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1st headquarters - Free

2nd headquarters - $5,000,000 minimum - more depending on location and size



Not possible to have more than two headquarters for now. Headquarters are only for groups.



1st gate -> $2,000,000

2nd gate -> $3,000,000

3rd gate -> $4,000,000

4th gate -> $5,000,000



Gates with restrictions are only for group properties, or for private properties but unrestricted.



1st elevator -> $2,000,000

2nd elevator -> $4,000,000

3rd elevator -> $6,000,000



Elevators are only for group properties.


Custom Mapping

Less than 100 objects -> $2,000,000

Less than 300 but more than 100 -> $4,000,000

Less than 600 but more than 300 -> $6,000,000

More than 600 -> $8,000,000


Custom mapping is only for group properties, or properties for public use (such as future business properties and so on).



-> $5,000,000 without enter restrictions (anyone can access)

-> $10,000,000 with enter restriction (only group members can access)


Garages are only for group properties.


Do not ask for the above listed features unless you meet the requirements to have them, and have the money to afford them.

We will not give you these features for free, and we will not set them if the requirements are not met.



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