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  1. Oldman

    Content Creators

    Daymn dis is hotttt.
  2. Username: Admirerer Comment: We need more & more quality articles from San News! Keep up the good work!
  3. Name: State Troopers Comment: Quality right there! Awesome article. SAPD lately changed its system and now everybody enlisted in SAPD are officially state troopers. (ref: A new start)
  4. Just apply decent rules about metagaming and powergaming and lets switch to heavy RP.
  5. I'll bring the salt and bread.
  6. Furthermore, carrying any type of firearm should be illegal. If you cannot brandish it nor use it for self defence, why would you carry a weapon, for what? Only conclusion would be to commit crimes. I urge the governor to think of the idea to introduce weapon permits issued by the SAPD with strict regulations, breach of those regulations will result in removal of the gun permit from the individual and perhaps make adjustments to the self-defence law regarding it when the permits are being introduced. For now, I support this petition to avoid the increase of homicides.
  7. In-game name: Tommy Wong Date of when you discovered the bug: 05/26/18 What feature is the bug relevant to: other Explain how does the bug occur: I bought a boombox and placed it down on the ground. I crashed and logged back in and saw the boombox despawned and lost it from my inventory aswell. When I tried to purchase another one from the 24/7 it doesn't allow me to and tells me to contact a developer. I was also approached by few people saying that the SAFD HQ spawn is bugged - when you exit you spawn inside the pavement outside the HQ. Also, when using /tired animation, you're unable to stop the animation and have to use /thawme each time. Additional content: None.
  8. NAME: Tommy Wong DATE OF BIRTH (CHARACTER): 29/JUN/1990 OCCUPATION: Manager at Biffin' Bridge Hotel & Spa
  9. Team Captain Name: Tommy Wong Team Members: Tommy Wong, Chang Quee, Winston Yang, Zhang Fei
  10. Your In game name: Tommy Wong Possibility to attend: MID
  11. Oldman

    Group Council

    In-game name: Tommy Wong Registration date: August, 2018 Most recent punishment, type and date: N/A Current group membership: The Inagawa-kai Yakuza Previous group membership: Mala del Brenta, SAPD, CSC Motive for joining the council: I would like to share my baggage of experience when it comes to different groups whether it's a business, criminal or other type of organisation - I've done it all. My motive to join the council would be encouraging starting factions or groups that have been in the server for quite some time. I'm looking forward to help to organise the groups, link them more together and expand the roleplay possibilities even further to make it enjoyable and exciting with new ideas and events. Three positive and negative attributes about yourself: Positive attributes would be leadership skills, innovation and being determined. I sometimes tend to be hot-headed, take projects too serious and overcomplicate things.
  12. Oldman

    My departure

    Damn, one of the few who actually cared about roleplay and led by example. Stay in touch.
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