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26/09/2020 17:00 IN-GAME, V-DAY

0.3 DL  

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  1. 1. Do we move to SA:MP version 0.3 DL

    • Yes
    • No

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i surely appreciate the privileges of moving to the new version but i don't think it's wise to upgrade when you know that less people will join the server when the playerbase isnt that big

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Dont plz it doesnt support too many mods.

Also if someone has a full modloader of skins/cars etc it will crash everytime until he deletes those files, were a problem for me.



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6 hours ago, Ramo said:

Do we afford to lower the playerbase?

Can we ?
This would be our worst move since still we got a player-base of 30-40. 
0.3DL isn't implemented by most of the servers and even this update crashes most of the modifications being used in 0.3.7. It's better to stay default until 0.3DL isn't completely released and isn't implemented by most of the servers. 
MG is still in development phase with less players playing on it. We shouldn't update to DL version of samp because getting good player base is a goal for every new servers to grow in future.

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15 hours ago, Ray said:

0.3DL introduces new shit so i am supporting

And people who are asking that they cant join 0.3.7 servers just make a copy of gta sa and SA:MP and switch it from settings whenever you want to play 0.3.7 or DL servers

Or get samp addon

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17 hours ago, Clay said:


0.3.dl isnt directly available on sa-mp.com which means new players aren't going to find it and they'll stick to .3.7

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9 hours ago, Kacper said:

Do we have the people to actually add those nice skins and street gangs etc etc


To make the servers own ones probably not.  Though I doubt anyone's going to care if the server used publicly available skins.

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