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Forum Rules

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1. Do not spam.

Do not make irrelevant or meaningless posts just to increase your post count.


2. Do not bother our staff.

Do not send PMs to our staff to check your unban request, moderator application and so on. It will only reduce your chances of being unbanned or accepted. If it is a serious matter, do not hesitate to PM staff members.


3. Do not post inappropriate content.

Do not post content which contains inappropriate material - offensive images, pornography and so on. This includes signatures and avatars as well.


4. Illegal acts.

Do not post, discuss or share any illegal activites, such as piracy or any type of discussion that violates the intellectual property.


5. Do not advertise.

Do not post anything that redirects to another community, server of any sort. Advertising other servers/communities is prohibited.


6. Impersonation.

Do not impersonate any staff member or player of the community, pretending to be a different person or attempting to impersonate will result in a permanent ban.

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