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  1. You see if we pin point a particular nationality it doesn't help with the conversation, because they could argue the same. the last thing we need is a group of people who feel vindicated already to further escalate their concerns. we are trying to hold dialogue to find common grounded solutions.
  2. I have considered you ban appeal and i hope you have learnt your lesson in the time you have been banned. let me makes this to you perfectly clear if you so much as break one more server i mean even the smallest rule from trolling, dming, anything i will not hesitate to ban you permanently with no chance to be unbanned whatsoever. you have and extensive punishment record and your a new player fix your attitude and quality of interaction with other players.
  3. As much its light role play server that allows people to have fun in their experiences the concept of character development i think should be one of a necessity and not optional. because we now have a situation where we have pointless criminal groups that have identity disorders that have no background, no codified conduct and basically want to form criminals groups that want to pose as criminal groups. most newly established last 2 weeks at most then get closed then we just get group hoppers then suddenly change identity themselves. we now also have a situation where new players that are recruited into criminal groups and further have a distorted view of what role play is, i cant blame them most of them are kids. again players in my opinion should be made to develop their characters, very few people have actually developed their characters that can be seen to have a background, race, and a formidable identity.
  4. you have exactly 24 hours to respond otherwise i will take it as if you are no longer interested and will be forced to deny this appeal
  5. Remgro Holdings We are selling a couple of our properties so grab them will they are still available SanMudoo 24/7 Shop Location - Downtown Los Santos Value- $480 000.00 Offers- Masks, BLS Kits Profit Margin- 30k-150k on a weekly basis (varies) Buy Out Starting Bid- 1M Remgro Office Park Location- Temple near Market Ammu Value- $2.4M Int-Mag doggs Purpose- Multiple Purpose Building Buy Out Starting Bid- 1M SOLD FOR OPERATIONAL COSTS Remgro Meginta Pinewood wooden Mansion Location- Vinewood near UFO house Value $1.6M Purpose- Residential Property Buy Out Starting Bid Picture of the property is attached below Remgro Office Park Location: Downtown Near Pershing Square Value: $11.2M Purpose: Multipurpose Office Park Buyout: $1M Remgro Office Park (Vinewood Tower) Location: Vinewood opposite Thompson Gas Station in Temple Value: $3.2M Buy Out: $2M Some Important Information Each Bid made is to be 30k Larger than the previous bidder Once a Bid is made it cannot be reversed YOU WILL BE LEGALLY LIABLE AND REMGRO HOLDINGS POSSESSES THE RIGHT TO PURSUE ITS LEGAL RIGHTS bidding is to close two weeks from now Contact me In game if you have a personal offer (NOTE YOU WILL STILL BE LIABLE IN GAME IF YOU MAKE AN OFFER)
  6. Testing this shit out HI ALL 


    1. Smith


      how do u even make this wtf

  7. @DaniGamer3013 are you still interested in your ban appeal if so respond to the admin handling this report
  8. @gangsta are you still interested in your ban appeal?
  9. If you spam and tag me one more time i will extend your review time to a month
  10. Boyard quiet frankly administration is sick of your level of roleplay in the server, you possess toxic behavior the administration team has on multiple occassions tried to explain to you your wrongs, and tried to make you understand the server rules and what is expected but you clearly have shown us one thing you are not here to play you ar here to troll. concerning your ban two other admins witnessed you literally rockup to unity station and pull out your shotgun and shot at a cop's tyres with no inetraction whatsoever. the way i see it it would be a complete waste of time for you to fabricate a false apology as to why you should be unbanned. this is your second ban in a matter of 2 months.
  11. Considering this is your 2nd Ban review date is set for 2 weeks from now 26/06/19
  12. Your In game name: Weston Lockeheed Possibility High
  13. then why did you lie about it in the first place? Considering this is your 2nd full ban Write me 300 words as to why i should consider unbanning you and what will you change in your behavior
  14. Lets cut through the Internet BS and let's get to the part where you are actually going to be honest with me a few facts that are to be established first 1. You have a history of quitting to avoid RP I have seen multiple reports myself 2. you could have used /b to inform us of your internet problems we would have waited for even a discord message 3. we never used /b1 or the megaphone upon landing the logs prove that. that just shows me you quitted to avoid arrest, to begin with ''i saw some messages from a megaphone on my chat but i didn't see cops at that time. So i relog....'' how can you see megaphone messages when they were never used by us? just be honest with me then maybe I'll consider unbanning you
  15. So it's pretty clear you still don't understand your reason for being banned either way I will give you a chance to prove that you won't troll again. don't waste it, if you so as to violate any rules you will be banned. Familiarize yourself with server rules. To be Unbanned
  16. Ayyyyyyyy mayne dis shiiiiii' guuuud cuz, im finna see you der hommie
  17. Can you tell me will you do to improve your role play quality seeing that it is a problem for you?
  18. https://forum.mudoogaming.com/index.php?/topic/4431-boyard_tigers-banned-by-weston_lockeheed/ try again
  19. hi there Boyard I will be handling your report a few things we need to establish before we continue: you only started playing this month but have managed to amass a total of 15 punishments all for the same reason. judging from this you clearly have no intentions of roleplaying in this server so give me a good couple of reasons as to why I should consider unbanning you?
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