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[SA:MP] Mudoo Roleplay

[SA:MP] Mudoo TDM

[FiveM] Mudoo V RP name

[MC] MudooCraft name

Found 3 results

  1. As you have seen lately, the lately released Roleplay server known as RPG has made a huge success and hopefully it will continue. Our management and our developers goal now is to revive our COD:GW server while at the same time they will keep on giving updates to RPG. Now as most of you may know that this server had many ups and downs due to many internal problems (the betrayal of Vandetta then the failure of Ultimate Gaming). And that made many of our players quit the server due to a three time stats reset and not that much of new features. So I am addressing this topic to our fellow community members, we need your feedback, your ideas and your point of view to bring this server back to its glorious times since you are the people who can judge it. How can you help? Lately, I have so many people from admins and players saying that we need to change the server name due to the reputation it gained in the latest years. I might agree with those people but they didnt give much ideas about a new server name. So my friends, I am asking you to give us your feedback to ameliorate the server and its features that I will mention in this topic. - If you have in mind an idea for a new name post it in our suggestions board; - If you have any features to be added or features that need to be changed due to reasons and failure to comply its role, post it in our suggestions board. Features that we have right now We have got plenty of features that used to be and may still be unique such us: - Duel system; - Event system which used to be created by lead administrators and plus like TDM event, DM event, Shamal event, PTP event and so many others; - Different mass deadly weapons such us Bioligical weapon, nukes, EMPs, AAD; - We have different classes that you unlock by getting the score that I will mention down below -Different teams -Mines and C4 -Military Equipment and many other potential zones that gives you some advantages -Dead bodies (used especially by spies) -Dropping weapons -Bonus zone and bonus player -Automated anti base rape -Plane bombs and Refuilling station -Medkits - Headshot system and helmets - Anti c-bug -Death-match stadium and minigun stadium -clan system but the clan wars are missing so I did some manually -Customized map ... and way too many other features that I may not know or even know about. Either way mainly it is the old script Classes, their abilities and others Assault: no ability Medic:healing himself and his team mates Support: giving health and armor Demo:arming and disarming mines and c4s Custom: customize your class the way you want Pilots : using hydras,hunters and seasparrows Engineers: fixing cars, antennas and using tanks Spy: disguise into other team skin from a dead body Tournaments and lack of active Staff members When the server will be back(hopefully it will), we are planning on organizing summer games and tournaments which hopefully will not be a failure like what happened in spring games. So we are hiring some staff members due to the lack of staff members. So if you are an ex staff member or you have some experience in administrating contact any manager or community manager about it or even you can apply for the moderator position. Even if you don't want to be hired you can suggest for us some events that you may like to see and kindly explain them
  2. We are looking for a brand new mapped server as LocMax is working on a massive update for the Call of Duty: Global Warfare server. Since this requires a lot of work and since one of our community cores is that it's the players that make the community to what it is today, I am making an event about the mapping. Therefor I am rewarding the best 3 mappers with MUDOO credits which can be used to buy VIP with. Prize 60 credits (worth of €35) 40 credits (worth of €20) 30 credits (worth of €15) Requirements The map has to be build with SA:MP mapping tools (with textures) The map has to be a proper war ambient map You need a panel account (login once to the TDM panel and it will automatic generate a main panel account). Else you are unable to receive the credits! Mapped in the marked area: Additional info You can submit more than one map (this will increase your winning chance). You can submit your map here. For reference — the credits are bought by me. It's in no-way spawned since we can not spawn the credits. 30 April is the deadline.
  3. A server that was created back in April of 2014, under a community named Advance Gaming, that has become top ranked TDM server in 2015 on SA:MP by SACNR monitor, has been re-scripted and re-opened under Mudoo Gaming. The server is scripted from scratch and is based on chaos of war, with maps that will fulfill the environment with the feeling of war and chaos, and script that is being constantly improved and new features being added. Brief list of features: • 10 teams • 12 classes • 43 conquerable zones • Supply Drops • Ground Weapons • 3 types of aircraft bombs • Deathmatch and Minigun stadium • Nuclear Missile that flies up from Area 51 and into the target base or zone • Antennas that can be destroyed to disturb enemy team's communications • Session Statistics • Record Sprees • Dead Bodies (Corpses) IP: tdm.mudoogaming.com or
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