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26/09/2020 17:00 IN-GAME, V-DAY

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Dated: September 22nd, 2018


The Congress passes a bill for establishment of San Andreas Armed Forces, stationed in the base of Area 51, and delegating the base, and the perimeter of it, stretching from the hills on the south, north and the east, to the road on the west, as will be visible on the map submitted below, for management and use as per needs of the Armed Forces.


The Congress recognizes San Andreas Armed Forces as the official military establishment of San Andreas, and grants it power to be deployed on orders of the President, or the Congress,  in any way, shape or form deemed necessary, or by the San Andreas Police Department or the Federal Bureau of Investigation for local assistance in large scale situations, however, the power to arrest a person, remains on San Andreas Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


Furthermore, the San Andreas Armed Forces have power to detain those entering the perimeter of their base, who fail to identify, and determine their motives,  by questioning them, and in case of need for arrest, contact San Andreas Police Department or the Federal Bureau of Investigation to do so.


The Congress also delegates the San Andreas Armed Forces with protection and guarding of the airspace of San Andreas, neutralize any incoming threats, as well as protect and guard the waters surrounding San Andreas.  The San Andreas Armed Forces are the primary to deploy fighter jets or naval apparatus to neutralize any threats, if unavailable, San Andreas Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation is to assume the role.


All existing bodies of the government are to cooperate with the newly established Armed Forces and together work for the safety and security of the San Andreas.


Attachment: the territory in jurisdiction of San Andreas Armed Forces



The law is in effect as of immediately, however, citizens are to be allowed 48 hours to become aware of this law, the military is to issue warnings and communicate to those who are coming to the territory and make them aware of this change. Those who intentionally, after being told of the law, continue to trespass are allowed to be detained and arrested.


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Dated: October 11th, 2018


The Senate recognizes forming of a hostile militia in the areas stretching from Flint County through Whetstone and therefore authorizes deployment of San Andreas Armed Forces to these designated areas in order to establish peace and maintain integrity of the territory of the State of San Andreas. 


The rules of engagement are as follows:

  • Fighter jets, attack helicopters and tanks are to be used (that is, fired from), in case the militia deploys a rocket propelled grenade.
  • Shooting is only authorized when shot at.
  • Priority is to capture the members of the militia alive.

Additional notices:

  • Usage of masks is illegal and you can be arrested for wearing masks.
  • If the militia continues with its operations and actions further sanctions and measures will be taken.

The Senate also recognizes that due to the fact of San Andreas Police Department suffering of chronic issues with the members, who are joining and leaving, therefore, creating instability, and as it is the base Law Enforcement agency in the State of San Andreas, the Criminal Investigations Division will be put back in action, while the Federal Bureau of Investigation will be held on hold until far in future when and if a day comes the San Andreas Police Department has stable members and no internal conflicts.


The Criminal Investigations Division, as the only investigative body in the state, will be authorized to investigate any body in the state in cases of criminal conducts. It assumes all fields of duties from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and it must be assured that the division has the environment provided to safely conduct investigations, with no interference, from any person, agency or body in the state.  



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Dated: February 1st, 2019


The Congress, with the support of the State Governor, pushes for a new law for self defense against intruders and harm on premises of a property owned by the defendants. 


The law is as follows:


Self defense is permitted on the premises of properties owned by the defendant. Self defense is considered use of force to defend oneself and the property from intruders and harm to the property and the residents.


Self defense is only considered in the cases where:

a) The defendant reasonably believed that (he, she or someone else) was in imminent danger of suffering bodily injury (or was in imminent danger of being touched unlawfully);

b) The defendant reasonably believed that the immediate use of force was necessary to defend against that danger;

c) The defendant used no more force than was reasonably necessary to defend against that danger;

d) A police investigation is able to confirm that the defendant did commit an act in self defense and in accordance to point a, b, and c;

e) The scene of the act is on the premises of the defendant's property;

f) The defendant did not provoke a fight to occur.



It is important here to keep in mind that the self defense law, as said in point d - only can be applied when a police investigation can confirm that the action which the defendant took was an act of self defense, and the scene, evidence, statements and other factors support it. Furthermore, all other points are important to keep in mind - as self defense is an easily exploitable excuse when one commits violence.




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Dated: June 27th, 2019





Upon acknowledgment of the unilateral and illegal declaration of independence by individuals who claim themselves to be the "Government of Bone County", claiming sovereignty over the region of Bone County and it's cities and villages, and whose comprovedly have ties to the recognized militia "Lashkar-e-Taiba", which has been spreading propaganda through deceitful media outlets over claims on the land of Bone County and it's composing cities, THE CONGRESS AND THE SENATE JOINTLY DECIDE:




The Government of the State of San Andreas is now hereby authorized to employ all necessary means to wage war against the aforementioned groups and anyone whose allegedly supports them, brining the conflict to a successful termination.


As of now,  The Government of the State of San Andreas, through it's Congress and Senate, stipulate the following decisions:


1.   The JOINT SPECIAL OPERATIONS FORCE (J.S.O.F), facing the lack of a military force in the State of San Andreas, will now carry on military authority in the areas of Bone County and it's bordering regions (outskirts of Tierra Robada and Las Venturas);

      1.1.   They are now allowed to: set up checkpoints in Bone County and bordering regions, bearing the right to identify bypassers; conduct militarised patrols in Bone County, bearing compatible weaponry to the war environment and special vehicles; deploy air support in order to conduct aerial patrol and coverage of Bone County's airspace; arrest anyone who possesses a passport of the Government of Bone County, or is identified as a member of the Lashkar-e-Taiba, Government of Bone County, or subsidiary groups and supporters.


2.   Impose a curfew on Bone County and it's cities and villages for the necessary time the State wages war, allowing the law enforcement of the State of San Andreas to question and if necessary, arrest anyone who wanders in the streets of this area between 9PM and 6AM. The curfew will be revoked once the war is declared over.


3.   Raise the status of the Lashkar-e-Taiba from a locally-organized militia to a TERRORIST GROUP, challenging the unity of the State.


The rules of engagement for the JSOF and adjacent law enforcement forces in the State of San Andreas are as follows:

  • Usage of fighter jets and attack helicopters is to comply with the standard ROE of the law enforcement in the state, with an additional exception: they're allowed to pursue and take down an enemy aerial vehicle IF they're called upon the radio and fail to return communication, or declared announce they're servicing any of the aforementioned groups the State wages war on;
  • Shooting is only authorized when shot at.
  • Priority is to capture the terrorists and abetting individuals alive.

Additional notices:

  • Usage of masks is illegal and you can be arrested for wearing masks.
  • If the terrorist group continues with it's operations and unilateral declaration of sovereignty, further sanctions and measures will be taken.




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Dated October 8th, 2019.


The Congress, following a congressional hearing involving Daryl Reznov, the leader of the Bone County Resistance movement, and the continued display of hostility and lawlessness coming from the militants who are on daily basis entering Los Santos, San Fierro, and the counties, and are battling our law enforcement officials, declares the previously offered sate-ship to Bone County nullified and voided. 


The Congress has attempted to make peace and offer Bone County to become an independent state of the United States, under federal law and the constitution which ensure the necessary rights to our citizens, and ensure law and order in the nation, however, the leadership of Bone County Resistance continued to, after agreeing to our terms of independence and state-ship, breach our federal law, the constitution, and failed to coexist with the state of San Andreas. Their militants were actively and continuously entering state of San Andreas and battling the law enforcement officials outside their then established state of Bone County.


The Congress remains open for continuation of negotiation with Daryl Reznov and other Bone County Resistance leaders, if they agree to desist all hostile activities against the state of San Andreas. If hostility ends, the Congress is willing to sit down with the leaders of Bone County Resistance and go into a new wave of negotiation to decide the future of the situation.


On the contrary, if the leaders of Bone County Resistance continue to display hostility and threaten the integrity, unity and safety of the citizens of  the state of San Andreas, the Congress will have no other choice but to authorize military operations against the Bone County Resistance, and allow use of military grade weapons, vehicles, and equipment to ensure territorial integrity, and enforcement of the federal law, and the constitution on the territory of Bone County.


In summary:

  • The San Andreas Police have full authority to enforce all the laws in the territory of Bone County.
  • The Bone County territory is considered part of the state of San Andreas. 
  • The leaders of Bone County Resistance shall cease and desist all hostile activities against the state of San Andreas if they wish to have another talk with the Congress.
  • If the leaders of Bone County Resistance choose to threaten the unity, integrity and safety of the citizens, the Congress will authorize dire action against the resistance.


The Congress gives Bone County Rebellion time until October 14th to cease and desist hostile activities against state of San Andreas and its government agencies or else the Congress will proceed with authorization of military action against the resistance.

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The United States Congress has completed renovation of the building it resides in, located at San Fierro, Ocean Flats. The interior now has an appropriate two-level stage for a total of ten congressmen. Additionally, the interior now has capacity to hold up to thirty two seated spectators and many more standing. All the stage and guest desks are lined up with microphones for enhanced hearing. Lastly, there is a back-room for the congressmen to hold discussions behind closed doors.


The Exterior:





The Interior:







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Dated October 20th, 2019.


The United States Congress, following an escalation of conflict involving Bone County Resistance, which brought a mass shooting to the heart of Los Santos where they attacked citizens and law enforcement officials, held an emergency session in which the following resolutions have been brought:


  1. Joint Special Operations Force will assume the role of acting armed forces on behalf of the United States and will therefore be the federal military force.
  2. The Congress will allocate $16 million from the federal funds to equip the Joint Special Operations Force with two Rhino tanks.
  3. Consequently the Joint Special Operation Force command shall establish a qualification course for the position of a tank operator and a pilot for armed aircraft.
  4. Joint Special Operations Force shall conduct frequent combat patrols in Bone County and suppress any resistance and hostility with any necessary force.
  5. Any person identifying to be apart of the Bone County Resistance or a citizen of Bone County (as an illegitimate independent self-proclaimed country) shall be arrested.

The following regulations apply on use of armed aircraft and tanks:

  1. Armed aircraft may engage structures on the ground with authority of a Joint Special Operation Force Supreme Commander.
  2. Armed aircraft may engage persons on the ground if the persons are engaging the armed aircraft.
  3. Armed aircraft may engage any other aircraft if the aircraft neglects orders to land or leave the area, or trespasses an announced restricted airspace.
  4. Tanks may engage structures on the ground with authority of a Joint Special Operations Force Supreme Commander.
  5. Tanks may engage persons on the ground if they make use of explosive ordinance weaponry (RPGs, grenades, IEDs, ...)
  6. Tanks may engage ground vehicles equipped with IEDs that are used to suicide bomb targets.

This resolution is in effect for fourteen days after which it will be determined whether to deescalate the measures or escalate them further, depending on the behavior of Bone County Resistance. The Congress invites the leaders of the resistance to cease all hostile activity and participate in negotiation. If no attempt to deescalate the hostility is shown from Bone County Resistance, further measures will be imposed, varying from further military action or sanctions.

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Dated November 18th, 2019.


The Congress approves designating the mansion located in Los Santos, on the Verdant Bluffs hill, as the residence of the President of the United States, formally to be called White House.

Additionally, The Congress passes the following federal laws in relation to the aforementioned approval:

  1. The creation of a Secret Service Task Force tasked with protection of the President and other Federal Government officials who require protection and others who are approved to be protected by the Secret Service Task Force by the Federal Government.
  2. Defining the airspace above Verdant Bluffs as restricted.
  3. Defining the land as can be seen on the map filed below as restricted.
  4. Defining the Secret Service Task Force with full jurisdiction over the Presidential Residence and the Congress headquarters.


The map of Verdant Bluffs restriction zone:

* The red area is completely restricted from unauthorized access

* The orange area is restricted and all entering must comply with checkpoints and instructions

* The green area is public access





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Dated November 25th, 2019.


Following a development which was brought to Congress by the Federal Bureau of Investigation involving Bone County State Governor Daryl Reznov and former FBI employee Matteo Williams, the Congress held an emergency session in which a vote was held into initiating an impeachment inquiry into Governor Reznov.


Mr. Reznov attempted to use former FBI employee, Matteo Williams, for personal gain, asking him to provide him with intelligence from the FBI which is about Bone County Resistance. Mr. Reznov additionally offered a payment for the job, and otherwise, threatened Mr. Williams if he would not execute it.


Therefore, the Congress officially announces an impeachment inquiry into Governor Reznov for the abuse of position. The following is in effect:

  • The Congress issues a subpoena against Mr. Reznov and Mr. Williams who are to testify before the Congress on 29th of November, 30th of November, or 1st of November - each shall submit to Congress the preferred date and time.
  • Mr. Reznov and Mr. Williams may have an attorney present during the hearing.
  • Failure to appear before Congress will further contribute to the impeachment process as it will be deemed as obstruction of investigation into the abuse of power.


The hearings will be public and all citizens are invited to participate and follow the development.


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United States
H. RES 009
Implementation of Vehicle Taxation
Dated 10th of December, 2019

The house of Congress voted on imposing a vehicle taxation in the State of San Andreas for high value vehicles and with a percentage dependent on the vehicle model. Considering that the State does not make enough money through the existing taxes from tolls and properties, it is necessary for additional income to the State in order to be able to provide paychecks for the government services.

The following taxation has been decided: On Infernus, NRG, Maverick and Shamal, 7,5% tax based on the value at dealership. On Buffalo, Cheetah, Turismo, Bullet, 5% tax based on the value at dealership.
In an example, if the Infernus costs $200,000 at dealership, you will pay $15,000 tax a month. However, if you own a Buffalo, which is $100,000, you will pay $5,000 a month.

This tax has to be paid monthly. If it is unpaid for a period of two months, the vehicle will be seized by the State and auctioned.
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United States
H. RES 010
Border Enforcement
Dated 11th of December, 2019
The Congress initiates construction of a border wall between Las Venturas and Bone County intended to obstruct and minimize the abilities of the illegal "Bone County Resistance" aliens from entering the State of San Andreas and using the free border for smuggling and other criminal acts.
The border wall will stretch from the Greenglass College building, east of Hunter Quarry, directly north to the cliffs West of Prickle Pine. There will be two legal border checkpoints, one on the north side and one on the south side.
As the war initiated by Bone County Resistance rebels silences and is nearing an end, a mass amount of fighters who fought alongside the resistance, abandoned the resistance and are now fleeing into State of San Andreas while not answering for their crimes that were committed during their illegal service with the resistance.
These are dangerous terrorists who wear no uniform and no badge. They are blending in with the citizens and may act as sleeper cells spreading throughout San Andreas State, as each becomes a time ticking bomb. 
Due to the severity of the matter, the following tasks will be assigned to the appropriate agencies:
  • To the San Andreas Police Department:
    • Conducting checkpoints and patrols across the border and identifying suspicious persons who are attempting to cross from Bone County into Las Venturas, Red County or San Fierro.
    • Suppressing attempts of illegal border crossings and detaining unidentifiable or non compliant aliens until successful identification, or denial of their entrance into the San Andreas State.
    • Creating a log of all illegal aliens who were caught in attempts of crossing into San Andreas State and forwarding it to the FBI at a periodical timeframe
  • To the Federal Bureau of Investigation
    • Processing the illegal aliens who were noted by the SAPD and determining their intentions, background and affiliations
    • Determining eligibility of the aliens who have no valid San Andreas State passport to regain one, depending on the background check and safety determination
    • Conducting anti smuggling operations at the borderline, preventing illegal narcotics, weapons and other dangerous illegal items from coming into San Andreas State, which includes search and seizure checkpoints

A preview of the border wall:





(( This is intended to create new unique roleplay scenes in Mudoo about border activities, smuggling, border patrols and so on. People are welcome to roleplay not having passports in order to contribute to this roleplay scenario. 


Do not allow these scenes to affect innocent or new players who may just be doing trucking or passing by. If shootouts occur they must be kept between the involved parties, generally that will be Police and BCR fighters. Opening fire at innocent players who are not involved in the scene, especially at newbies will result in a direct 7-day weapon ban or a harsher punishment depending on punishment record.


Any activities that evolve from this scenario may not in any way be disruptive to new players. Players under level 7 (6 and less) shall be let to pass the border freely with no checks from either side or any sort of harassment. Others, level 7 and higher, may be searched, but may not be shot or harassed if compliant.


Both sides, Police and BCR are to watch who they shoot and ensure that the target they are shooting is hostile and involved into the situation.


All reports that will be generated from this, if they are from Police or BCR are to be posted on the forum to allow for a throughout log check and review by Senior Administration and Management. Only reports from neutral parties, who are un-involved players who got shot for no reason will be processed in-game on spot. ))

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United States
H. RES 011
Emergency Governor Election
Dated 11th of December, 2019
The Congress is herein announcing an emergency governor election which is to take place within the following weeks due to the exile of Governor Mukesh Ambani. Mr. Ambani committed high crimes which resulted in immediate removal from the office and exile from the United States.
(( Community banned for publishing real life personal information of a player ))
Considering that Mr. Ambani was the Vice Governor of the previous Governor Lance Ricci, meaning he was never elected by the citizens, and that the current Vice Governor who was appointed by Mr. Ambani would be a second non elected Governor in the State, the Congress decides to initiate an emergency election which will provide the San Andreas State with an elected State Official.
The sign up for the position will last effective immediately as of this post and until Friday, 20:00 CET.
Starting Friday, 20:00 CET to Wednesday 18th December, a campaign period will be held where candidates are to hold public conferences and publish their plans and goals. Vote will begin on Thursday, 19th December and will end on 21st December. The new Governor elect will be formally appointed on December 22nd at a time yet to be announced.
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United States
H. RES 012
Duties of a Governor
Dated 19th of December, 2019
The Congress formally delegates duties and obligations to the position of a State Governor in the United States. Having witnessed a number of past Governors sit on the position and not fulfill their duties for which they have chosen to enter the office, merely occupying the position without any purpose, The Congress delivers the following resolution:
Duties of a Governor
  • Create and implement new state laws;
  • Add amendments to current state laws;
  • Set property taxes per region;
  • Set toll fees per region;
  • Set base paycheck for state emergency services;
  • Close or open stations for state emergency services;
  • Add or remove vehicles from state emergency services;
  • Bear the executive control of the State and all its cities and territories;
  • Promote measures that enrich the quality of life of the citizens of the State;
  • Work along with the guidance of The Congress;
  • Use state government budget for various projects;
  • Propose operations to be conducted by state emergency services;
  • Initiate impeachment of a State Official; *

* A governor can initiate impeachment proceeding of a state agency official (such as a Chief of Police or a Chief of Fire Department) having legitimate reasons and evidence for the impeachment. The reasons of impeachment may be criminal activity (including abuse of power), or other behavior or acts which may be deemed obstructive to the development of the State Agency. A procedure for this will be written in detail.


Obligations of a Governor

  • To actively be involved in the development of the State;
  • To conduct at least four public conferences per month;
  • To conduct at least two community projects per month;
  • To be present in the state and actively communicate with State Agencies;
  • To serve the citizens as a public servant and execute the campaign promises and other deeds for the betterment of the State, its the quality of life and the people;

Impeachment of a State Official

  1. The Governor must have a legitimate reason to initiate impeachment proceeding against a State Official. The reason must be either criminal activity or other reasonable reason for which it is necessary for the State Official to be removed.
  2. The Governor consults with his cabinet (Vice Governor and other aides selected by the Governor) who then collectively make a conclusion whether to proceed with an impeachment proceeding.
  3. The Governor is then required to host a public conference announcing the impeachment proceeding and elaborating the reasons for the impeachment proceeding.
  4. The State Official will be suspended of the duties they are performing for the time being, until the last step when the decision is made whether to impeach or not.
  5. The Congress will then hold public hearings with the Governor and the State Official where The Congress will serve as the judge, the Governor as the prosecutor and the State Official as the defendant. Both parties will provide their statements, evidence and may call for witnesses to testify for them. *
  6. After the hearings are complete and all the necessary information was obtained, The Congress will hold a final vote on the impeachment where it will be decided whether the State Official will be impeached or remain.

* The Congress will determine the full procedure of each impeachment hearing individually, appointing dates of the hearings and the procedures by which the hearings will be held.

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United States
H. RES 013
Nationalization of Market Ammunation
Dated 5th of January, 2020
The Congress passes resolution to nationalize Market Ammunation, the business currently owned by Mr. Carlo Gambino. Market Ammunation has significance in the weapon market, as the primary source of legal weapons in the State of San Andreas, and as a business that generates massive amounts of profits on daily basis. The current law allows citizens to purchase these legals weapons sold in the Ammunations to use it to defend themselves and their property on the premises of their property. Unfortunately, the State has been suffering some symptoms of monopoly for the past years, which the Congress is forced to combat, in order to maintain healthy economy in the country.
The following are the terms of the nationalization:
  1. Market Ammunation will remain in ownership of the current owner, Carlo Gambino.
  2. On the next time, at which the current owner, Carlo Gambino, chooses to sell, lease, rent or abandon the property, or in any way, shape, or form chooses to transfer it to another party other than himself, this resolution will come in effect.
  3. Once the resolution is in effect, the Federal Government will provide the owner, Carlo Gambino, with a reasonable buyout, keeping in mind the profit the business generates, its location and other relevant attributes.
  4. Finally, the Federal Government will lease the business to any citizen who wishes to lease the Market Ammunation, for lease price that will be determined at that point, and for which applications will be held where citizens who are interested into leasing the property will apply and be evaluated by the Federal Government.
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United States
H. RES 014
Bone County
Dated 8th of January, 2020
Due to the recent rise in hostility shown by Bone County Resistance, which includes advertisements being published by the head of it, Reis Mucahit, The Congress will proceed with appropriate response. The United States, and San Andreas State, will not be threatened with violence and hostility, especially not by the people who were given a huge amount of space and opportunity to prove their intention, ability and will to cooperate with the US and State Government. However, and which is unfortunate for them, they failed to do that. Consequently, the following actions are decided:
  1. Any and all statuses that were previously delegated to Bone County are effective immediately nullified and considered invalid.
  2. Bone County is to once again fall under authority of San Andreas State Government, and will no longer have a Government of their own.
  3. San Andreas Police Department has full authority to enforce all applicable state and federal laws on the territory of Bone County.


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United States
H. RES 015
San Andreas Governor
Dated 25th of January, 2020
The Congress received a complaint from San Andreas Police Department in regards to recent actions taken by the San Andreas State Government - the reduction of paycheck for the commanding ranks in the Police Department. While the Governor has the authority to adjust paychecks, the circumstances of the specific case, as stated in the complaint, question if the authority was misused in order to obtain access to confidential information from the Police Department.
Consequently, the Congress has launched an investigation into the whole scheme in order to determine whether the State Government overstepped their boundaries and abused their authority for ill intentions. The Congress held the first hearing on the 25th of January, 2020 and had sent an invitation to the hearing to Governor Brendan Finney a day prior, at a time at which both parties agreed were available at. 
In the hearing, a witness was revealed through the statement of Mr. Santos from the Police Department which was Mr. Derek Shelby. Mr. Shelby was called forward to provide his statement to the Congress, however, Mr. Shelby suddenly ran outside of the hearing with no explanation or justification.
As the Governor failed to appear at the scheduled Congressional hearing, and the witness failed to comply with providing a statement as one of the key witnesses, the Congress is forced to issue a subpoena on the two persons in order to complete the investigation.



To: Governor Brendan Finney, Mr. Derek Shelby


Pursuant to lawful authority, YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED to make available to the CONGRESSIONAL OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE of the United States Congress, on Sunday, 26th of January, 2020, between 14;00 CET and 22:00 CET, with a notice of appearance which is to be submitted at minimum four hours prior to the availability.


Failure to appear will be considered contempt of the Congressional subpoena and will be sanctioned.




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United States
H. PUB 001
San Andreas Government
Dated 26th of January, 2020
The Congress has taken notice of the recent publication by the San Andreas Government and denies allegations made against the United States Congress. The function of the Congress and its Oversight Committee is to establish whether abuse of power occurred at the specified situation by calling in all witnesses from both parties and obtaining the accurate timeline of the events and facts on the matter.
The Congress received a complaint on Friday, January 24th, 2020 7:41 pm.

Good evening Mr. Senator Matthew M. Carter. I am Lieutenant Eduardo Santos and I wish to complain about a recent change in terms of police department's paycheck. After introducing the Precincts for the Police Department, we have noticed a drastic change of salaries from the government, specifically for the Command Staff. A Trooper earns $4,000, while a Lieutenant, Captain or even the Chief of Police earn only $800. That is unfair and I believe that it has been done in order to have somewhat impact on the changes that PD is making to its structure. Also on 21st of January at 3:00PM CET governor and vice governor came to a newly built precinct and tried forcing out lot of internal information from me, on denying to provide them I was directly told by Mr. Brendan, do I want to loose my paycheck. Such acts of interfering should not be allowed at any cost.

Chief Weston Lockeheed has formally agreed for me to go ahead with reporting this.


As a result of this complaint which alleges abuse of power to obtain internal information of the agency, the Congress launched an investigation to determine whether the State Governor used his position and the authority to manage the State Agencies' paychecks to obtain information which is outside the Governor's jurisdiction.
Furthermore, in the first hearing which occurred on the 25th of January, 2020, Mr. Derek Shelby who voluntarily stepped up as a witness upon a request by the Congress, and by the statements given by both, Mr. Santos and Mr. Shelby, it was stated that the paychecks were altered after the confrontation at the Police Department's "South Central" precinct.
Part of the transcripts from the hearing:
25-01-2020 19:06:55 - Matthew Carter: According to Mr. Santos, Governor Finney decreased paycheck of Command Staff to $800
25-01-2020 19:07:01 - Matthew_Carter: After the confrontation at the precinct
25-01-2020 19:07:04 - Matthew_Carter: Is that correct?
25-01-2020 19:07:21 - Derek_Shelby: Yes sir.


Considering the severity of the allegations in question and the statements from both parties which are matching, the Congress has the duty to investigate the matter and obtain more necessary facts in order to make a determination on whether abuse of power occurred or not.


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United States
H. RES 016
San Andreas Government
Dated 27th of January, 2020
This resolution is a conclusion of the allegations brought forward by the San Andreas Police Department relating to the abuse of power by the State Government following an interaction which occurred at the Police Department's precinct at East Los Santos on 21st of January, 2020.


    As for the investigation by the Oversight Committee, the following is established:

    1. Allegation which states the paychecks being altered after 17th January could not be verified and is therefore dismissed.
    2. Allegation which states the Government attempted to forcefully obtain information from the Police Department is proven to be true.
    3. The hearings have shown that the Government also attempted to force internal changes within the Police Department by using the authority to manage paychecks.
    4. Review of the footage from the precinct's CCTV, the uniformed trooper's body camera and the dash camera of the vehicle parked next by showed rather hostile approach from the Government.


    This resolution establishes the following:
    1. Both parties could have prevented the incident from occurring by establishing more fluent communication and utilizing more diplomatic approach to the matters of concern.
    2. Both parties are to arrange a meeting at which they are to discuss the issues at hand and find appropriate path forward to avoid such incidents from reoccurring.
    3. State Government may not use their authority to alter paychecks in such a manner, without any legitimate reasons, that it is used as a bargaining tool in order to achieve a goal or obtain information. Such acts can be considered extortion.
    4. State Government has the authority to make proposals to the State Agencies, and to work along with the State Agencies, however, the State Government does not have the authority to force changes on the State Agencies, the changes must be agreed upon by the State Agency head.
    5. State Government make a public notice on the appropriate public bulletin board at whichever point a change in paycheck is made, so all may be aware of the change as well as the date and time at which the change took place.


    The Congress will take no action against either party. Both parties are to align with this resolution and work in harmony in a reasonable manner which is within the boundaries of the law and ethics for the bodies of the Government.


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    United States
    H. RES 017
    San Andreas Police Department
    Dated 27th of April, 2020
    The Congressional Oversight committee has been made aware of a recent establishment of a new division within San Andreas Police Department which is called Crime Suppression Division. To the committee's knowledge, the SAPD has had the division previously in numerous occasions, and in every occasion the division ended up causing issues and instability within the department.
    The committee has been informed that creation of such division was disagreed with by the President, and including some high ranking individuals within the San Andreas Police Department.
    Taking into consideration the fact that the department has struggled with active personnel, insufficient staffing, and facing issues with a yet another Special Weapons and Tactics division which is falling into absence, the Congressional Oversight committee is launching an investigation into the creation of the specified division with the President's Office.
    The goals of this committee are:
    • To determine whether such division is necessary;
    • To determine if the objectives of such divisions could be handled by existing division;
    • To determine whether ordinary units could execute objectives of such a division;
    • To determine who approved the division's creation despite the objections;
    • To determine the issues such division could deliver to the department;
    • To determine whether the department can afford to have another division;

    The Congress asks the following individuals to make available for a hearing session within the next seven days by a letter (( discord PM )) to Senator Leonardo Carter or Matthew Carter;

    • Chief Eduardo Santos
    • Captain Shane Williams
    • Lieutenant Stock Smith
    • Staff Sergeant Charles McCane
    • Lead Trooper Kacper Kowalski
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    United States
    H. RES 018
    San Andreas Police Department
    Dated 29th of April, 2020
    Based on the statements of the witnesses who deposited their statements, which are:
    1. Kacper Kowalski
    2. Stock Smith
    3. Shane Williams
    4. Eduardo Santos
    5. Charles McCane

    The Congress came to the following conclusions:

    1. The idea of creating a Crime Suppression Division was proposed by Kacper Kowalski
    2. The division was approved by the Chief with agreement of other Command Staff members
    3. Shane Williams provided an insincere statement under influence of Charles McCane
    4. Charles McCane provided conflicting statements versus statements made in SAPD channels
    5. SWAT, according to Command Staff, is inactive and dysfunctional
    6. There are no reasonable justifications for creating a new division with SWAT in such state

    Consequently to those conclusions:

    1. The Congress finds Charles McCane guilty of perjury and is sentenced to 6 months in prison.
    2. The Congress orders SAPD to merge CSD with SWAT and maintain one tactical division
    3. The Congress orders SAPD to resolve issues within SWAT and establish a healthy team.
    4. Kacper Kowalski and recently pardoned persons may not be given divisional leadership positions until otherwise allowed by the President or the Congress in order to maintain stability and internal health which would be disturbed if newly reinstated or pardoned members suddenly got appointed to high ranks whereas members who have been employed for a longer time are not.
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    United States
    H. RES 019
    Space Administration
    Dated 4th of June, 2020
    The Congress delivers a resolution which defines the Space Administration as a federal body for space exploration and research, with the primary goals of:
    • Setting American boots on the Moon
    • Research of space technology to combat competing countries
    • Exploration of Mars and establishment of camps on Mars
    • Research and development of space combat vehicles
    • Research of alien life forms

    The Congress recognizes Barracuda Corporation as the current partner of the Space Administration with who it shall work on developing spacecraft and achieving the goals defined above.


    The logo of the Space Administration:




    Additionally, the following amendments are made to the law:



    SA-PSC § VII.9. Restricted Areas

    Certain government facilities and buildings are to have restricted access to the public due to the nature of the agency residing in the area and the safety of the public and the employees themselves. As such, the following areas are to be considered of restricted access:

    • Los Santos Police Department including the interior space the yard on the northern side, the garage, and the premises in front of the building on the west side.
    • Las Venturas Police Department including the interior space, the parking on the west side, the garage and the premises on the south side of the building.
    • San Fierro Police Department including the interior space, the parking on the south side, the garage and the premises of the building on each side.
    • Special Weapons and Tactics training facility at north-east Las Venturas including the premises around the exterior fence.
    • Special Weapons and Tactics headquarters at Los Santos, Commerce, including the premises west of garage to the sewer access road and the garage.
    • Federal Bureau of Investigation, Los Santos Headquarters, including the interior space, the garage and the premises of the building on all sides.
    • Federal Bureau of Investigation, Las Venturas Office, including the interior space, the garage and the premises of the building on all sides.
    • Federal Bureau of Investigation, San Fierro Office, including the interior space, the parking space on the west side and the premises of the building on all sides.
    • Area 51 including the premises stretching to the access road on the west side, to the hills on the north and east side and south side.
    • White House including the premises stretching throughout the whole Verdant Bluffs area.


    Area 51 which is owned by the Federal Government and currently in use by the FBI may be used by Barracuda Corporation for development and research of spacecraft technology for the upcoming launch on the Moon. As such, the law also amends that Area 51 is classed as military-level research facility, consequently trespassers may be imprisoned or shot after neglecting warnings to leave the premises of the facility.


    Trespassers are subject not only to imprisonment or risk of injuries, but also to interrogation by the FBI and detention until motives and intentions have been cleared.

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    United States
    H. RES 020
    Commission of Inquiry
    Dated 15th of September, 2020.

    The Congress has been following recent complaints alleging the Governor of violating first amendment rights, as well as misusing the rights given to his office. Following these complaints, the Federal Bureau of Investigation were tasked with identifying their legitimacy. As of the 15th of September, we received the final outcome from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. An emergency meeting of Congress was called to determine how to proceed, and we are hereby formally starting an impeachment inquiry into Governor Winters.


    It's alleged that Governor Winters violated the first amendment rights of news reporters of a specific agency. It's a constitutional right for our press to have free access to record our officials conducting their work to ensure we're continually held responsible for our actions. It's come to light that these reporters were then escorted from the premises by SAPD personnel. We will investigate and evaluate whether or not the Governor and the SAPD Trooper in question violated the first amendment rights of the press.


    As well as this, it's alleged that the Governor has tried to use his office to influence the outcome of a police investigation. We will investigate and determine the merit of these allegations.

    Due to this, Congress finds the following necessary:

    • The Congress issues a subpoena against Governor Winters, Mr. Leonardo Stokes, Director Carter and Mr. Octavius Finney to testify before the Congress. Each shall submit to Congress the preferred date and time, dates being as soon as feasibly possible.
    • Those that have been issued a subpoena may have an attorney present during the hearing.
    • Failure to appear before Congress will further contribute to the impeachment process as it will be deemed as an intentional obstruction of the investigation into these allegations.


    There will be a series of hearings which will all be public and citizens are invited to participate and follow the development.

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    United States
    H. RES 021
    Inquiry conclusion of H. RES 020
    Dated 18th of September, 2020.
    Following H. Resolution 020, the Congress has been in private session reviewing the details of the FBI's report into Governor Winters and SAPD State Trooper Leonardo Stokes.
    This Congress has come to the following conclusions about the events that transpired over the 8th of September and 15th of September 2020.
    Governor Chuck Winters
    • Violation of first amendment rights, relevant to the mistreatment of our press. The press operate in the public interest. Allowing the press to be escorted for the reasons provided are deemed inappropriate and a violation of their first amendment rights.
    • Criminal Trespass, relevant to misuse of the United States Congressional Hall based in San Fierro.
    • Obstruction of Justice, relevant to the provision of false information to the Federal Bureau of Investigation who were instructed to conduct an investigation into the complaint.
    • Abuse of Power, relevant to the misuse of the Government PSA system which had a noticeable impact on the handling of a traffic incident caused by the Governor.
    • Contempt of Congress, relevant to the prevalent misbehaviour, interruptions, failure to answer and conduct of the Governor during the inquiry.


    SAPD State Trooper Leonardo Stokes

    • Violation of first amendment rights, relevant to the mistreatment of our press.
    • Obstruction of Justice, relevant to the provision of misinformation to this Congress.


    This Congress has not come to this conclusion lightly, but we find it untenable to allow Governor Chuck Winters to remain in a position of power over our state. This Congress has voted in a majority to officially impeach Governor Chuck Winters with immediate effect with his position being stripped from him. The FBI is hereby instructed to pursue criminal charges if and where applicable.

    Lieutenant Governor Sam Woods will take the position of interim Governor for the remainder of this period. An emergency election will be called on the 1st of October, 2020.


    This Congress also finds the actions of SAPD State Trooper Leonardo Stokes to be highly irresponsible and criminally negligent. The SAPD is hereby instructed to issue disciplinary measures to Leonardo Stokes, at a minimum a 7 day suspension.


    This matter is now considered resolved by this Congress.


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