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[SA:MP] Mudoo Roleplay Open alpha [ENDED]

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Hello dear players


We have a great announcement to make, so get your balloons, champagne and party hats, because we're going to be opening the server, this Saturday (21/OCT/2017), for an open alpha run, in order to see how the server will behave in environment with a bunch of players.


How is it going to work? Well, we will create registration invitation codes which we will publish on our discord. Those registration invitation codes will be needed, because registrations are through a panel. Don't worry though, we won't require a character story and a quiz from you to register. We will only need you to enter a valid e-mail address, your in-game name, and password. After that, you will verify the e-mail and that's it! This simple registration process will help us to be more secure from illegitimate players from accessing the server.


What is an open alpha run? An open alpha run is not a full release of the server. We created this server from scratch, and it was tested by our testers, who cannot account for all the bugs that may occur in the server when it becomes filled with more than 10 players. We also cannot see how the server will behave performance wise with only a few players. Therefore, an open alpha run is a chance for us to observe and examine the server and its performance in productive environment, so we can improve it and repair all the bugs that may be encountered during this testing.


Do note that the stats will be reset at an actual server release, as this is only testing run, and exploits might be found and influence the gain of money, items, properties and so on!


So what do we do in the server? You just play it. Do what you would normally do in a light roleplay server. Take jobs, earn money, roleplay, and have fun. As explained in paragraphs above, bugs may come your way, so we would be grateful if you reported those bugs so we can repair them, and so you have a flawless gameplay. Other than that, enjoy exploring what we have to offer.


Just remember, the server is still in its early stages, we created what you will explore on Saturday, in only 4 months, which is a small amount of time for a server of this type, and with all of its features, we should be proud of what we achieved in so little time. Of course, we're going to be continuously adding new features and changing the existing ones according to player's suggestions and input.


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What's the discord link?



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Let me remind you that most of the features are unfinished. Most of them still need some tweaks.

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