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  1. I don't think that i returned after death match because there was no one in my siege nor on mini map and there was no RP scenario going on. If I had seen anyone around then I would not have stopped there. I was mad at them because they were not even listening to what I was saying to them. You know it better. If I did anything wrong then I ask forgiveness for it.
  2. What is your in-game name? Mini_me Which player(s) do you want to report? Jason_Maxwell, Denzel and Jimmie When did the rulebreak happen? 02/07/19 Which players did witness the rulebreak happening? Valentino_Procciuto (She was killed with me in the first RP scenario by Jason_Maxwell and Jimmie) What happened? (quote what rule was broken) I was ambushed by 2 guys in a cop chase, those were Jason_Maxwell and Jimmie. I died with my buddy. Soon after i quit PD job and i was returning to Santa Maria Beach. In the way i was crossing the place where i died 2 min ago and stopped to saw where my dead body was and no one was around and no RP scenario was there so it wasn't Return after death match at all. A few seconds later those two guys whom had killed me around 2 min ago stopped right by me and aimed gun again at me. I asked them to leave because i was already downed by them recently and they were returning after DM in the same Scenario. They didn't comply and and a third guy (Denzel) who came with them aimed a shotgun at me. When i said we had already RPed and in that you guys have killed me then go away and don't return after DM. Even my dead body was right beside me. They stared RPing Robbing me again which they did before after knocking me down. When i tried to go away because they already killed me one of them took my vehicle away so that i couldn't escape. Then they started DM ing me and i ran away and got killed twice in the same RP scenario. I don't care that i lost my items but the point is that they refused to follow rules and DMed me by giving excuse that i returned after DM. Even if i did return after death match they had to ask me to go away from scene or Report me rather than Killing me which wasted a lot of my time and its 4 am here. Evidence Her i started Pursuit [03:43:24] ** {0235A3}[SAPD Radio]{006FED} SAPD Volunteer Mini_me: 20? ** [03:43:35] ** {0235A3}[SAPD Radio]{006FED} SAPD Volunteer Valentino_Procciuto {0235A3}[ADAM-1]{006FED}: monty ** [03:43:51] ** {0235A3}[SAPD Dispatch]{006FED} Radar alert, Huntley (plate: D940F0L4) going 112 km/h at Market, Los Santos ** [03:43:53] ** {0235A3}[SAPD Radio]{006FED} SAPD Volunteer Mini_me: 76 xc3 ** [03:43:54] ** {0235A3}[SAPD Radio]{006FED} SAPD Volunteer Valentino_Procciuto {0235A3}[ADAM-1]{006FED}: going temple ** [03:43:59] * Mini_me browses through the mobile data computer. [03:44:38] Mini_me o<: Police! Pull over to the side of the road! [03:44:48] Mini_me o<: Police! Comply with our orders or we will apply force! [03:44:54] The engine stopped working due to moderate battery damage. Try "/engine". [03:44:55] The engine stopped working due to severe battery damage. Try "/engine". [03:44:59] * Mini_me turns on the engine of their Police Maverick. [03:45:05] Mini_me (5): {FFFFFF}bruh [03:45:31] Jason_Maxwell (6): {FFFFFF}cops shooting my wheels [03:45:35] Mini_me (5): {FFFFFF}ye [03:45:36] This vehicle is owned by State of San Andreas. [03:45:37] * Mini_me turns on the engine of their Sadler. [03:45:55] This vehicle is owned by State of San Andreas. [03:45:58] The engine stopped working due to severe battery damage. Try "/engine". [03:45:59] Your attempt to turn the engine on failed. Try again in a few seconds. [03:46:01] You must wait a few seconds before attempting to turn the engine back on. [03:46:17] You have suffered severe injuries and passed out. Here i died.......................... [03:46:17] After 120 seconds, you can "/accept death" if you wish to give up on life. [03:46:19] Mini_me (5): {FFFFFF}bruh [03:46:25] Jason_Maxwell (6): {FFFFFF}/p im going at 120kmh.. [03:46:25] You must wait 111 seconds before accepting death. [03:46:26] PM from Diabolic (8): negative no case (atleast not in the regular places) [03:46:29] Jason_Maxwell (6): {FFFFFF}and u shoot my wheels [03:46:32] Jimmie robbed Sea Turtle (1 quantity) from you. [03:46:32] * Jimmie robs Sea Turtle from Mini_me. [03:46:37] (( Mini_me: hahah )) [03:46:39] Jimmie robbed Atlantic Salmon (1 quantity) from you. [03:46:39] * Jimmie robs Atlantic Salmon from Mini_me. [03:46:41] Hakeem_Hall (3): {FFFFFF}whats your vehicle [03:46:45] You must wait 91 seconds before accepting death. [03:46:46] Jimmie robbed Steelhead Trout (1 quantity) from you. [03:46:46] * Jimmie robs Steelhead Trout from Mini_me. [03:46:47] Jason_Maxwell shouts: leave! [03:46:53] * [GF]Thomas locks their FBI Rancher. [03:46:59] You must wait 77 seconds before accepting death. [03:47:01] You must wait 76 seconds before accepting death. [03:47:14] Mini_me (5): {FFFFFF}thanks for killing me wanted a lift xd [03:47:33] You must wait 43 seconds before accepting death. [03:47:35] You must wait 41 seconds before accepting death. [03:47:41] Correct usage: /accept [repair|fare|sex|heist] [03:47:43] Correct usage: /accept [repair|fare|sex|heist] [03:47:45] You must wait 31 seconds before accepting death. [03:47:46] You must wait 30 seconds before accepting death. [03:47:49] You must wait 27 seconds before accepting death. [03:47:50] You must wait 26 seconds before accepting death. [03:47:51] You must wait 25 seconds before accepting death. [03:47:52] You must wait 24 seconds before accepting death. [03:47:53] You must wait 23 seconds before accepting death. [03:47:57] You must wait 20 seconds before accepting death. [03:48:01] You spawned at the group HQ. [03:48:10] Jason_Maxwell (6): {FFFFFF}i was in a zr [03:48:12] Jason_Maxwell (6): {FFFFFF}@hakeem [03:48:12] Mini_me (5): {FFFFFF}`/tg [03:48:16] ** {0235A3}[SAPD Radio]{006FED} SAPD Volunteer Valentino_Procciuto {0235A3}[ADAM-1]{006FED}: can i ask you what the fuck were.. [03:48:16] .. you doing with a fucking heli?????????)))))) ** I quit my job and took a bike.................. [03:48:16] You quit the job. [03:48:18] A Desert eagle was restored with 19 ammo. [03:48:21] Hakeem_Hall (3): {FFFFFF}Sadly they're allowed to shoot it lol [03:48:24] Jason_Maxwell (6): {FFFFFF}but theyre were going really slow [03:48:34] Jason_Maxwell (6): {FFFFFF}nigga i was going 100-120 with cruise control [03:48:35] Vehicle spawned. [03:48:40] Ali_Shan (2): {FFFFFF}Jason wanna sell your sultan? [03:48:44] Your vehicle was marked with a red checkpoint and a red icon on map. [03:48:46] Hakeem_Hall (3): {FFFFFF}Still, their regulations state as long as it's faster than a PD Cruiser, as in your vehicle, they ca.. [03:48:46] Hakeem_Hall (3): {FFFFFF}..n drive-by it. [03:48:48] Vehicle despawned. [03:48:51] Jason_Maxwell (6): {FFFFFF}na im keeping it thanks [03:48:56] You are not the owner of this vehicle and you do not have a key for it. [03:48:57] Jason_Maxwell (6): {FFFFFF}yeah its retarded [03:49:01] You gained some experience! Your current experience is 51/100. [03:49:01] You received a paycheck of ,000. Collect it inside a bank! [03:49:02] This vehicle is owned by State of San Andreas. [03:49:06] Jason_Maxwell (6): {FFFFFF}that moron mini me crashed his plane or some shit [03:49:07] Denzel (7): {FFFFFF}thats a stupid rule tbh [03:49:13] Jason_Maxwell (6): {FFFFFF}heli [03:49:18] Jason_Maxwell (6): {FFFFFF}then was shooting at us on foot [03:49:19] Denzel (7): {FFFFFF}what if someone evades because he didnt pay ticket? [03:49:23] Denzel (7): {FFFFFF}you shoot him? [03:49:26] Hakeem_Hall (3): {FFFFFF}they cna [03:49:27] Mini_me (5): {FFFFFF}ye [03:49:44] Denzel (7): {FFFFFF}autistic rules [03:49:48] Mini_me (5): {FFFFFF}Don't evade on the first hand [03:49:54] The command you entered is invalid. Refer to "/help" or "/ask" for possible solutions. [03:50:00] You successfully collected the paycheck of ,000. [03:50:02] Valentino_Procciuto (0): {FFFFFF}mini me is just retarded overall [03:50:05] Mini_me (5): {FFFFFF}xd [03:50:07] Mini_me (5): {FFFFFF}True At that point i was just leaving Bank.................... [03:50:12] Denzel (7): {FFFFFF}as always [03:50:13] Valentino_Procciuto (0): {FFFFFF}volunteer uses a fucking heli [03:50:17] You deposited ,000. [03:50:26] Ali_Shan (2): {FFFFFF}mini salay ublock me [03:50:27] Mini_me (5): {FFFFFF}I've been Officer bruh [03:50:45] This vehicle is owned by State of San Andreas. [03:50:45] Valentino_Procciuto (0): {FFFFFF}i can see by your knowledge [03:50:49] Mini_me (5): {FFFFFF}ye [03:51:31] The command you entered is invalid. Refer to "/help" or "/ask" for possible solutions. [03:51:35] Jimmie says: returning after death not allowed i stooped for a sec in front of my body and instantly they came out of nowhere and started aiming at me............................. [03:51:37] Denzel shouts [American accent]: Get down now! [03:51:40] (( Mini_me: it aint )) [03:51:45] (( Mini_me: checking ma hits )) [03:51:45] * Denzel aims a gun on Mini [03:51:54] (( Mini_me: that's DM )) [03:51:56] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-312.png [03:51:57] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-313.png [03:52:01] * Denzel knocks Mini [03:52:05] * any effect? (Denzel) [03:52:06] (( Mini_me: Gonna report all of you )) [03:52:10] (( Jason_Maxwell: why sir? )) [03:52:11] (( Mini_me: on forums )) [03:52:15] (( Jimmie: What is Dm ? )) [03:52:17] (( Mini_me: i came to see my hits )) [03:52:18] (( Denzel: k now rp )) [03:52:19] (( Jimmie: We are Rp ing )) [03:52:27] (( Mini_me: you ahve just killed me )) [03:52:29] Your temporary farmer rank has been removed automatic since the time has expired. [03:52:29] (( Denzel: or i'll report you too )) [03:52:31] (( Jimmie: So why u return ? )) [03:52:34] (( Mini_me: do it )) [03:52:39] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-314.png [03:52:40] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-315.png [03:52:45] (( Denzel: u gonna rp or what )) After that one guy took my bike away..............I tried stealing their own vehicle but they shot it and killed me............ [03:52:50] This vehicle is owned by State of San Andreas. [03:52:55] The engine stopped working due to moderate battery damage. Try "/engine". [03:52:56] The engine stopped working due to severe battery damage. Try "/engine". [03:52:56] Your attempt to turn the engine on failed. Try again in a few seconds. [03:52:57] Ali_Shan (2): {FFFFFF}11k profit from smb tool shop [03:53:01] This vehicle is owned by State of San Andreas. [03:53:16] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-316.png [03:53:17] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-317.png Once again DMed by them......................... [03:53:17] You have suffered severe injuries and passed out. [03:53:17] After 120 seconds, you can "/accept death" if you wish to give up on life. [03:53:17] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-318.png [03:53:20] Mini_me (5): {FFFFFF}fucking DM [03:53:26] Mini_me (5): {FFFFFF}reporting you fuckerS!!! [03:53:31] Mini_me (5): {FFFFFF}Son of a bitch [03:53:32] Denzel robbed Fanta (7 quantity) from you. [03:53:32] * Denzel robs Fanta from Mini_me. [03:53:33] Jason_Maxwell says: go back to where u come from [03:53:36] Mini_me (5): {FFFFFF}You guys have just killed me [03:53:37] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-319.png [03:53:39] Denzel says [American accent]: fuck you [03:53:40] Denzel says [American accent]: paki He is himself claiming he have killed me means he is doing DM on purpose.............. [03:53:47] Jason_Maxwell (6): {FFFFFF}indeed we just killed you [03:53:47] Jimmie (1): {FFFFFF}Wtf angry ? [03:53:49] Mini_me (5): {FFFFFF}Not allowed to kill again in the same Rp! [03:53:52] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-320.png [03:53:54] Denzel robbed Bluefin Tuna (1 quantity) from you. [03:53:54] * Denzel robs Bluefin Tuna from Mini_me. [03:53:56] Jimmie (1): {FFFFFF}u not allowed to return after die [03:53:59] * Denzel ends him [03:53:59] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-321.png [03:54:02] Jason_Maxwell (6): {FFFFFF}It Was Another Rp Ok? [03:54:03] You spawned at the group HQ. [03:54:08] Mini_me (5): {FFFFFF}InO ONE RETURNED [03:54:09] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-322.png [03:54:15] Denzel (7): {FFFFFF}i wasnt involved in the first scene so [03:54:20] Mini_me (5): {FFFFFF}I STOPED TO SEE WHERE DID I TOOK HITS [03:54:26] Mini_me (5): {FFFFFF}AND KILLED ME AGAIN [03:54:29] Jason_Maxwell (6): {FFFFFF}not allowed to [03:54:31] Mini_me (5): {FFFFFF}`THATS PURE DM [03:54:33] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-323.png [03:54:42] Denzel (7): {FFFFFF}k [03:54:46] Mini_me (5): {FFFFFF}None of you were there [03:54:53] Mini_me (5): {FFFFFF}I didn't return to any RP [03:54:59] Ali_Shan (2): {FFFFFF}bye all [03:55:01] Mini_me (5): {FFFFFF}yOU guys killed me now face a ban [03:55:02] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-324.png [03:55:13] Jimmie (1): {FFFFFF}dont say that [03:55:15] Jason_Maxwell (6): {FFFFFF}Me..? [03:55:17] Jason_Maxwell (6): {FFFFFF}Ban? [03:55:17] This vehicle is owned by San Andreas News. [03:55:20] Jason_Maxwell (6): {FFFFFF}No SIr.. [03:55:24] Mini_me (5): {FFFFFF}i got screens of all 3 [03:55:25] * Mini_me turns on the engine of their Reefer. [03:55:29] Jason_Maxwell (6): {FFFFFF}Uuuu [03:55:30] Jimmie (1): {FFFFFF}delete it now [03:55:34] Jason_Maxwell (6): {FFFFFF}Very cool... [03:55:34] Mini_me (5): {FFFFFF}huh [03:55:44] Jimmie (1): {FFFFFF}i give u money for delete [03:55:44] Online Helpers: [03:55:44] * Hakeem_Hall (3) [03:55:45] Jason_Maxwell (6): {FFFFFF}Delete It Or We Invade u.. [03:55:49] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-325.png [03:55:54] Mini_me (5): {FFFFFF}ivade my ass [03:55:59] Jason_Maxwell (6): {FFFFFF}Mini me [03:56:00] Mini_me (5): {FFFFFF}calling an Admin right now [03:56:02] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-326.png Showing their professionalism ............... [03:56:05] Jason_Maxwell (6): {FFFFFF}I know where u live [03:56:28] Jason_Maxwell (6): {FFFFFF}I know ur from pakistan [03:56:33] Jason_Maxwell (6): {FFFFFF}wanna see ur own ip? [03:56:42] Jason_Maxwell (6): {FFFFFF}i Haced u.. [03:56:58] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-327.png [03:57:04] Mini_me (5): {FFFFFF}Hack my dick [03:57:10] Mini_me (5): {FFFFFF}Called admin [03:57:43] Mini_me (5): {FFFFFF}I don't care that i didn't had anything to loose, but your DM is not neglectable [03:57:48] * Mini_me turns off the engine of their Reefer. [03:57:57] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-328.png [03:58:20] You caught a Ray! After that i returned to the shore and started fishing which i was going to do but those suckers didn't let me go instead decided to Break a rule to rob 2 fishes. from me............... Here are the screens.................
  3. Mini_me

    Group Council

    If someone like you don't even know what happened at that scene then you should not disrespect someone.
  4. Its better to keep every aspect of a Group in mind such as: (For illegal) (1) Average No. of turfs capture a week or a day (+ points) (2) Influence of group through out state (+ points) (3) RP quality and quantity (+ points) (4) Punishments recieved by their members in the last month (- points) (5) Quantity of drugs sold/produced by members in the last month (6) (If have warehouse) No. cases created in the last month (+ point) (7) No. of players joined/left in the last month. Reason for all of this is that to check potential of that group from all angles. (For legal) (1) No. of members joined/left in the last 14-31 days (2) RP quality and quantity (3) Team work potential (4) Unity and support between members (5) Punishments recieved by group's members in the last month (etc) (simple idea is that if groups perform well they gain points and if found faulty then they loose points and after specific amount of points they keep/recieve their status)
  5. Mini_me

    Group Council

    In-game name: Mini_me Registration date: 2018-6-30 Most recent punishment, type and date: (I actually don't remember, maybe it was a warning about 3 months ago for return after death match) Current group membership: FA.Finney's Agriculture, San Lottery limited™ and One Welfare. Previous group membership: FA(only) Motive for joining the council: As of me I like such tasks and activities that I would be assigned after being selected as member of council. I want to create a new type of enviroment which would motivate groups to increase their potential. I want group to be more professional and able to team work without violating any rule. If i'm selected I will perform my duty honestly and I would suggest most appropriate things after complete analysis and will never give anyone unfair advantage. I will dedicate myself in doing teamwork. Three positive and negative attributes about yourself: Following are my negative points: (1) I'm limited in playing/coming in game when called on, i'll only be in game on a specific time each day for 2-6 hours (I'm always available on discord and forums) (2) I haven't Officially been part of any illegal groups yet but i'm still preety familiar with feature regarding mafias/gangs and how they work because I used to hangout with gang members. (3) I am not 10 out of 10 in English means that few words are there of hard/pure english which I might not understand but still it doesn't happen too often. Following are my positive points: (1) I'm sincere nor I lie to anyone. I'm a truthful person (Other than RP n stuff 😜 ) (2) I take everyone equally and never give anyone unfair advantage over other. (3) I'm familiar with Community rules, Server rules, Server features and staff rules. (additional) I never take rush decisions but I take calm decisions after a complete analyses of situation and by keeping positives and negatives in mind.
  6. Giving gangs/mafias Official status through their progress in recapturing turgs is a great idea, it can be improved. You may have at least 2 turfs a day which means about 58-62 turfs a month minimum for Official status. Incase of legal groups such as families, clans etc there should be at least 5 members in a group according to their influence in the city, their roleplay quality (ScreenShots) and Roleplay quantity (ScreenShots) they would recieve their Official status. Bussiness would be similar and their requirments should be high activeness of employees, their influence in the city, their daily RP pics with quality and quantity etc. Its a suggestion.
  7. Mini_me


    Well we can't force everybody to come and get online. We can only wait. Also if a server is empty it has nothing to do with admins of it.
  8. I've captures all territories many times before XD lololol
  9. What is your in-game name? Mini_me Which staff member banned you? Richardo banned ma boi When did you get banned? 12/10/18 What is the ban reason? Mujhe ande wala, burger Personal comment On 10th,Dec Richardo_Cruz aka Bruce banned my brother Martin_perez. First of all thanks for punishing him for his language. Second of all please unban ma ip boi. In the last me Paki, me no English, me unban plz 😂
  10. Yeah, but 10min after assigning partners then split for some reasons.
  11. It is true that they should partner up with less experienced but most of the time our partners are chosen by sergeant+ himself also most of the volunteers doesn't obey the orders given by their seniors and I have personally experienced it.

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