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Server Rules

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We understand that we are a gaming community in an online world where there are not really any boundaries to what one would say or do. However, we want our community to preserve the atmosphere of respect, friendliness and unity. Always keep in mind, this is a game, we're a gaming community, you shouldn't get to a point where you disrespect people on a personal level due to something that happens in a virtual world, in a game. Make friends, respect everybody, be positive, and help us create a friendly and positive atmosphere we seek to create, maintain and preserve.


Abuse of bugs and exploits is the act of performing certain actions while using bugs or exploits either from the game itself or the server scripts. It is not allowed. Any server bugs must be reported as soon as they have been discovered. Failure to report bugs and usage of such bugs will result in permanent ban. If you report a major bug or exploit you may receive a reward.



[#01] John Doe uses c-bug to shoot faster.

[#02] John Doe finds an exploit that lets him gain more money in the shorter amount of time, uses the exploit and doesn't report it.


Hacking is the act of using software, mods or other tools that give you advantage, or create any sort of disturbance of other players, or interfere with the regular functioning of the server and its scripts, systems and processes. It is not allowed and will be harshly punished.



[#01] John Doe uses health hack to become invincible.

[#02] John Doe uses a hack that allows him to throw players in the air in order to have a giggle.


Chat rules are a set of rules about usage of chat.


  1. Do not spam or flood. No repeating same message over and over again or writing nonsense.
  2. Do not use capital letters for whole sentences. Capital letters are for abbreviations, first letters of names, sentences and so on.
  3. Use English in main chat. No other languages.
  4. Do not use /PM, /GM or /P for roleplay purposes. These are chats not meant to be used for roleplay. Clarification [#01]



[#01] In other words, these chats are considered OOC chats. As we do not specifically have a rule about meta-gaming due to the mere fact that it would be too difficult to enforce it and control it with current player base and mentality, we are instead controlling how specific chats are used. The above listed chats are not to be used to establish drug deals, to call for backup, and in any other way in which you would be using them for roleplay or to share roleplay information.



[#01] John Doe keeps sending the word 'shit' 10 times in the chat.

[#02] John Doe keeps writing 'aeaegbinaeoiaoieoai' in the chat

[#03] John Doe uses /pm to establish a drug deal with Jane Doe.

[#04] John Doe uses /p to make news announcements about a kidnap scene at Pershing Square.


If an administrator gets involved into a situation, and instructs the involved parties to do something, then that decision must be followed, no arguing, no debating, and no talking back. If you believe the decision was wrong, you may submit a report on the administrator, which will be reviewed by the server management. However, there at scene and in-game, no debates, discussions and arguing over it. It WILL be punished.



[#01] Administrator tells parties involved in a shootout to stop shooting each other and leave separate ways, John Doe disagrees with it and starts debating and arguing with the administrator.


Punishment evasion is the act of attempting to evade a punishment that is about to, or has been given to you. It is not allowed.



[#01] John Doe gets banned, and attempts to get into the server (ban evading).

[#02] John Doe gets questioned about why did he deathmatch Jane Doe, and then quits the game to avoid possible punishment for his actions.


Trading your account or selling your account, and any sort of sale of in-game items for real money and any such act is not allowed.



[#01] John Doe offers to sell 500g of weed for $5 (real life money).

[#02] John Doe offers to trade his account for Jane Doe's account.


Creating and using multiple accounts is against the rules as well as creating accounts and sending your newbie money to your real account.



[#01] John Doe creates a second account and begins playing with it because his other account is in debt.

[#02] John Doe creates a second account and starts giving money to his real account.


Any action that causes obstruction of gameplay to other players, or causes unfair environment, gives you unfair gain of goods, makes you get something you're not supposed to have, gives you advantages over other players that cannot be in any way obtained in the server, makes other players feel uncomfortable, or is deemed inappropriate by an administrator is forbidden.



[#01] John Doe gets his friend James Doe to register an account and purchase a house to give John Doe a key to it so John Doe can bypass the 3 house limit while James Doe has no intention of playing in the server and thereby is unnecessarily harbouring a house which could be actively used by an active player.


Scripts (features) are made to be used in a certain way. For example, furniture exists so that players can decorate their homes in a reasonable, realistic fashion. Then, there are players who use furniture to just place walls around, other items along to block rival players from being able to breach the property and so that they could shoot the rival players easier. This is a misuse of the script. Therefore, any wrongful use of a feature to gain an advantage over others is prohibited.



[#01] John Doe places walls around the entrance and some boxing bags straight ahead of the spawn in the interior to make rival players unable to conduct a breach and so that John Doe is at an advantage being able to shoot the rival players without them being able to appropriately defend.





Powergaming is the act of forcing certain actions upon another player, without giving him a chance to react, or performing unrealistic actions to your advantage in roleplay. It is not allowed.



[#01] John Doe roleplays that he punches Jane Doe and states the punch would kill her, even though Jane Doe wishes to roleplay injuries instead.

[#02] John Doe shoots Jany Doe in her leg at a meter range. Jany Doe pretends to "dodge" the shot and runs away.


Deathmatching is the act of killing another player with no (valid) reason to do so, such as no prior roleplay interaction that would lead to a legitimate murder. It is not allowed.



[#01] You need a roleplay reason which leads to the need of killing somebody - petty reasons are not a reason to kill people. Petty reasons are considered non-roleplay situations (such as /p chat discussions, /gm discussion, discord fights and others which are not character related) or petty in-character reasons such as insults or car crashes.

[#02] It is not obligatory to roleplay withdrawing a gun or saying something before shooting somebody, as long as there is a legitimate roleplay reason behind going after somebody and killing them, it is okay.



[#01] John Doe kills Jane Doe because John claims to be a serial killer who wishes to kill anyone he comes across.

[#02] John Doe kills Jane Doe because Jane cut him off with a vehicle on the road.


Revenge killing is the act of killing a player who had previously killed you or has done something in an ended roleplay scenario. It is not allowed.



[#01] If you got knocked in a situation and then revived by a medic - you are not considered dead, obviously, and can therefore return to the situation in which you resulted being knocked out in.



[#01] John Doe kills Jane Doe after Jane Doe killed John Doe.

[#02] John Doe kills Jane Doe because 3 days ago Jane rammed his vehicle.


Returning after death is the act of returning to a scene at which you have died. It is not allowed.



[#01] If you got knocked in a situation and then revived by a medic - you are not considered dead, obviously, and can therefore return to the situation in which you resulted being knocked out in.



[#01] John Doe comes back to Idlewood where he was killed by the police and starts getting involved in the same scene again.


Failure to roleplay is the act of refusing to roleplay or failing to roleplay with one or more players for whatever reason. It is not allowed. This is a roleplay server and roleplay must be created and upheld in every interaction with other players. Liked them or not, remember that what happens between your characters doesn't make it relevant on a personal level. Avoiding power- or meta-gaming attempts from the approaching side does not mean the defending party is refusing to roleplay. Both parties have the right to, within the rules, roleplay towards the outcome they prefer.



[#01] If you are out-powered, out-manned or outgunned, you MUST roleplay, with the appropriate boundaries, towards whatever outcome it may occur, regardless if you will be shamed, embarrassed, humiliated, or if it results in you "losing" a scenario.

[#02] In case you are knocked out, and people are interacting with you, you must not accept death unless you are dying in a roleplay manner. Merely accepting death to avoid being seized, robbed or revived, is prohibited.



[#01] John Doe refuses to roleplay with Jane Doe because he is tired of roleplaying.

[#02] John Doe refuses to roleplay with Jane Doe because Jane Doe scammed him 3 days ago.

[#03] John Doe got shot and is now knocked out (script-wise). Jane Doe approaches John Doe who is knocked out, and roleplays robbing the body. John Doe accepts death to avoid it.

[#04] John Doe got shot and is now knocked out (script-wise). John Doe is suspected by the police. Jane Doe, who is a police officer, is seizing John Doe who accepts death to avoid it.


Carjacking is the act of taking a vehicle from a player who is actively driving the vehicle without roleplaying the action and without letting the driver of the vehicle respond to your roleplay attempts. It is not allowed.



[#01] Police are allowed to carjack a person in case the person is a suspect or a subject of a warrant execution.

[#02] Anybody else is allowed to carjack if it is being roleplayed, such as smashing the window with an object, opening the door from inside and so on.



[#01] John Doe presses the enter button that will make the character enter the vehicle and throw the driver of it outside without any roleplay actions.


Advertisements are divided into roleplay advertisements, which are the in-game advertisements with the command (/ad), and out of roleplay advertisements, which usually are about other communities or servers.


Roleplay advertisements must be used for roleplay purposes, such as selling your vehicle, property or selling other items that you may wish to sell. Out of roleplay advertisements are not allowed - advertising other servers or communities will result in a ban.



[#01] Advertising of illegal items through /ad is allowed, it is however, illegal, and you can be arrested for it.



[#01] John Doe writes in chat an IP and a website of another server or community.

[#02] John Doe uses /ad to say "Hi everyone".


Cop baiting is the act of committing crimes with the intent of drawing police onto yourself in order to have a pursuit or be arrested, without roleplay and appropriate beforehand interaction between yourself and the police. It is not allowed and will be considered as poor roleplay.



[#01] John Doe starts drifting in front of a police car in order to get pursued.

[#02] John Doe starts shooting in front of police officers in order to get pursued.


Scamming is the act of obtaining goods (such as money, drugs or other items) without paying for them (either by money, or other objects that might be part of the deal). Scamming in any form and any means where a player without a passport is the victim is prohibited. New players must be guided and given an opportunity to establish themselves. Scamming legal items is prohibited. Scamming illegal items is allowed. Scamming casino games inside of a casino is prohibited.



[#01] John Doe pays Jane Doe buyout to buy a property and Jane Doe refuses to sell it.

[#02] John Doe offers a vehicle to Jane Doe for $10,000, once Jane Doe gives the money, John Doe runs away.


Robbing is the act of attempting to forcefully obtain goods from a player (such as money, drugs, or other), by threatening them with death or other consequence. You are not allowed to rob players that do not have a passport and a driving license, as they are new players, who need to be guided and given a chance to build their character.

While performing the robbery, you must roleplay seizing the items from the victim first, and then you have to perform the seizure by using the /rob command.
The command can be used only one time per item. If the attempt fails, you have to move to the next item. Weapons carried in-hand have to be turned with the command /givegun by the victim.

This rule applies to the law enforcement version of the command as well (/seize).



[#01] You are not to to kill those you rob if they comply with the robbery and provide you with some items or money.

[#02] It is not required for the victim of a robbery to give you all of their items in full quantity or all of their cash. A general amount should be 25% of an item quantity, or for money:

  • $20,000 up to $100,000 - $5,000 can be robbed
  • $100,000 up to $1,000,000 - $10,000 can be robbed
  • $1,000,000 and above - $20,000 can be robbed
  • if player has less than $20,000 in hand then he should not be robbed of money.


[#01] John Doe goes to rob Jane Doe who is new to the server and has little to no money, and threatens to kill her if not given the money.
[#02] John Doe goes to rob Jane Doe but notices she has 1000 grams of heroin on her person. John Doe uses the command /rob to get the heroin two times during the robbery.


Forcing inappropriate roleplay is the act of forcing another player to roleplay a scenario such as of sexual nature, or similar, that the other player does not wish to participate in. Rule "Failure to Roleplay" is voided for players who refuse to participate in a roleplay of such nature and cannot be forced to participate in it.



[#01] John Doe forces Jane Doe to roleplay sex even though Jane Doe refuses to participate in it.


Unrealistic roleplay is the act of attempting to perform or create scenarios that are unrealistic, similar to the "Powergaming" rule, but aimed at players attempting to roleplay as animals, or any other such unrealistic roleplay.



[#01] Raids on Police Departments, other Government buildings, which would realistically be protected by a number of guards and police officers stationed in them. Unless admin permission is given to perform such action which is properly roleplayed and has a reasonable cause to do so (such as riots, terrorism)

[#02] Kidnapping in areas of high civilian or police presence, such as Pershing Square (at anytime), or anywhere else where at the time there is high presence of civilians or police.



[#01] John Doe roleplays to be a dog, called Rex.

[#02] John Doe roleplays that he can fly because he was bitten by a spider that gave him the superpowers.


If an item is in your possession, then you cannot claim to not have that item within roleplay. You cannot spawn items either, which means if you do not have an item, you cannot claim to have it and attempt to use it in roleplay. If you script-wise are in possession of an item, then you may use it. If you do not possess the item then you simply cannot use it, neither claim to have it.



[#01] John Doe has a knife in his possession but in-roleplay claims to not have it.

[#02] John Doe does not have weed in his possession, but in-roleplay claims to have it, and roleplays it with /me.


Safezones are defined areas in which initiating situations that involve shooting, robberies, kidnaps and other criminal roleplay is prohibited.


The safezones are:

  1. 1. Pershing Square.
  2. 2. All government buildings (city halls, police departments, ...).
  3. 3. Hospitals.
  4. 4. Religious buildings.


If a situation is initiated outside of a safezone, and the involved parties somehow end up in the safezones either through a chase or whatnot, the roleplay may continue within the safezone. You cannot just run into a safezone and expect to be immune after someone attempts to rob you at Idlewood.


You may initiate criminal roleplay in those areas with permission of an administrator. The safezones are established to prevent crime from being performed where it would be unrealistic for it to occur due to high activity and surveillance.


Names must be reasonable, realistic and formatted so that they consist of a first name and a last name.


The names must:

  1. Not contain any numerals.
  2. Not contain any symbols
  3. Not be fully lowercase or capitalized.
  4. Not be of notorious persons (ie. Adolf Hitler, Ossama Bin Laden,  Donald Trump, ...)


Furthermore, if an administrator decides that one's name is not reasonable or valid, the administrator may request that the person changes the name. 


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- Added Rule to Section 1, Rule #08 - Multiple Accounts

- Added Rule to Section 1, Rule #09 - Common Sense

- Modified Rule in Section 2, Rule #09 - Scamming

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  • Edited Roleplay Rule #1, "Powergaming". Where it used to read "Powergaming is the act of forcing certain actions upon another player, or performing unrealistic actions yourself. It is not allowed.", it now reads as "Powergaming is the act of forcing certain actions upon another player, without giving him a chance to react, or performing unrealistic actions to your advantage in roleplay.";
  • Added Roleplay Rule #14, "Anti-Roleplay" - More information on the first post.

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  • Scamming rule revised. Scamming legal items such as properties, vehicles and etcetera is prohibited altogether, scamming illegal items is allowed. Scamming inside casinos for casino games is still prohibited.
Edited by Jelly

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  • 14. ANTI-ROLEPLAY  has been merged with 05. FAILURE TO ROLEPLAY
  • 05. FAILURE TO ROLEPLAY has been extended to include additional instances where roleplay is mandatory, such as when outnumbered, outgunned or knocked out.
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  • Section II - Rules 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 10, 12 - added clarifications and amendments

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  • 14. SAFEZONES: no crime / shooting and other harassing behavior in the safezones. They are: Pershing Square, PDs, City Halls, Hospitals, and religious objects (mosque).
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  • 04. CHAT RULES: added specific rule about not using /pm, /gm, /p for roleplay purposes.

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