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  1. best gay person goes to dellpacker


  2. whats dellpackers ig name im trynna vote him as best player ever

  3. dellpackerK

  4. the nigga below gay asf

    1. OUSSEMA


      :o no you

  5. am sorr dont DM me

  6. Spoiler

    man gtfo


  7. yall gay🥱

  8.  needed some shit with some bop in it (let's go)

  9. sir this topic is to post your opinion about the server not about me ok?
  10. ok if gambino and BCR are not allowing you to RP dont interact with them at all but no literally your ballas members want to involve themselves in every gambino fight so how are you going to get left alone if you wanna involve yourself in the fight? so you wanna throw the rock and hide your hand? thats how it is. okay tyrone tommy ok
  11. I'm not insulting, I'm just defending myself, they all getting on me so I gotta talk back, pff. You expect me to stay and watch you all roast and insult me, hell no.
  12. Mikro dont think I'm one of these guys who's gonna say sorry and beg you to not ban them, just dont get that thru ur head, ok? This was just a topic and if you all wanna hate me you can go ahead idgaf.
  13. ok just lock the topic i really dont care. idk how im bringing hate when all im doing is saying facts but okay you wanna get in your feelings too you can go ahead man.
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