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  1. 1. THE GOVERNOR CANDIDATE INFORMATION A. NAME: Richie Kavanagh B. RESIDENCE: Glen Park #193, Los Santos, SA C. POLITICAL ORIENTATION: Modern Liberalism (Fianna Fail Political Party) 2. THE VICE GOVERNOR CANDIDATE INFORMATION A. NAME: James Kavanagh B. RESIDENCE: Market #1992, Los Santos, SA 3. ADDITIONAL CABINET CANDIDATE INFORMATION: A. NAME: Savannah Westway B. RESIDENCE: Little Wyoming #223, Flint County, SA C. POSITION: Secretary of Treasury
  2. Close your 84 tabs instead
  3. Your business name: Barracuda Research Corporation Your business type: Corporation Your business creation date: September 28, 2019 Current number of employees: 12 How much money do you require on monthly basis: 480,000$ Why do you require support fund: Barracuda Research is currently running on fumes. The research is being funded out of personal funds and often faces difficulties in hiring new staff and training new staff for the branches of the corporation. Not to mention our equipment is outdated thus decreasing our efficiency. How will you use the support
  4. When can I get my requested interior?
  5. I guess the problem is that every administrator in the administration has their own understanding of the rules they should be enforcing.
  6. lol, look at all these pakis raging
  7. Administrators shouldn't let people from these countries to connect, that's a solution.
  8. 15 or 50 oreos... Still, that was a fun night!

    1. Aze_


      Gimme 50 Oreos :v

    2. TiMoN


      50 oreo double stuff

  9. This isnt an auction. And also, Mike. This is a horrible topic. Please refer to this for any future roleplay:
  10. Made it even worse now. Atleast refund this time.
  11. Well, I've tried and tried to furnish Ten Green Bottles for a thousand times, even got permission from the ex, late server leader Frank Thompson. Only to see managers to remove them and for community owners to say it's "OK" and "we can't increase furniture limit for 1 guy" and destroy the roleplay and joy that it brought to the tens and tens of members of this community. Lets hope fourth time is the charm.
  12. People reading this topic, don't extinguish the hunger for money that these lads have, Jason's Matthew's relative or some shizzle. We got people in the community that does this shit for free or for IG cash - don't get scammed. Contact DeAndre, Octavius, Jamal, Richie etc. if ya looking for a map.
  13. I heard a player got banned from Mudoo for getting discord nitro - allegedly for money, but this is allowed? #DoubleStandards #ExpungeBan
  14. @LocMax @Leonardo Yo this dude exchanging Mudoo maps for real life money Straight ban.
  15. Yes, thank you! More natural disaster events are planned. I would like to thank SAPD, SAFMD and the congress for their co-operation throughout our MASA-1 launch! Stay tuned for more exciting stuff!
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