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  1. Toxicity is the real problem "Toxicity is bad" - Jake Randall
  2. Ray

    Mudoo Players

    Very funny indeed!
  3. AnonymousThis news is faker than most of politicians promises!
  4. If Mudoo becomes heavy rp server -> dead They actually removed volunteer system for some time, if someone wanted to be a volunteer, they had to contact a Sergeant+ but it was removed. PD is a government faction, they get supplied by the government and CRIMINALS ARE NOT A GOVERNMENT FACTION
  5. not possible in Mudoo, if we remove blips or add MG, aroud 90 percent of the server players would be banned/jailed/warned.
  6. my boi senior admin gg

    1. EnriqueM.


      lovies ❤️

    2. John_scotto






  7. Ray


    i wonder how many pharmacy owners made
  8. Ray

    yay u manager

  9. Report has been closed as the reporter didn't bothered sending proofs.
  10. Player has been warned. Thank you for reporting.
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