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Player report - Kordell_Salamanca

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  • What is your in-game name?
  • Which player(s) do you want to report?
  • When did the rulebreak happen?
  • Which players did witness the rulebreak happening?
  • What happened? (quote what rule was broken)

    The player swam to my boat, initially I drove away fearing the typical paki mudoo players. I regretted my decision and let him hop on and attempted to drop him off at the beach. He refused to get off the boat and then started giving his position on WT. He didn't even bother to talk to me at all. I started suspecting him and attempted to force him to get off. Without a word he just knifed me. Requesting a revive from any members of the admin team the next time I login.

  • Evidence
    [03:25:24] {B00EC9}[VIP] {FFFFFF}Amber_Banks (55){FFFFFF}: nice indian joke like you
    [03:25:33] * Harry_Hitman (7) logged in to the server.
    [03:25:35] *** [1 | 469] Spex Riffs: Where u at?
    [03:25:38] {FFFFFF}Hartnett_Jatt (57){FFFFFF}: hegi vi ah but oh pubg kehldi a
    [03:25:46] * Marco_Cesare (8) logged in to the server.
    [03:25:47] {0055FF}Dexter_Kowalski (24){FFFFFF}: not good joke to say when u are from pakistan...
    [03:25:52] * ArsIan_Carter (45) logged in to the server.
    [03:25:56] * Amara_Bianchi (46) logged in to the server.
    [03:25:58] Fabio Hernandez says: get down
    [03:26:04] [Ask] Lina_Scofield (32){FFFFFF}: what level i need to sell drugs to dealer?
    [03:26:05] Kordell Salamanca says: ha
    [03:26:05] {B00EC9}[VIP] {FFFFFF}Amber_Banks (55){FFFFFF}: I am not even making this kind of jokes you jew shit
    [03:26:08] [Ask] Mike_Kelly (33){FFFFFF}: 20
    [03:26:09] [Ask] Spex_Riffs (20){FFFFFF}: 20
    [03:26:12] [Ask] Lina_Scofield (32){FFFFFF}: thanks
    [03:26:13] {0055FF}Dexter_Kowalski (24){FFFFFF}: why do you call me a jew
    [03:26:14] {0055FF}Daniel_Campbell (1){FFFFFF}: Dexter you are from Pakistan too
    [03:26:14] Fabio Hernandez says: please get down
    [03:26:16] {0055FF}Dexter_Kowalski (24){FFFFFF}: rly
    [03:26:18] {0055FF}Dexter_Kowalski (24){FFFFFF}: proof
    [03:26:19] {FFFFFF}Spex_Riffs (20){FFFFFF}: Cat MAFIA
    [03:26:21] {B00EC9}[VIP] {FFFFFF}Amber_Banks (55){FFFFFF}: cause u r one
    [03:26:29] {FFFFFF}Mike_Kelly (33){FFFFFF}: Cat Mafia 4 life baby
    [03:26:31] {FFFFFF}Spex_Riffs (20){FFFFFF}: Yes
    [03:26:36] Fabio Hernandez says: get onto the beach please
    [03:26:36] Kordell Salamanca (walkie-talkie): im at the beach
    [03:26:38] * Esteban_Nunez (30) logged in to the server.
    [03:26:39] {B00EC9}[VIP] {FFFFFF}Amber_Banks (55){FFFFFF}: Spex discord got hacked.
    [03:26:44] {FFFFFF}Spex_Riffs (20){FFFFFF}: Amber why you crying to admins on forum?
    [03:26:47] Fabio Hernandez says: leave the boat now sir
    [03:26:48] Kordell Salamanca (walkie-talkie): beach
    [03:26:50] {FFFFFF}Hartnett_Jatt (57){FFFFFF}: hh
    [03:26:54] {FFFFFF}Mike_Kelly (33){FFFFFF}: WHAT HABBENED ?
    [03:26:56] Fabio Hernandez says: leave the boat
    [03:26:58] {FFFFFF}Spex_Riffs (20){FFFFFF}: Dont worry my discord isnt hacked.
    [03:27:09] {FFFFFF}Spex_Riffs (20){FFFFFF}: "Delete this', haha
    [03:27:15] Kordell Salamanca (walkie-talkie): near pier
    [03:27:15] {FFFFFF}Spex_Riffs (20){FFFFFF}: Mike
    [03:27:16] Fabio Hernandez says: leave the damn boat or ill shoot
    [03:27:18] {FFFFFF}Mike_Kelly (33){FFFFFF}: hhhhh
    [03:27:18] {FFFFFF}Esteban_Nunez (30){FFFFFF}: bruh
    [03:27:20] {DEDE6A}Ben_Doverr (61){FFFFFF}: huh?
    [03:27:21] {FFFFFF}Josh_Libert (29){FFFFFF}: AHAHHAHHA @Admins.
    [03:27:22] {FFFFFF}Mike_Kelly (33){FFFFFF}: Ye mate ?
    [03:27:22] {409FFF}Savannah_Moreno (27){FFFFFF}: what
    [03:27:23] {FFFFFF}Esteban_Nunez (30){FFFFFF}: WHAT HABBEND
    [03:27:23] You have suffered severe injuries and passed out.
    [03:27:23] After 120 seconds, you can "/accept death" if you wish to give up on life.
    [03:27:23] {DEDE6A}Adzy_Pitccock (13){FFFFFF}: BRUB
    [03:27:25] {DEDE6A}Adzy_Pitccock (13){FFFFFF}: BRUV
    [03:27:25] * Kordell Salamanca pat
    [03:27:27] {FFFFFF}Josh_Libert (29){FFFFFF}: Allaho Akbar
    [03:27:28] * Domenico_Gambino (11) logged in to the server.

    Link to the whole chatlog:  https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/687546354867896347/754471795670908978/chatlog.txt


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13-09-2020 00:24:18 - [s] Kordell_Salamanca (34)(69094): hands up its a robbery you have 15 sec
13-09-2020 00:24:23 - [s] Kordell_Salamanca (34)(69094): fast
13-09-2020 00:24:46 - [s] Kordell_Salamanca (34)(69094): dont stall
13-09-2020 00:24:57 - [s] Kordell_Salamanca (34)(69094): last warn

From what I have established, and analysed in this forum report through logs, that no rule was broken here. It seems like that Kordell wanted to rob you but as you were not in range these messages were not delivered to you hence he decided to knife you for not complying with the robbery.

You should not have disconnected mid-roleplay situation, but in In conclusion to this report - punishments related to this incident are to be voided; Fabio you may request for a revive in-game with reference of this report via /support.

Report concluded, locked.

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