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  1. Press Conference If you have a special request to attend the next ceremony as a speaker, contact this forum account. ALL CIVILIANS INVITED Share your questions, suggestions and complaints regarding SAPD. Next Press Conference : 24/05/2020 Time: 20:00 CET Location : Santa Marina Beach Pier. Theme: Police Brutality, Public Relations, Racism.
  2. Happy new year from SAPD! We hope that 2020 will be a great year for the community of Mudoo, for the world and for your life. Thank you for being part of our comumnity! SAPD forum thread
  3. The reorganization of SAPD The San Andreas Police Department is glad to see improvements within it's organisation. In recent weeks there has been a lot of work with the necessary problems, I am happy to announce that we are finally making progress towards a stable working environment. Every day we come face to face with heavy criminals which makes it difficult for our officers to fight the crime without any injuries. As a department we started working on the organization, we think of supplying the necessary equipment and reorganizing to ensure that no officer has to work alone during their shift. Official Ceremony Due to the officers and other agencies risking their lives each and every day to keep our city safe, we will be holding an Official Ceremony open for public at the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Saturday October 6th 15:00 server time. The Ceremony will contain the following subjects: * Opening speech from the Chief of Police. * Changes and relations. * Awards. * Promotions. * Questions and Answers. * Closing speech. SAN ANDREAS POLICE DEPARTMENT, HEADQUARTERED AT Police Plaza, Pershing Square City of Los Santos, CA 90186 State of San Andreas
  4. The Criminal Investigations Division is offering to pay from $500,000 up to $3,000,000 for any evidence and information against the leaders and high ranks of the group called "Muttahida Qaumi Movement", abbreviated "MQM". The price will be based off the quality of the evidence, its validity and its weight, which is based on the crime that the evidence shows the group leaders commit or the information of groups further moves. Furthermore, the Criminal Investigations Division will continuously provide pay for those who choose to become our assets and continuously provide us evidence and information on the targeted group. The evidence is to be against: Jamal Raza Altaf Bhai Chadury Aslam Jizzy B Contact (( in-game )) the following individuals to establish a meetup: Matthew Carter Derek Carter Kacper Thompson Jelly Valentine Mike Kevin
  5. STATE OF SAN ANDREAS PROSECUTION ANNOUNCEMENT The State of San Andreas is prosecuting Joseph Civella and Ricardo d'Angelo. Joseph Civella is being charged with possession of illegal substances, being part of a wide network of drug trafficking and possessing explosives. Ricardo D'Angelo is being charged with possession of illegal substances. In accordance to the transparency principle upheld by the Court of the State of San Andreas, any members of the public may follow their trials. You can do so by clicking on the following links: State of San Andreas v. Joseph Civella; State of San Andreas v. Ricardo D'Angelo. Public Affairs of the S.A.P.D SAN ANDREAS POLICE DEPARTMENT, HEADQUARTERED AT Police Plaza, Pershing Square City of Los Santos, CA 90186 State of San Andreas
  6. S.A.P.D and S.A.F.D: just as one when it comes to saving lives Cooperation in specific tasks between both departments assure people's welfare Public Affairs of the S.A.P.D There's apparently not much to relate between the police department and the fire department. If one was asked about it, he'd likely say in similarity between both they're both meant to save lives - and that is exactly what moves the departments in the cooperation settled between them for a set of tasks and mission they come across in the line of duty. The media team of the S.A.P.D was present in one of these incidents: a fire aroused at the vicinity of Blueberry, in Red County, which mobilized the efforts of both sides - each one delegated with a primordial task. The fire department assumed the front line of the situation - a fire brigade has taken over, with the aid of an equipped firetruck, with the goal to put the fire out as quick as possible, assuring that no further damage would mean further problems for the citizens of the district. The S.A.P.D, tasked with the maintenance of a safety perimeter in the area, assured that the fire brigade would have enough room to perform it's work safely, working as a "safeguard" for the incident. The S.A.P.D was tasked with the maintenance of a safety perimeter, as the S.A.F.D would work on the fire. The mission was a success, and the flames weren't a issue anymore. No lives were lost, and both departments were fulfilled with the "mission complete" thoughts that satisfy any passionate worker in his dream's job. After a sucessful mission: a picture for posteriority. Have anything to say about this release? Comment below! Your feedback is more than welcome. SAN ANDREAS POLICE DEPARTMENT, HEADQUARTERED AT Police Plaza, Pershing Square City of Los Santos, CA 90186 State of San Andreas
  7. Cheers to one of our greatest allies: the video image Into the 21th century's technology era, the S.A.P.D invests on modern apparatus to aid in it's mission Public Affairs of the S.A.P.D In the medialogic time, with electronic devices to back us up, and a robust network to provide the basis for an era where people are interconnected and bonds have became flexible, the police couldn't stay behind. Therefore, we hereby announce to the public one of our newest tools to help us fight crime: the camera devices, from now on, installed in all police vehicles and police uniforms. In accordance to the regulations of the department, these devices must remain online and filming all the time. They will be automatically activated, by default, whenever wearing the uniform, or using the vehicle. * All police and tactical unit uniforms are equipped with body cameras (activated by default when going on duty). You're strictly forbidden to damage the camera (or attempt to), obstruct the camera's lens or remove the camera from the uniform without permission. * All police and tactical unit vehicles are equipped with cameras (activated by default when using the vehicle). You're strictly forbidden to damage the camera (or attempt to), obstruct the camera's lens or remove the camera from the vehicle without permission. Image of a police officer in Boston, wearing a body camera, in a model similar to the one of S.A.P.D's use. Model of vehicle camera, for the police vehicles. The installed cameras are meant to cover all possible duty situations an officer may face, and are here to aid in the following: Clarification of unresolved situations in the line of duty; Assistance for the department to identify possible faults, points and issues in the officer's performance; Safety for the citizens, upon recognizing the officer's actions are being recorded and may be subject to review. Have anything to say about this release? Comment below! Your feedback is more than welcome. SAN ANDREAS POLICE DEPARTMENT, HEADQUARTERED AT Police Plaza, Pershing Square City of Los Santos, CA 90186 State of San Andreas
  8. Hello, Bull, The outcome of the operation was presented at the release. The two subjects who were charged and found guilty of kidnapping the CoP were found by the S.A.P.D in an extended operation. One of them was deceased and presumed dead in scene, while the other was arrested and will be subject to criminal prosecution. Signed, S.A.P.D Public Affairs
  9. Tragic beginning; happy ending An organized crime family kidnapped the Chief of Police; however, the chief's alive, and his hangmans... not so well Public Affairs of the S.A.P.D July 20th, evening. Average day for the San Andreas Police Department, with busy shifts and countless interventions. At least, it sounded so... till a very specific moment. The CoP, Leon Englert-Carter, was, at the moment, on unmarked duty, visiting the Dealership to schedule a check-up to his vehicle. At the very moment, three full cars hoarded at his place, quickly surronding him. "It was pretty quick. I couldn't see from where they came from... at the point i realised something was wrong, they had already smashed my vehicle's window." After he could briefly get hold of his radio and loudly mumble a few words before getting dragged out, backup arrived. However, it wasn't enough. The criminals were also well-armed and were match for the officers on scene, and a mayhem distracted the units, allowing two of the crooks to kidnap Chief Carter. He was taken to an undisclosed location, in where the crooks called the police, laying out their demands. After a hard time of negotiations, both parties reached a consensus, in where the Chief, according to his own words, would be left out alive in exchange for a million dollars. "I thought they'd kill me at one point. These guys were not normal, they were not in just for the cash, they're pure sadists. They enjoyed the symbolism of their whole act." A picture taken moments after the kidnappers evaded, by boat, took by an eyewitness, using a cellphone. Chief Carter was found nearly unconscious, by the beach of Verona. Wounded in both arms, and missing parts of his clothes, he was quickly provided first-aid by the arriving units, and also the guarantee that the perpretators would be caught by an outstanding effort of the department, mobilized by Supervisor Dylan Parker, Lieutenant Matthew Carter and Officer Kacper Thompson. The fast mobilization and the well-delineated focus on the mission: perks of the police department. After a while, the SAPD got hold of the information that the kidnappers switched to a ground vehicle, and immediatly engaged in a hot-tanned pursuit, which lasted for a decent while, till they were found inside of a luxurious clothing shop in the vicinity of Rodeo, Los Santos. The units on scene were able to quickly act and overwhelm any possible chance of the criminals. A male, appearing to be 40 y.o, was presumed dead on scene after engaging in a fierce firefight with the units. A woman, appearing to be 30 y.o and his companion was arrested on spot, and led to the nearest PD, to be booked. Chief Carter, despite the bruises inflicted by a knife in his both arms, recovers well at his residence. He was delightful with the operation's outcome, and shared a few words with us: "Justice was served. Even though i'm not really revengeful, and always abide by the lawful, the department has acted correctly and i wouldn't change a penny of any the actions perpetuated today. I quickly got hold of the news with the units present on the scene, and i am happy to witness the efficiency and capacity this department has demonstrated to assure it's mission with the people of San Andreas." Have anything to say about this release? Comment below! Your feedback is more than welcome. SAN ANDREAS POLICE DEPARTMENT, HEADQUARTERED AT Police Plaza, Pershing Square City of Los Santos, CA 90186 State of San Andreas
  10. It's a ficticious name to preserve the subject's identity. Any similarity with reality is a mere coincidence.
  11. Speedy ride gone wrong Young and irresponsible arrested by the S.A.P.D after a brief pursuit Public Affairs of the S.A.P.D John (22 y.o) has learned that the crime does not compensates - in the worse way. Crime doesn't pay off - that's an imperative maximum in society's unconscious, apart from a few crooks, here and there. Today, another one has learnt the lesson in the toughest way possible, after trying to test out the department's resources. John (ficticious name to preserve identity), 22, has been arrested by the S.A.P.D's HSU (high-speed unit) after engaged in a brief chase. The subject was pulled over in Conference Center, Los Santos, after a crash in a police patrol. He, then, proceeded to evade, engaging the units of the department in a fierce high-speed chase, in where a HSU vehicle of the department had been deployed in order to seek and capture the fugitive. The pursuit came to an end at Rodeo, close to one of the city's exits, in the Los Santos-Flint County toll. The subject's vehicle was neutralized, giving him no choice but to attempt to flee on foot, just to get known of another of the department's resource - the taser. Put to the ground, he was, then, briefly frisked and found in possession of 7 grams of heroin - afterwards, the subject was transfered to the nearest PD and will await for his hearings in the jail. This incident also served to emphasize the efficiency of the PD's high-speed units, always available for situations where anyone tries to challenge off the units in marked cruisers. Have anything to say about this release? Comment below! Your feedback is more than welcome. SAN ANDREAS POLICE DEPARTMENT, HEADQUARTERED AT Police Plaza, Pershing Square City of Los Santos, CA 90186 State of San Andreas
  12. House burglars: how to protect yourself? Recent increase in burglars has encouraged the S.A.P.D to double it's attention Public Affairs of the S.A.P.D House burglar caught in tape by an undercover unit of the S.A.P.D. Did you ever imagine one day, returning to your house from a tiring workshift, just to find out it was... emptied? That someone broke in it and has stolen some of your most precious goods? That is out of the imagination thoughts now. The S.A.P.D, through it's Statistics Division, has verified a vertiginous increase in house burglars throughout the whole state. Despite the efforts applied to put a stop to the crimes, through the CID (intelligence division) and the ostensive patrolling of our units in well-known danger zones, home invasions may still occur. Therefore, we have a few security tips for you: ALWAYS keep your house locked. An unlocked property is a great opportunity for a thieve. Security alarms for properties are an option: you can order these from any company specialized in security measures (/property upgrade). If someone attempts to break in a property with an alarm, an alert will trigger in the dispatch of the S.A.P.D, allowing units to get known of the fact and respond immediately. If someone still breaks into your property despite all the security measures, you may report the crime to the S.A.P.D through this link and we will investigate further. The house burglar caught on tape in the first photograph was arrested on spot. Have anything to say about this release? Comment below! Your feedback is more than welcome. SAN ANDREAS POLICE DEPARTMENT, HEADQUARTERED AT Police Plaza, Pershing Square City of Los Santos, CA 90186 State of San Andreas
  13. SAN ANDREAS POLICE DEPARTMENT OFFICIAL CEREMONY DATE: July 14th, 2018 (Saturday) TIME: 18:00 [server time] (equals to GMT +2, local time in Paris, Rome and Brussels) LOCATION: I.O.B Headquarters (Temple, Los Santos), Conference Room The ceremony is open for public attendance. The schedule is planned as follow, with eventual corrections and possible changes: Opening speech - The state of the S.A.P.D; Further addresses by the Command of the S.A.P.D; Medals and Awards, to be given out to those who demonstrated excellence at duty; Promotions; Open microphone, for those who wish to address anything. OF PUBLIC INTEREST: You're expected to maintain respect and silence through the entire Ceremony - the room for public addresses will be given by the end - therefore, we urge the public to maintain a decent posture, and avoid: Speaking/shouting during the Ceremony (whispering directly to someone is OK); Performing hand gestures that may be seen as disrespectful, or by any means, disrupt the ceremony; Carrying weapons or melee weaponry inside of the Conference Room, even if it's concealed; Any other form of disrupting the ceremony. If you're found to be, by any means, disrupting the ceremony, you will be gently asked to leave. A refusal will result in your removal by force.
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