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  1. I am an Officer in-game and I only get 10k per paycheck. you can get more cash if you do trucker job, some of the players are just lazy to do jobs and keeps complaining about being poor IG. Yeah I am having fun RPing but not "loads of cash".
  2. blacknight785


    The Server was already Hosted at that time before you came.
  3. I have 2 Co-Leaders because they are really Co-Leader right from the start, I didn't promised them anything(rank) since they are my friends IRL. my new recruits are in either associate/soldier ranks. topic hasn't updated though. I like this one: but, OTHER egoistic Cops(with ranks) will say "You are only here for paycheck" so... no
  4. Recommended for: + Active + Good English + Helpful Good Luck.
  5. You were banned from RPG for hacks, how can we trust you that you don't use the same hacks in TDM?
  6. Improve your English. We will give you a chance to Fix your Application and your Answers.
  7. alright bank robbery +1 support
  8. sometimes 90% of the players are all cops.

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