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  1. Well as you say you get mad when you get killed. Do you not think thats a horrible mindset to bear?
  2. For all of the people saying admins aren't strict thats fine, but let me educate u a bit on what happens if you act harshly on people. /report mathew carter - RAMMING ME FOR NO REASON WTF. -> Mathew gets warned then -> WTG RETARDED ADMINS WHY WARN OT WAS ACCIDENT WTF IM REPORTING YOU TO MANAGERS -> player reports administrator to managers, manager approaches admins. Manager removes warn and player gets what he wants (HAHAHA STUPID ADMINS WHY U WARN ME U SHOULD HAVE VERBALLY WARNED AND GIVE ME CHANCE. and the cycle repeats itself Here's another scenario about someone crying during rp and reporting /Report Mathew carter - robbing without rp wtf-> player goes on public chat HEY RETARDED ADMINSHELLO MY REPORT SEE IT PLEASE spams that about 3 times. Administrator attends to it asks everyone to stop so he or she investigates the report (some autistic player still continues robbing) admin freezes him player cries on public chat WTF WHY U FREEZE ME IDIOT spams about 3 to 4 times admins mute him. Admin asks managers or senior admins for logs and logs reveal there was rp then rp continues. Then we repeat the cycle, for people to simply say admins are way too soft on punishments please note we have guidelines set out by management that stipulate when and what type of punishment suits what transgressions. The veey same people saying we are soft on punishments are the first to call us our when we act harshly. Quite frankly im getting sick of this double standard. Because people dont know what they want of admins
  3. Don'tget the relevance of your commentary seeing that you don't play here anymore but anyway its a free world
  4. Thank you Staz finally some common sense, i see heavy roleplay as the aay to go to change the mentality
  5. I see so you propose instead of banning for 3 days we go for 2 weeks as a start? And what would be the criteria exactly but i agree heavy rules
  6. This should already indicate toyou whats wrong with the player mentality as abraham said everyone believes you Cant be shit without being criminal. Lool at the number of business groups versus the criminal group. Your problem starts there
  7. If you remember Locmax said he wants to encourage business rp here and not the kind where you own pns' farm's or 24/7 that just farn cash. He wanted balance the economy so that businesses can be encouraged and leg roleplay can be an actual thing here. I see a few individuals have started to encourage that including myself noth withstanding that im PD but starting something rather than sitting bacj and watching is better
  8. This should be for both PD and Criminal groups, and the level should be a minimum of 12. So that we have actual civilians this is why the server ends up lacking in people who can fill in other aspects of rp like lawyers, doctors and so forth because everyone believes that you are either pd or criminal
  9. No saaruman the problem with turfs comes when people start "/Report 7 dming me whislt im just standing" then the whole damn thing turns into a shit show simply because innocent or not players get death matched for simply passing by or that are forced to take that route to get to a place. No one enjoys them if administrators get close to 8 reports in one go simply because a bunch of autistic people decided to shoot at an innocent passer by
  10. I agree with you turfs have been nothing but a hot bed for death matching, and also the access to guns in this server is way too easy. Same goes for smuggles a nother hotbed for dming. With regards to new players getting recruited you are absolutely right we have wannabee mafias pming new players that barely have been in game for 1 day and have no clue about the expectations. Instead the new player will be taken to a clothing store, the old player buys him guns and boom time to go and rob people with "rp". Hence things like "HANDS UP OR WE SHOOT" becomes the standard for roleplay. Then when the new guy gets verbally warned or punished in anyway he or she doesnt understand why they are wrong
  11. Im in favour of heavy roleplay, what ends up happening is that with this light roleplay business 1. The guidelines are there but aren't clear enough for the players to understand so hence everything turns into an admin situation. Instead this light roleplay business has morfed into a hybrid of dm, cnr and so on. So i support heavy roleplay so that people know exactly whats expected of staff and players
  12. You have an extensive punishment record what wouldyou change if you were unbanned?
  13. this is quiet ironic coming from BCGOV considering the fact that almost on a daily basis your people do the same to SA citizens in LS
  14. I spoke to yam he seemed to be having power supply issues at the time
  15. @iNet Gaming do you care to comment on this?
  16. I fully appreciate your efforts Michelle, i still enjoy being here but its gotten to a point where im sick of the toxicity the players really do not want to change at all. We recieve close to 300 reports daily a good 57% are nonsensical reports because people cannot differentiate between ic and ooc. I seriously propose isolating new players from any groups pd or criminal and let them actaully understand what roleplay is. I started doing this myself about a week ago and actaully spend time with newbies. Instead of half baked attempts by helpers and admins that actaully spend about 30 min to 1 hr explaining whay expected of them.
  17. to be honest, this is a very pointless topic, this will go nowhere each side is too immature to work on the existing facts. we've got criminals crying about cops we've also got cops crying about criminals. there is simply nothing wrong with Mathew's scripts, in fact, they are suited to roleplay. the problems arise when 1. a toxic neadethalistic mindset is fed into new players, 2. people report each other for pathetic reasons in-game "AIMBOT" just because they died. the problem is we have toxic individuals that 24/7 have to shit talk the server and their toxicity manifests itself down to the players or the group members. about administrators, I fully agree it is clear there are administrators who apply different standards of the rules which is very concerning, some don't even bother doing their jobs at all. the other kind of disgusting attitude that has to change in this server is this "fuck you" attitude and "IM GOD ADMIN" attitude which clearly has found its way into the server. clearly the vetting process for selecting admins has to be better. I would also like to see myself group leaders actually take charge in disciplining group members PD and criminals. simply kicking someone isn't enough. my other grif is with how we've allowed spontaneous "mafias" to exist, I have time and time again said limit this nonsense because of half the time the group leaders of the new mafias have no damn clue what the hell they are doing. what is rather annoying is this boring argument about cops randomly pulling over people, I fully agree we have a few autistic cops that randomly pull people over for no damn reason, likewise I don't know what criminals expect cops to do when you openly violate laws its as if you expect them to sit back and watch this shit show happening. clearly there is now a competition of who can kill the most cops. about the carters being criminals, this is exactly what I'm referring to there is a toxicity that has manifested itself here because of preconceived ideas about particular individuals, that finds its way to new players. half the new players don't even know why they hate the carters but have been told ideas about them. I always say if you don't like how things are run in a particular field, come join it yourself and improve it if you feel you can run it better. don't be an armchair critique, if you don't like administrators and how they do their jobs apply to be one and change the culture. I always tell my fellow officers not to entertain the shit-talking of cops in public chat because it devolves into a brainless argument where you end up losing a few brain cells over it.
  18. As i have given u more than enoughtime to provide me with info im forced to close this report
  19. Nationalism is the way to go, away with migrants

  20. no open carry is not a constitutional right, carrying heavy weaps isn't either. owning a gun is privilege not a right, hence owning a gun should be treated as such so people value guns. the state provides a police service in place of guns they are there to enforce laws not guns
  21. The current powers the govenor holds are more the sufficient, we do not need a rogue govenor that blow through the budget and allow crazy laws to exist. It starts out with self defense laws then it moves to open carry then legalizing heavy weaponary. We simply cannot allow mudoo to delve into a state of neaderthalistic laws
  22. The last thing the state of Mudoo needs are self defense laws, if the state allowed this It would lead every gun totting physcomainiac claiming self defense each time there isa shootout. There is no such thing as international law what you are referring is the Geneva convention and Universal declaration of human rights. The UDHR has no legal bearing on Mudoo state law's. We are a sovreign state we determine our own laws and at this point self defense laws aren't feasible in the distant future. To adress the open carry laws, its a simple no just like i said we have gun totting maniacs already running an illegitimate government just across the Las Venturas border last thing we need is for them to come and display heavy weaponry into the safe heaven that is Los Santos
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