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26/09/2020 17:00 IN-GAME, V-DAY

Player report - Robin_Lockwood

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  • What is your in-game name?
  • Which player(s) do you want to report?
  • When did the rulebreak happen?
  • Which players did witness the rulebreak happening?
    Me and Eduardo_Escobar
  • What happened? (quote what rule was broken)

     /accept death while we are Rping with him.

  • Evidence

    [01:17:18] * Leah_Santos applies handcuffs on Robin_Lockwood's hands.
    [01:17:19] * Robin_Lockwood (5) left the server (disconnected).
    [01:17:23] Screenshot Taken - sa-mp-075.png
    [01:17:28] (( Leah_Santos: hahha ))
    [01:17:29] Eduardo_Escobar says [Japanese accent]: wow cheater
    [01:17:34] (( Leah_Santos: Screen Capture ))
    [01:17:42] (( Eduardo_Escobar: forum ? ))
    [01:17:43] (( Leah_Santos: he /q ))
    [01:17:47] (( Leah_Santos: yes ))
    [01:17:58] (( Eduardo_Escobar: let's go and check radar contacts ))
    [01:18:00] * Robin_Lockwood (5) logged in to the server.
    [01:18:07] * oppss (Robin_Lockwood)
    [01:18:16] Eduardo_Escobar says [Japanese accent]: i'll go find a car
    [01:18:19] Leah_Santos says: dont die yet
    [01:18:28] ** [Global Radio] SAPD Leah_Santos: PD to EMS, How copy? **
    [01:18:34] ** [Global Radio] EMS Octavius_Finney: EMS copies. **
    [01:18:45] Hilly_Sindacco (3): {FFFFFF}A     F     K
    [01:18:49] ** {0235A3}[SAPD Radio]{006FED} SAPD Police Cadet Leah_Santos {0235A3}[MARY-1]{006FED}: Need EMS ASAP **
    [01:18:55] ** [Global Radio] SAPD Leah_Santos: Need EMS ASAP **
    [01:18:59] ** [Global Radio] EMS Octavius_Finney: 10-4. **
    [01:19:02] ** [Global Radio] SAPD Leah_Santos: NEAR LS LV Toll **
    [01:19:03] * Robin_Lockwood takes his last breath
    [01:19:04] Enrico_Gambino (17): {FFFFFF}Who asked?
    [01:19:10] * Robin_Lockwood closes his eyes
    [01:19:11] ** [Global Radio] EMS Octavius_Finney: Rapid responder on its way. **
    [01:19:15] * Leah_Santos grabs his
    [01:19:16] (( Leah_Santos: wait ))
    [01:19:18] ** {0235A3}[SAPD Dispatch]{006FED} Robin_Lockwood is no longer suspected. **
    [01:19:21] Leah_Santos (18): {FFFFFF}WTF


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Seems like you have had enough time to RP with him, but it seems like you did not even really try to interact with him apart from the only "Leah_Santos says: dont die yet" and a few radio messages.


Apart from that, it looks like you had at least a minute long the chance to interact with him or search him and /seize for example.


Hence, considering the (also little though) RP efforts from the victim, there was no rule breaking done here.

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