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26/09/2020 17:00 IN-GAME, V-DAY

Rebels cleans the environment from Gas Station 9 !  

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Rebels cleans the environment from Gas Station 9 !  

News Reporter: Shehryar Khan (Head of journalists)

Weazel News Company:  

Imagine reporting news from the front-lines of the Great War?


How did the war start?

BaLLaS assassinated many poor civilians which caused war between Rebels and BaLLaS which lasted few hours.

What exactly happened?

BaLLaS started disturbing the peace, civilians started shouting and left their houses! Poor Civilians dialed emergency hotlines and PD showed zero interest in stopping BaLaS later on someone called BCR goverment and they sent some of their underground troopers which cleaned BaLLaS from GS9, Now GS9 official belongs to rebelions,

W e live in a world of trouble.   A few months earlier, in May 2020, BaLLaS Assosiation forces retook the Gas station 9 of Los Santos. At its peak, some thousands of people were living in territory under BaLLaS control.


Gas Station 9.















 "To all of these powers, conflict prevention or resolution carries scant inherent value. "




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1. bad looking

2. this is breaking news, not regular news

3. if you wanna be authenic do weekly newspapers

4. have interviews with important people of los santos/sometimes innocent bystanders, etc

5. act like actual TV News Casts ingame.


i dont think you deserve an ingame status and group vehicles so heres what improvement i wanna see and in my book you'll be certified to be added ingame but who cares. You really need to improve your topic format, keep a consistency. the too many colors and randomized stuff make it look ugly and i got a headache trying to figure out what is happening and what each screenshots are trying to tell 

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