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It is clear that you cannot satisfy everyone when something is being done to celebrate particular religious community management is suddenly called anti-Muslim. just like Denzel said all it takes is a bunch of internet children to complain it shows a lack rationalization, but either way it will be noted in future not offend anyone in future or whatever is considered to be offensive. 

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Posted (edited)
5 hours ago, Ramo said:

Did you really just say a mosque is stupid? 🤔


FYI, the mapper who mapped the Mosque is a muslim himself so you're pretty much disrespecting his real home's mosque by insulting the map as he stated that it looks very similar to the one he goes to.

i'm not here defending the mosque mostly i'm just saying that the server getting filled with imams and priests and pretty much no one even knows shit about their religion goes rping it 


said this before: 2-3 people saying something and it is getting accepted right after it is said without doing a proper poll just stupid and u should have expected this 
I'm just mostly on the topic that mosques being added = more religious building getting added the server already known for how much toxic players + barely any RP at all we have in here now you wanna add these stuff which pretty much no one can RP but if majority of people wants this they can have it but if those majority of players don't want it then we should not add it because it will result in many complains later something will happen resulting in the religious buildings getting insulted just heard ISIS blow up sirilanka church and possibility of hacker finding these religious buildings and use the mods on it good chances

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It disappoints me that everytime fingers are pointed at other people instead of to yourself. Instead of thinking negative, think positive aswell? Even though it's just temporary, if I was a Moslim I'd be happy that the server respects my religion by adding such map. It's not us, the owners nor administration that asks you - the players - to deathmatch in such area, we made rules to prevent such events to happen but in the end it's you - the players - that has to be mature enough to not ruin it for all other players. None stops you in making a poll to remove the map eitherway, the community was made to listen to the players.

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