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26/09/2020 17:00 IN-GAME, V-DAY

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It has come to my attention that the government agency called FBI has directors that's just playing around/trolling and should get removed in my own opinion, it's disgusting to see a volunteer be treated this way or someone new to this community. If FBI exists to have people driving around yelling stupid shit, I would rather see the whole agency removed from the server since it's just bringing poor roleplay to the gameplay, this might be IC matters, but it's just pathetic in my eyes to see high ranked players troll around with new people and act like they are gods on the server and drive around with masks.  

You might wonder why I brought this shit up now and not before is that I've seen this disgusting act by FBI directors or someone in the FBI having fun with the volunteers by yelling to him that he should kill the suspect and also the volunteer that was hitting him(I should've done the same thing as pen and shoot the volunteer that was hitting me because I wouldn't know better). Of course, it's not right by the volunteer to shoot them, but if I were new to the community I would've done the same thing and shoot the suspect if I knew FBI people yelled "SHOOT HIM" - "KILL HIM".

Here is the video: 

As you can see in the beginning you can see the car is owned by FBI, so he knew these people were FBI people at this moment. 

Here is some highlighted messages from the FBI "agents"





As you can see this player registered at 5th july, so he is really new to this community and probably new at this game still, the agency takes advantage of these new players and make fun of them, so they get punished basically, I wonder how much corruption/trolling it is in that agency since we witnessed by our own eyes.


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## protest developing in idlewood
[21:35:18] [Advertisement] everyone COME TO IDLEWOOD AND PROTEST "POLICE BRUTALITY"
[21:35:18] [Advertisement] Contact Phone: 29934

[21:37:26] [Advertisement] PROTEST IN IDLEWOOD POLICE BRUTALITY!!!
[21:37:26] [Advertisement] Contact Phone: 29934


the protesters blocking the road:







the protester is arrested and flees






The FBI's task there:

  • Utilize unmarked approach to observe the situation as it would develop without either law enforcement or protesters altering their behavior
  • Gather intelligence from the protest and evidence for eventual prosecutions
  • Observe law enforcement and their conduct in the protest


There have been multiple previous protests which ended in this manner:


And another example here:









which ultimately resulted in them getting abused:



Therefore, your allegations are taken out of context and invalid. The FBI repeatedly protected peaceful protests and prevented violence by the Police Department when the protests were lawful and peaceful. The FBI was doing so once again in this instance. The police volunteer operated wrongfully and that is on his own accord.


It is important to acknowledge that throughout the scene the agents remained unmarked and never displayed their badge. Thereby they were to be considered as any other civilians and the police had no way of recognizing the duo as FBI agents. The use of vehicle restriction message is metagaming as you do not have roleplay mean through which you obtained that these were FBI agents.

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Well this topic is in an OOC board so I don't see why the discussion can't continue...


So long as everyone expresses their opinions respectfully, it's always healthy to have conversation!

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Whether we have info that confirms whether they are FBI agents or not. The incident can't be considered as an IC one. The FBI agent simply encouraged a police officer to kill an unarmed suspect, who was cuffed and not posting any threat to anyone. Which is DM the way I see it.

Regardless of what happened before, and regardless of whether this is IC or not, I summarized the whole thing up there.

Someone not posing a threat, a FBI agent encouraged an officer to kill him, which is breach of Unrealistic roleplay (There is no way an FBI agent would encourage murder of a cuffed person in a public area, in front of everyone, especially not to an officer in SAPD), and encouraging DM.

Speaking of, last I heard, we don't have a metagaming rule, I remember house/business info bar being used to contact owners to ask if it's for sale, why isn't that considered as metagaming and being enforced as a server rule?

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To be fair, if we punished based on all non-realistic role-play we wouldn't have any players, hah.


3 minutes ago, Arendameth said:

Speaking of, last I heard, we don't have a metagaming rule, I remember house/business info bar being used to contact owners to ask if it's for sale, why isn't that considered as metagaming and being enforced as a server rule?



This rule prohibits the ways of misuse of roleplay and non-roleplay information, either by using information you obtained through non-roleplay ways in a roleplay situation, or by using non-roleplay chats to roleplay.


Roleplay chats:

  • Walkie-talkie
  • Shouts
  • Megaphone
  • Whisper
  • Local talk
  • Phone


Non-roleplay chats:

  • Public chat
  • Ask chat
  • Private messages
  • Group messages
  • Local out of roleplay chat (( /b ))


Additional notes:

  • /do is for describing environment, not for speaking, chatting and other such use.
  • /me is for describing an action, not for speaking, chatting and other such use.



[#01] John Doe uses /pm to Jane Doe in order to organize a drug deal between them.

[#02] John Doe uses /p to ask if anybody wishes to purchase his house.

[#03] John Doe uses /gm to call for backup while getting kidnapped.


Minimal punishment:

  • Warning on first offense.
  • Admin jail up to 15 minutes on second offense.
  • Admin jail up to 30 minutes on third offense.
  • Permanent ban if continued.
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Mixing IC and OOC information acquired from OOC and IC chats is a server rule. Using info that is acquired from third parties (like discord) is allowed, and I remember a manager saying something along those lines:

"Metagaming can't be enforced, thus is allowed in some ways and disallowed in others"

Therefore, backup calls and giving info of the incident via discord is being used by all government groups and criminal ones, which is reacting to info gained from OOC sources.

Business and house deals are constantly being done by gaining info from the owner via the info bar, which is considered part of Metagaming, and never have I even seen anybody get punished for it. Hell, even everyone in administration team does it.

If you can react based on info gained from info bar, why can't you react based on info you got from an error message? Especially that ICly, the player would be able to enter the car before the FBI agent came and found out leads that this belongs to an FBI agent from the car equipment.

You can't allow and disallow rules so that they work in your favor.

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This topic was originally locked. It is definitely not up to a senior admin to revoke a decision of a community manager.

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