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  1. Do you understand the purpose of this section of the forum?
  2. you have 3 other ban for hacking, you clearly lack the basic mental cognitive function to comprehend that hacking in any server is not allowed. why should i consider this?
  3. You have the nerve to try and bullshit your way in your ban appeal. you clearly lack the cognitive function to comprehend server rules. https://forum.mudoogaming.com/index.php?/topic/7504-kouss_add-banned-by-anthony_hawk/
  4. would you like try and articulate yourself again. this time calmly? to answer your point of contention preliminary evidence suggests otherwise.
  5. I rummaged through server side logs, and they seem to disagree with your perspective. can you comment on that?
  6. I think i was more than clear enough in your last ban appeal. should you continue posting ban appeals i will simply revoke your ability to post, learn to adhere to instructions. try again in 2 months from today.
  7. You went inactive for a solid 2-3 months, during that time some major changes were implemented such as vehicle tax that has to be paid monthly. failure to do results in a player loosing their vehicle, hence you cannot see your infernus in /v my
  8. these are a bunch of random screenshots with 0 explanation. would you be so kind as to explain exactly what you need.
  9. No you don't, your sorry you got caught for the 3rd time hacking. you clearly lack the necessary cognitive functions to comprehend that hacking in any server is prohibited. so why the hell should i bother considering this, in 500 words explain to me what is hacking, why is wrong, and how do you plan on changing the crappy attitude.
  10. The mere fact that you were a member of staff and exploited a bug says a lot about you further more you have multiple bans preceding you. you clearly lack reasoning and honesty denied try again in a couple of months, maybe then i'll consider it.
  11. we'd prefer if you directly answered his question thanks
  12. the reported person is not an administrator i will move this to player reports
  13. Username:CapitalistNigga666 Comment: San Andreas has become a kleptocracy
  14. the mere fact you admit to account sharing is a violation in itself. i suggest you familiarize yourself witht he rules
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