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Our 2nd anniversary 🎉 and Mass Unban 🔐

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Lovely Community Members,


You may call it cliché, but it is our birthday after all! Besides all the other plans and upcoming releases, the management team has decided we will grant 184 banned players another chance. Don't ruin this free opportunity, because we did not remove the ban button! Details about the mass unban are provided at the end of this post.


It is insane how fast time goes. Two years ago we started from literally nothing with only a few people and our own experiences. I was not sure what we could expect, but it was going to be a bumpy ride nevertheless. From mistakes we have learned and we did not gave up on trying. It is now safe to say that we have a pretty stable base. Not only with our players, but also with our systems and structures.


We are ready to expand to new games and are trying very hard to create the perfect handcrafted FiveM scripts for you. In the last months we have learned a lot and are now confident we will be able to launch something nice. Keep an eye out on the announcement section for all the nice projects we have planned.


I myself will continue supporting the community in the upcoming years. Making sure all our system are running perfect, working on our panel and other support systems. But above all, I will be there supporting the staff teams and be there to talk with players about concerns they cannot bring to anyone else. Lets all work hard for yet another year of success!!


Don't forget to read the anniversary message by Dylan and the birthday ceremony announcement (22 June 17:00)!


Best regards,

The community team





Mass unban details

Not everyone is included in this mass unban. If you find yourself not unbanned, I am sorry, but you did not receive this free extra chance. The following rough criteria were applied and are non-discussable.

  • Last ban happened over a month ago at least.
  • Did at least play 1 hour (which excludes those solely coming here to hack).
  • Last ban was not for excessive behaviour, like bug abusing, aimbot or threatening our general security.
  • Last ban was not for ban evading or multi accounting.
  • If last ban was for hacking or cheating, it should be their only ban


Are you unbanned?

If you did pass our criteria, congratulations! You have received this one time free "get-out-of-jail" card. This gives you the chance to reconnect with friends in-game and come to our ceremony tomorrow. But don't get too excited, you will be on a short leash. Your previous bans and punishments will not be forgotten. If you manage to get yourself banned again, chances are getting pretty slim for another unban.




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