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26/09/2020 17:00 IN-GAME, V-DAY

Player report - Tahj Vendetta

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  • What is your in-game name?
    Richie Williams
  • Which player(s) do you want to report?
    Tahj Vendetta
  • When did the rulebreak happen?
  • Which players did witness the rulebreak happening?
    Sam woods(was involved in the sit so he couldn't take action on his own),Aberama McCavern
  • What happened? (quote what rule was broken)

    So what happened was we tried pulling him over . He decided to evade so we boxed him and he got out of his car.He was surrounded by 5-6 cops but he decides   not to properly roleplay and start a shootout to escape jail.I did report him in game but since Sam was the only admin available and was involved in the situation himself he directed me to report on forum.




  • Evidence



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