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  1. blacknight785


    I will miss you.
  2. blacknight785

    Moderator application - [AFO.N]Frost_Bites

    I agree with your motive, but I rarely see you in-game these days. Just be more active. I will go neutral for now
  3. blacknight785

    What's up with this Unfair thing?

    I'm asking this question to RageRaven. And why would I file a staff report? It's a question not a complaint.
  4. blacknight785

    What's up with this Unfair thing?

    So are you saying that the RPG Staffs are bias on their Judgement?
  5. What is your in-game name? [RO]blacknight785 Which staff member banned you? Senior[PR] When did you get banned? 08/12/18 What is the ban reason? IP Address Ban Personal comment Good day to all admins and staffs. As I can see [RO]Koke has been banned for using Proaim cheat and I don't wanna argue with that. I wanna appeal for the IP ban. We are playing in a Computer shop which has the same IP Address and I am not appealing for [RO]Koke , I am appealing for the IP Address which we use. *[RO]Koke is a kid who's just recently got hooked with playing computer games and I wanna apologize for the problem caused by this kid. Thank you for your Understanding Godbless More Power
  6. Your in-game name [RO]blacknight785 You real life age 20 Your country and timezone Philippines (GMT +8) How do you describe yourself as a person As a person I just love playing games especially RPGs. I really hate rule breakers, exploiters, and Cheaters. What are your motives for becoming a moderator? I want the game to be enjoyable for those who are new to this game and let them experience what this game is all about. I really wanna punish Cheaters, Rules breakers and Exploiters who are messing up this game. enjoyable gaming experience is my Aim. How will you deal with a friend that is asking for favors? A Moderator must be just to all players NO Friends, NO Family, and NO Special Favors. but if I can help my friend as a player and not as a Moderator then I will help him/her and teach him/her what he/she needs to learn and all that I can help as a friend and not as a Moderator. How will you deal with a new player that keeps on rule-breaking, after several warnings? If ever the new player ignore the warnings and keep on breaking the rules, as a Moderator I will hand down the proper Punishment for breaking the rules. Even if someone is NEW or OLD, all players must be treated and punished equally. Any additional information you feel is relevant I feel this game will be big in the coming years and I wanna be part of something big! I don't use any mods or Cleo. I played Global Warfare before from Advance Gaming. Screenshot of your in-game stats

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