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Abraham A.Blake

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  1. (1): YES, all server and community rules apply on them and no one can return after death in the event. (2): Once the truck leaves APPD/departs, criminals can shoot on siege. Basically who ever is trying to keep the cargo truck safe from criminals can be killed. (3): I don't know the answer e.e
  2. Contact someone over discord.
  3. If your account is banned (for any reason) then make an unban appeal here https://forum.mudoogaming.com/index.php?/topic/18-ban-appeal-information/ And accounts can not be deleted.
  4. #1)Roof event where we defend yourself from in coming planes. #2)Races. #3)Duels. #4)Convoy(s). #5)Last car standing in a ram battle, best place is LV driving school.
  5. It's IC story jk By the way if you have planned a return then good luck.
  6. Nothing will happen to your account or its data. Just your IP will be changed that's it.
  7. This conversation should be IC I think.
  8. You look beautiful locmax.
  9. The following is not family friendly.
  10. No keep this thread. Update us with what you do for us.
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