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26/09/2020 17:00 IN-GAME, V-DAY

Moderator application - Shaw_Bentley

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  • Your in-game name
  • You real life age
  • Your country and timezone
    GMT +7(Vietnam)
  • How do you describe yourself as a person

    I'm a normal guy which experiences of many year playing samp (since 2011) , i love playing samp although it's an old game , this game is one of my childhood's game it bring me lot of memories so i cant leave it. I like the most "team death-match" mode , it is fun and easy to play. I never use any hacks , only explore them from google. Treat good to those who treat me good and the opposite , this is my personality 

  • What are your motives for becoming a moderator?

    Playing with cheater cause inhibition when no admins online, so simple this is my reason. I have experiences as admin before so give me a hand

  • How will you deal with a friend that is asking for favors?

    Friends are friends , rules are rules . More intimate more serious , that is my way to work. If his favor against the rules i will clarify to him to understand , any deliberate act he will get punishment just like others

  • How will you deal with a new player that keeps on rule-breaking, after several warnings?

    After asking him to review the rules , if he stubborn i will give him a warning , ignore the warnings i will take proof report to higher admins for serious punishment

  • Any additional information you feel is relevant

    One month joined in here so basically i know most of the rules as well as server's features

  • Screenshot of your in-game stats


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Hello @Benley_Shaw,

Your application has been acknowledged; in the meantime remain patient and excited until the release of our SA:MP TDM server, and make sure to read all the terms and and conditions of this side of our Mudoo Community.

Your entry way to be a staff member depends on how active , helpful and mature you are on the server.

Be sure to win all these qualities mentioned above to earn your ticket in!

Best regards,


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Hello @Benley_Shaw,

Are you still interested? One way to respond to that is by joining the game and to make sure to gain our staff's trust and votes, and also to prove how capable you are for this position within the next upcoming days.


Kind regards,


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