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Common misconceptions about DM, RP

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So there are some common misconceptions about what roleplay is, and what deathmatch is, from both, the players and the staff. I'll clarify it here.


The misconception:

Roleplay is when you do a lot of /me commands and describe everything you do through /me.



/me extends his arm towards the vehicle's door handle
/me uses his hand to open the vehicle door by the door handle
/me moves the door, opening it.
/me steps inside, legs first, taking a seat in the vehicle

This example shows excessive and unnecessary detail in /me. This does not make you a good roleplayer.


The correction:

Roleplay is the way you behave and react in situations that occur.

Roleplay is also the process of developing your character realistically and reasonably.

In short terms, roleplay is about making realistic and reasonable actions, behaving as you would in real life, making decisions as you would in real life.

Roleplay is not about using a lot of /me commands.



You get surrounded by 3 armed men.
You will present fear, and comply with them because you are afraid of dying.
You will follow their instructions and comply.

This example shows how you behave in a situation where you are outnumbered and threatened with death. You present fear. You comply. Your goal is to survive. This is realism.


The misconception:

Deathmatch is when you get killed and the person who kills you did not do /me takes out his gun and flicks safety off and pulls trigger.



A guy comes to you, you never interacted with him, he did not interact with anybody, and kills you.

This example shows how a person came to you, killed you and did not use any /me commands.


The correction:

Deathmatch is defined as killing somebody without having any roleplay reason to do so.

Deathmatch is also considered killing somebody without a strong or a good roleplay reason.



A rival mafia leader pays a person to kill you in exchange for money.
The assassin and the rival mafia leader meet somewhere, discuss the kill contract, exchange money and set up a plan.
After a while, you get killed by a person (who ends up being the paid hitman). He comes and shoots you. Or he could snipe you out.

This example shows that if there is a roleplay background to a killing, it is acceptable, even if there was no /me commands performed.


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I'll show you the screenshot soon when we surrounding Andolini member, His name was Abramo_Andolini. He just simply take out his gun without even a /me line and runs away.

Ok so then I Pm'ed him what kind of RP was it?

His reply: This is a light roleplay server.

I said: /me sighs and then facepalm hardly.

Edited by Ali Shan

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