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  1.  needed some shit with some bop in it (let's go)

  2. sir this topic is to post your opinion about the server not about me ok?
  3. ok if gambino and BCR are not allowing you to RP dont interact with them at all but no literally your ballas members want to involve themselves in every gambino fight so how are you going to get left alone if you wanna involve yourself in the fight? so you wanna throw the rock and hide your hand? thats how it is. okay tyrone tommy ok
  4. I'm not insulting, I'm just defending myself, they all getting on me so I gotta talk back, pff. You expect me to stay and watch you all roast and insult me, hell no.
  5. Mikro dont think I'm one of these guys who's gonna say sorry and beg you to not ban them, just dont get that thru ur head, ok? This was just a topic and if you all wanna hate me you can go ahead idgaf.
  6. ok just lock the topic i really dont care. idk how im bringing hate when all im doing is saying facts but okay you wanna get in your feelings too you can go ahead man.
  7. oh cmon guys go on forums and help us get on nothing's ass. if we're too many we will win the argument. who is talking about roleplay go and make some new shootout videos. and im not respecting anyone who's not respecting me. btw mudoo is not my first RP server just becase you played some servers doesnt mean you're the biggest roleplayer ok?
  8. I just wanna state smth Tyrone. I dont know how you can call ballas(dont want no ballas to start flaming my shit okay chill lol) roleplayers like cmon? ok u can call CSC because they have some fucking logic but not ballas like cmon man. and I'm not tryna roleplay with guys who are stuck back in the time. ballas roleplay like they in 2012 samp
  9. Okay so you want me to say sorry? You just called you whole team here to get against me? okay good that's a smart move from you thats cool. and I didnt say nothing about respect. stop saying the same thing I said. Anders didnt respect me and how it comes I should respect him? And can the whole admin team stop getting on my ass now, rly annoying. I just wanna chat with someone relevant.
  10. yes i know how much you can roleplay. fuck outta here ni**' what' yo' wan' ma'? who this N' right her'??
  11. who gives a fuck if you are leading ballas or not? I'm asking for opinions on the servers current state I'm not stating any names at all so I dont know why you are in your feelings, son. a min ago you was calling me the N word now you call me mate? how fast did the attitude change
  12. Tyrone, hear me out. Did you see the way he was talking at me? You are in gambino stop speaking about DM and calling me a N word, thats racist right aint it? I got the right to say whatever I want and of course I'll answer you in a polite way because you didnt disrespect me. I have tried many times to create RP scenarios I just dont have the right people to do it and if I tried to do it someone would come and provoke and then it'll become a DM fest, okay? i've tried with my past gang it was 928 and it was going pretty good untill my members fucked up and got banned thats what im saying. So I'm not wasting more time on trying to roleplay with people who cannot okay? Find me the right people and I'll roleplay with them. I dont think I said I'm different at all but still I can atleast fucking roleplay but I just cant show it in this server.
  13. cmon big boy find me some people who can properly roleplay and I'll start a group with them and then say who's the one who cant rp, dickhead. Just because you are an administrator it means you dont have to respect others and others should respect you? nah bro, respect me and I respect you, you a nobody in this conversation as I said, stop dickriding and move on. ofc i cannot roleplay alone and I cannot roleplay in a server which isnt about roleplay, so pipe down
  14. i just hate it because people cant fucking accept that this is a DM server, like cmon. mini dm events? thats a whole fuckfest there bud how is that a fucking mini DM event? so listen to me, you think all these players would join ig because of the roleplay? Have you seen a motherfucker roleplay properly? if its not roleplay then what is this server for? driving around in cars?
  15. get mikro's dick out your mouth and move on bro, nobody was talking to you. this man roleplays a ''gangster'' ig and thinks he can use the N word. get your stupid ass out of here anders
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