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[SA:MP] Mudoo Roleplay

[SA:MP] Mudoo TDM

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[MC] MudooCraft name

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  1. As you have seen lately, the lately released Roleplay server known as RPG has made a huge success and hopefully it will continue. Our management and our developers goal now is to revive our COD:GW server while at the same time they will keep on giving updates to RPG. Now as most of you may know that this server had many ups and downs due to many internal problems (the betrayal of Vandetta then the failure of Ultimate Gaming). And that made many of our players quit the server due to a three time stats reset and not that much of new features. So I am addressing this topic to our fellow
  2. We are looking for a brand new mapped server as LocMax is working on a massive update for the Call of Duty: Global Warfare server. Since this requires a lot of work and since one of our community cores is that it's the players that make the community to what it is today, I am making an event about the mapping. Therefor I am rewarding the best 3 mappers with MUDOO credits which can be used to buy VIP with. Prize 60 credits (worth of €35) 40 credits (worth of €20) 30 credits (worth of €15) Requirements The
  3. A server that was created back in April of 2014, under a community named Advance Gaming, that has become top ranked TDM server in 2015 on SA:MP by SACNR monitor, has been re-scripted and re-opened under Mudoo Gaming. The server is scripted from scratch and is based on chaos of war, with maps that will fulfill the environment with the feeling of war and chaos, and script that is being constantly improved and new features being added. Brief list of features: • 10 teams • 12 classes • 43 conquerable zones • Supply Drops • Ground Weapons • 3 types of ai
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