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  1. Recommended for: + Active + Good English + Helpful Good Luck.
  2. You were banned from RPG for hacks, how can we trust you that you don't use the same hacks in TDM?
  3. Improve your English. We will give you a chance to Fix your Application and your Answers.
  4. alright bank robbery +1 support
  5. sometimes 90% of the players are all cops.
  6. Do you mean SAPD Volunteers? because SAPD Cadets are all carefully Handpicked by the SAPD Officers.
  7. You are fun to have Around in game, but try to be more Helpful to newbies and fellow players. I will give you a chance, RECOMMENDED. Don't let me down okay?
  8. Going Neutral for this Reason: -immature -Semi-Active +helpful I changed my Comment due to what I saw from you in game. I am still going to be Neutral. Work on this Negative points and I will Change my Vote.
  9. If we ever catch you again using Hacks consider Harsher Consequences. Unbanned!
  10. Since you Admitted you use Hacks. I advise you to Delete all your Folders on Hacks. as a consequence on Using Hacks, your stats will be cut to 10% okay?
  11. I only want the shop, not the loan. Ofc you will pay the loan

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