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San Andreas Police Department

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6 hours ago, Crisby said:

First you need to be part of SAPD then to be invited by the SWAT Div Leader.

Or just spam billy or someone else in pm and woopaa you're swat

jk don't take it so serious ..

You gotta apply for sapd at: pd.sagov.us first :P

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S.A.P.D and S.A.F.D: just as one when it comes to saving lives

Cooperation in specific tasks between both departments assure people's welfare



Public Affairs of the S.A.P.D


There's apparently not much to relate between the police department and the fire department. If one was asked about it, he'd likely say in similarity between both they're both meant to save lives - and that is exactly what moves the departments in the cooperation settled between them for a set of tasks and mission they come across in the line of duty.


The media team of the S.A.P.D was present in one of these incidents: a fire aroused at the vicinity of Blueberry, in Red County, which mobilized the efforts of both sides - each one delegated with a primordial task.


The fire department assumed the front line of the situation - a fire brigade has taken over, with the aid of an equipped firetruck, with the goal to put the fire out as quick as possible, assuring that no further damage would mean further problems for the citizens of the district.


The S.A.P.D, tasked with the maintenance of a safety perimeter in the area, assured that the fire brigade would have enough room to perform it's work safely, working as a "safeguard" for the incident.



The S.A.P.D was tasked with the maintenance of a safety perimeter, as the S.A.F.D would work on the fire.


The mission was a success, and the flames weren't a issue anymore. No lives were lost, and both departments were fulfilled with the "mission complete" thoughts that satisfy any passionate worker in his dream's job.



After a sucessful mission: a picture for posteriority.



Have anything to say about this release? Comment below! Your feedback is more than welcome.




Police Plaza, Pershing Square

City of Los Santos, CA 90186

State of San Andreas


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The State of San Andreas is prosecuting Joseph Civella and Ricardo d'Angelo.


Joseph Civella is being charged with possession of illegal substances, being part of a wide network of drug trafficking and possessing explosives. Ricardo D'Angelo is being charged with possession of illegal substances.


In accordance to the transparency principle upheld by the Court of the State of San Andreas, any members of the public may follow their trials. You can do so by clicking on the following links:



Public Affairs of the S.A.P.D




Police Plaza, Pershing Square

City of Los Santos, CA 90186

State of San Andreas


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The Criminal Investigations Division is offering to pay from $500,000 up to $3,000,000 for any evidence and information against the leaders and high ranks of the group called "Muttahida Qaumi Movement", abbreviated "MQM". The price will be based off the quality of the evidence, its validity and its weight, which is based on the crime that the evidence shows the group leaders commit or the information of groups further moves.


Furthermore, the Criminal Investigations Division will continuously provide pay for those who choose to become our assets and continuously provide us evidence and information on the targeted group. 


The evidence is to be against:

  • Jamal Raza
  • Altaf Bhai
  • Chadury Aslam
  • Jizzy B

Contact (( in-game )) the following individuals to establish a meetup:

  • Matthew Carter
  • Derek Carter
  • Kacper Thompson
  • Jelly Valentine
  • Mike Kevin
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PA - header.png


The reorganization of SAPD


The San Andreas Police Department is glad to see improvements within it's organisation. In recent weeks there has been a lot of work with the necessary problems, I am happy to announce that we are finally making progress towards a stable working environment. Every day we come face to face with heavy criminals which makes it difficult for our officers to fight the crime without any injuries. As a department we started working on the organization, we think of supplying the necessary equipment and reorganizing to ensure that no officer has to work alone during their shift.



Official Ceremony


Due to the officers and other agencies risking their lives each and every day to keep our city safe, we will be holding an Official Ceremony open for public at the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Saturday  October 6th 15:00  server time. The Ceremony will contain the following subjects:


* Opening speech from the Chief of Police.
* Changes and relations.
* Awards.
* Promotions.
* Questions and Answers.
* Closing speech.



Police Plaza, Pershing Square

City of Los Santos, CA 90186

State of San Andreas






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The Public Affairs as well as the Academy Division of SAPD are inviting any friend and volunteer of SAPD to apply before 7th of June on a very special recruitment season to make Cadets full Police Officers for the Sumer session.

More information available here: 


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Recruitment Announcement
Recruitment closing 8th of June till next ceremony.
After communications with High Command, the recruitment will close till next ceremony after the 8th of June.
Make sure to apply now before it's too late.


1) Project "#TeamSAPD" https://www.pd.sagov.us/viewtopic.php?f=171&t=1927

2) https://www.pd.sagov.us/viewforum.php?f=36

Released by

Jake Randall
SAPD Spokesman - Senior Instructor

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Happy new year from SAPD!


We hope that 2020 will be a great year for the community of Mudoo, for the world and for your life.

Thank you for being part of our comumnity!

SAPD forum thread

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[Press Release #24] - "Lockeheed"
Almost a year ago in May of 2019, the first press release was released, it was the interview of former Chief of Police, Derek Carter.
A lot of progress has been made in an effort to modernize the image of San Andreas Police Department and especially the press releases.


Today we have the chance to ask Weston Lockeheed several questions about leading SAPD and his life.
Read it here: https://www.pd.sagov.us/viewtopic.php?f=171&t=3198

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Recruitment of SAPD
The recruitment of SAPD will continue to open 1 or maximum 2 times a month, for 1 week each time.


Only last week, 21 people applied for SAPD. 

For the month of February, 16 people were accepted into SAPD while 7 of them became Tropers.


The recruitment will continue like that and we will keep you notified here and in our dedicated website https://pd.sagov.us.



Each Sunday, we will invite a guest to speak to employees of SAPD in our HQ, there the guest will speak about different subjects.

Subjects like;

  • Tactics
  • Psychology
  • Law and human rights
  • Human relations
  • Relations with other agencies
  • Medical and fire related stuff
  • Ways to solve crisis and emergencies

Something like TEDx Talks.


We will invite people outside of the SAPD to speak and pass information in order for us to become better in different fields and think outside the box.

This will typically take around 20-45 minutes and will be done in the auditorium. 

This isn't official yet and it's just an idea.

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  • We have noticed an increase in the playerbase of the server from institutions, schools and workplaces closing due to COVID-19 therefore the following measures are taken, more will be announced if needed.


Original thread

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