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An era approaches...

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As you can tell by name of the board this announcement is made. Mudoo is exploring a GTA V Multiplayer mod.


Considering that there are 3 major GTA V multiplayer mods, I have thoroughly looked into each one. There were 2 major factors in my decision making: Player slots and sync. To give some transparency, I will explain what I have found in each one.



This was the original one I had my eyes set on. The sync is perfect, but it only supports 32 players maximum. Although the developers say more slots are possible and are coming, it's gonna be a while until they get there. Their main scripting language is Lua. Lua for me is like spaghetti. I can't make sense of it because I am used to C-style syntax. They do support C# as well, however their documentation of C# is very lacking. Due to these circumstances, I decided FiveM is something that should be considered later down the road as it matures.



This mod was originally an independent mod. However, the developers of what used to be GTA:Network and RageMP have combined their team.

The mod looks good, but to me, not good enough as of yet. The sync isn't that great at the moment and many things are left desynced. The updates don't come very often and when they do it's not that much of an update. While GTA:Network used a C-style language: C#, RageMP was using javascript. So when they merged they made a "bridge" that allows C# to be used, but many have complained it is completely buggy and unstable.

I don't think javascript is a bad language, but I am not as experienced with it as I am with C#.


Grand Theft Multiplayer (GT-MP)

This mod what I chose to go with. Originally it was actually ruled out because I didn't believe the team could accomplish as much as they did in their most recent update. GT-MP formed when a conflict within the now dormant GTA:Network team had caused a split. Whether or not who was right in the conflict, I don't care. Originally I ruled it out because the sync was that of an old version of GTA:Network, and I speculated they couldn't really make it much better. I was wrong. In their latest 1.6 update it completely changed my mind and opinion. They kept C# as the language and the sync, while not as perfect as FiveM's, it's as good as it gets with these types of mods. The best way I can describe it is that it's very comparable to SAMP's sync. You can see a lot of the changes in this showcase video they made:


So with that out of the way, I hereby announce the start of the development of Mudoo RPG on GT-MP client!

Below is an FAQ. Please note that the development of this will be low profile. Meaning, we will not be teasing a whole lot until we get a gamemode prototype that is playable.



  • Q: When will it be done?
    A: When it's done, and no we will not give estimates.
  • Q: Will this get me banned from GTA:Online?
    A: No. This is their statement from their website:

    GT-MP hooks your GTA V installation when launching and reverts it back to its normal, clean state after being closed so you can seamlessly switch between GT-MP and GTA:Online without risking a ban!


  • Q: Will it work with cracked/pirated copies?
    A: No. Both GT-MP and Mudoo Gaming do not give support to piracy in any way. Not only is this out of respect for Rockstar Games's rights, but it's to help protect GT-MP and related mods from any potential legal action. If you want to play, buy the game.
  • Q: I've tried to play on some servers on GT-MP and they require me to write a lengthy application. Will this happen on Mudoo?
    A: Absolutely not. While obviously we will require registration, you should be able to play immediately after registering.
  • Q: Will it be light roleplay like the SAMP server or hardcore?
    A: It will be a bit of a hybrid like you would see on the SAMP server.
  • Q: What features will it have?
    A: I can't, and will not give specifics this early. The best answer I can give you is that it will reflect a lot of the SAMP server features.
  • Q: I am experienced with C#/Clientside Javascript/HTML/Photoshop. Can I help?
    A: Contact me on discord if you think you have what it takes: Dylan#4067
  • Q: I'm having trouble with the GT-MP client, can you help me?
    A: I am not a GT-MP developer or support person. You can ask them for help here.

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On 6-10-2017 at 12:20 AM, Mudoo said:

Q: I am experienced with C#/Clientside Javascript/HTML/Photoshop. Can I help?
A: Contact me on discord if you think you have what it takes: Dylan#4067


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