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Properties will only be created if their creation will benefit the server and the property serves a useful purpose. Property requests are reviewed by Senior Admins and can be accepted or denied depending on the evaluation outcome. We will not endlessly create properties at various places if they serve no logical purpose except occupying spots.


It is worth noting that:

  1. We will also not be creating any businesses in Los Santos as it is already overfilled with businesses.
  2. We will not create any more ammunations as we only placed them at singleplayer locations.
  3. We will not create any more clothing stores as we only placed them at singleplayer locations.
  4. We will not create any more pharmacies as we've placed enough in each city.


Click to make a property request



Refunds will only be given in the case that you lost something that is no fault of your own. You must have proof of it happening to have your refund request processed successfully. With that you must also have proof of what you had lost, so we know for definite you had it on you at the time it disappeared. We will not be checking logs for you, so don't bother submitting a request hoping we'll do your own leg work.


You may submit a refund request if you have been affected by either of the following:

  • The server unexpectedly crashed
  • A script caused an unexpected result
  • Player related, i.e. deathmatched or carkilled.


Make sure to include as much information as possible which makes it easier to recover your item(s) by us. Failing to provide insufficient information may result in a denial of your request.

Be advised: no refunds will be given if you intentionally use a command knowing it was bugged/faulty or tried to abuse commands resulting in potential item loss.


If a loss of item(s) was caused due to rulebreaking by another player it is required to post a player report on the forums before submitting a refund request. Dishonesty in either your player report or your refund request will result in temporary account termination.


Click here to submit a refund request


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