brief period of time to check if I was still there before I could address you left again. Two other people saw this and I evidence of such 3. Do you care to give a proper explanation as to why you briefly logged in them left again the second time?
  6. I propose a lease agreement for an indefinite period with continuous deposits from all profits made a 51/49 split majority sharehold to you
  7. Contact REMGRO INVESTMENTS at 8192 for deal we can strike
  8. Interested in temple office offering 150k as a buyout
  9. Volunteers and PO I+ already have these weapons as standard issue weapons and are not permitted to have anything above that special weapons like M4's, sniper rifles and so on are only available to SWAT and SWAT only. volunteers and PO i+ are only issued special weapons in special cases where SWAT, FBI, or SRT are out-manned and outgunned and only sergents+ can equip in those cases. the suggestion of buying special weapons for special division is inefficient its a time waster, like i said no volunteer or PO i+ is allowed on normal duty to possess M4's and or Sniper rifles unless issued to them in special cases.
  10. This is the kind of rhetoric mat was speaking of we have imature players that live to shit on cops but cannot not articulate a cogent argument against the facts stated
  11. @LocMax just our if curiousity is there a way to redirect traffic from third world countries to more first world nations. Cuz I'm quiet frankly tired of having sub par English "me no spak Engliz" I know it's sounds like dumb question but I'm curious either way. I mean I want to get people who want to develop character's
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