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  1. he does not cheat, he does poor RP
  2. bad for you, this is a suggestion topic not unban application
  3. sup my suggestion is add a AI travel system through airplane such as airport and make it work with about like 10000dollar ticket and we can travel from it, also improve PD vehicles and add nitro in it with suspension, strict the rules of RP for better server, add a shooting range in LSPS HQ where volunteer-cadet can practice shooting up to mp5 and shotgun and officers + can practice M4 and etc, make it like there is a main floor and a parking garage and roof add another room named as shooting range where when we enter a particular shooting cell our equipments get removed and we get options of practicing guns with respect to our ranks and when we exit,our equipments comes back to us thats it for now wait for more suggestions peace
  4. What is your in-game name? Mini_mr Which staff member banned you? Teo_oneil When did you get banned? 09/10/18 What is the ban reason? actually my brother got banned his ig name is Riyan.. for abusing someone on chat Personal comment banning someone,s ip address is not fair, my brother was being a dumb and got the ip banned, the thing is I now also cant play, you should first warn some then ban that specific player not directly banning ip to make our time useless, please unban the ip and ban only that player, I request to all the staff members

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