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  1. so I need to wait till 19 June to get this shit reviewed? bro why is this even important lmao, y'all acting like this server is the best server in SAMP. even if im right i get banned, alright I see how it is but ok. I'm not repeating anything anymore, if you wanna know how im RIGHT check the shit I wrote above. all facts.
  2. ok sure ill fix my behaviour but first i wanna state: eduardo did a big mistake and didnt freeze her. and its not DEATHMATCHING in an admin situation when she assaulted me, so she deathmatched first and I just defended myself. she assaulted me and I shot her, how is that deathmatching? and why dont y'all invite better players to the admin team? like what the fuck eduardo is slow as fuck he was so confused and he wasnt even handling the report. he was letting the girl run and punch us. and he was acting like nothing going on. and when I /deathmatch/ her I get banned. When she deathmatches me, y'all dont take actions on her.
  3. first. i dont think I reported her. and I couldnt handle her attitude and Eduardo should've frozen her. eduardo was just watching her how she was punching us. why didnt y'all freeze her? and keno punched her back, but I didnt, so dont count that. when she ACCIDENTALLY hit me. bro she did it on purpose, she did it twice and was standing in front of my face. if she did it ACCIDENTALLY then why did she punch keno too? and why didnt she let us know on /b. If I am in a RP server and I'm shooting at her in an admin sit then why is she running around punching me and my friend? tell me? Why didnt y'all take actions on her first but take actions on me? and btw its not eduardo speaking its you but ok
  4. What is your in-game name? Trevon Eix Which staff member banned you? Eduardo Williams When did you get banned? 05/18/19 What is the ban reason? "he cant but I can, deathmatching in an admin sit" Personal comment (I posted a report about Eduardo aswell on staff member reports, it explains everything there) So a newbie rammed my friend Keno and tried to ram me. I warned her by shooting at her car once and let her go. Then she comes back carjacks and rams me again. I disable her car and leave. Then she reports me and Eduardo comes, and continues to handle the admin sit and all that stuff. Bla bla bla.... so while in a ON-GOING admin situation this newbie punches my friend Keno and takes his armour a little bit. She does it again in front of Eduardo and Eduardo does nothing. Then she comes and punches me, while Eduardo wasnt giving her a punishment and she was being annoying as fuck I gave her one. I dont have nerves to deal with her. And then I shoot her down and Eduardo bans me for DEATHMATCHING in an admin situation. While all she did was DEATHMATCH in the admin situation. Like the fuck man? She was completely DEATHMATCHING in an admin situation(punching me) and when I shoot her I get banned for that. And she doesnt. What the fuck is this bro?
  5. What is your in-game name? Trevon Pollard Which staff member banned you? Anonymous When did you get banned? 03/14/19 What is the ban reason? 'hacking'. Personal comment I dont even know why I am banned for hacking. I havent played mudo like 1 week or something like that, I'm not sure. And I'm clean and I dont use hacks. This is probably a misunderstanding. My previous names were 3no so I dont know why am I being banned now. I havent been active in mudo that much. I tried to join today and it said I was banned for hacking. I dont know the real ban date but I saw that I'm banned today.
  6. idk why u gotta make this topic? u can forum report him btw..
  7. so you're telling us that we cant shoot or anything? we tried to rp yesterday some fool comes to our hood trynna beat us up and burn our shit and we cant shoot? other ppl can dm and shit, y'all hating on us? its just a game idk why y'all gotta hate on our gang and shit for real
  8. What is your in-game name? Curtis Duncan Which staff member banned you? Bruce McCane When did you get banned? 01/20/19 What is the ban reason? cbugging shit attitude Personal comment I didnt CBUG at all and if I did I want proof. and shit attitude - just becuz i said shut up to bruce it doesnt mean i have a shit attitude, u should check ur attitude too bruce. PM to [TCL]Bruce_McCane (2): did the system stop me from cbugging [10:32:38] PM to [TCL]Bruce_McCane (2): if no then u can shut up. [10:32:41] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-371.png [10:32:47] This vehicle is owned by State of San Andreas. [10:32:48] Target player needs to be closer to you. [10:32:55] PM from [TCL]Bruce_McCane (2): Don't tell me to shutup or i'll throw your ass out. look at ur attitude. ur telling me to throw my ass out. just because u have /ban cmd it doesnt mean we are scared from you. and im sorry if you got hurt by me saying 'shut up'. and i want proof for me cbugging. theres a system about it right,and it didnt stop me or anything. just stop hating on me and let me play like others.
  9. man, I already wrote it up and shit. I'm just saying sorry. I wont do my mistake again or something. I'll make sure TO roleplay everytime but people get on my nerves because they dont and I report them and get no response. Thats why. That man who reported me is a dumbass in a point. He crashed into our bike, then when we get up to him he tries to ram me too. How is that a small reason? He tried to injure me and I cannot shoot him? I got shot multiple times on other situations for small reasons and admins just let it slide. Dont act like this shit doesnt happen everyday in Mudoo. Why you gotta ban me for DM? I had a valid reason to kill him. I'll fix my attitude and my toxicty. I will just try to improve myself more. Now that my friend is not gonna be unbanned, I wont be playing that much(sad)but thats gonna be a promise that I will improve. What will I do in the future? Ehm, just try to roleplay more and not try to get into shootouts. I'll not make the same mistake by avoiding ppl who cant even RP and ppl who just shoot. I'll try to keep calm when someone rams me like this situation or when someone DeathMatches me. And yea I'm going to report him on the forums after this.
  10. I'm gonna roleplay and all that shit only if PPL RP TOO. I dont want to rp and someone wont. and admins just sleep. idk if i spammed but ok buddy. and i meant missclicked KICKING his car. i have punishments aight cool.. only 2 perm bans? and you come at me, look at other ppl with like 5 bans and still on srv.
  11. What is your in-game name? 3noo Which staff member banned you? Michelle Arkwood When did you get banned? 12/29/19 What is the ban reason? DM. Personal comment First. Michelle find a better name dont try to steal ppl's name on other srvs just saying. How the fuck was that DM? While he crashed into our bike we chased him, he paid us and I accidently M/C'ed and kicked his car. Then he tried to ram me I dodged then he tried to ram me again and failed both times. I shot HIS FUCKING CAR ONCE, and then he was trying to get away. And this disabled KID Denzel Lee or whatever the fuck is his ugly ass name reported me for DM. Which I DIDNT DO and it was so FUCKING clear. I literally shot his car and didnt do any injuries to him making him lose anything. And Michelle comes after this dumbass reported me saying that im trolling around and shit because I was saying 'fuck u' to Denzel. And got banned for DM'ing smh from Michelle. Just a salty admin who gets triggered over nothing. Idk why she got so butthurt while i didnt even do anything to her friends or her. But no I DID DM OMG I DID DM TO PAKIS. That is so bullshit. And this admin was speaking about rp and shit.. The fuck you mean RP? While nobody roleplays I SHOULD ROLEPLAY? For what? To shoot him? Roleplay shooting him? Right eh? Fuck out of here. While he didnt even rp ramming me why SHOULD I roleplay shooting his ass or doing any action to him. And y'all gonna let him go with that, not even roleplaying himself and provoking messages.. While my friend Anthony got banned Denzel Lee this toxic kid literally said on main chat haha. What a disrespecting message to do to someone behind his back. And one thing. I swear I didnt do any DM or anything like that. It was all innocent actions. You call DM trying to shoot someone because he tried to ram me? So I would just let him ram me..right. You all dont know what DM is. Y'all call DM the fact that we love shooting and shit but we have a reason, cmon. I'm just a trigger-happy maybe and that is totally allowed. I can shoot whoever the fuck my ass wants to and kill whoever the fuck my dick wants to if I have a reason. Nobody stops me. I hope you read it all and unban me.
  12. What is your in-game name? 3noE Which staff member banned you? Teo_Oneil When did you get banned? 09/11/18 What is the ban reason? Script abuse, Cbugging Personal comment I really dont get it. Everyone gets a chance. I abused the guns of the police duty, yea, thats all it. You can temp-ban me or jail me or warn. I wasnt even warned. Everyone gets a second chance. And about the cbugging. Its not forbidden and it cant get you banned. This is the most dumb reason I've ever seen an admin ban me. I accept that I script abused but still, as I said, everyone gets a chance. And, about the cbugging thing, William Thompson its just salty about it, because he got dropped thats all. I can stop the cbugging thing, and its not that dangerous. It shouldn't get you banned. And the guns I abused, I didnt use them for anything but mister William Thompson its just salty about it. I have nothing against William but he's so salty, he really wanted to get me banned. Bullshit. 'It doesnt matters' the guns I abused and I didnt use them. It matters alot. How is that not an important thing? I just kept the gun in my inventory and I didnt use it for a single reason. William just got salty as fuck. I dont know why I got the reason cbug added on my ban. And I dont want William to come and comment here: You script abused, you cbugged. You're just salty fam. The cbug was part of William's saltiness, why would Teo ban me for that? oh yea I script abused, yea im not getting another chance becuase im shoving behaviour here. Because I'm kinda mad tho. it pisses me off, bullshit reason to get banned. And yea enough writing, i'm done here. if you all want you can unban me, i have a reason to get unbanned. and if you reply ill tell you it. and you can read it above.
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