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FBI | Updates about the Bone County concern

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June 23th, 2019


The Federal Bureau of Investigation has taken notice of the separatist yearnings of a local militia, known as "Lashkar-e-Taiba", which is believed to base on and currently operate in Bone County.


We urge the citizens of San Andreas who live in Bone County to take extra caution measures in regards to the threat. They include:


  • Reporting any signs of uncommon, malicious activity to the FBI;
  • Having the "911" number on speed dial if any emergency occurs;
  • IF possible, avoid staying in Bone County - spend a few days on your relatives' house, or if you have financial conditions, go to an hotel.


We are also announcing the opening of a Field Office of the agency in Bone County, concerning the latest situations and to facilitate communication between the agency and locals, in observance to ensure the safety of those who wish to stay or can not leave Bone County. The Office is located in the vicinity of Las Barrancas, and will operate on a 24/7 basis, under assistance of the Las Venturas' headquarters of the FBI.




We will use this portal to maintain active communication between the agency, citizens of Bone County and San Andreas and whoever who concern.


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June 25th, 2019


The Federal Bureau of Investigation has commenced efforts to raise awareness between the citizens of Bone County's cities and villages in regards to the latest threat they face.


We have received numerous anonymous tips about deceiful propaganda being spread in Bone County through a local-printed newspaper named "Bone County Express", whose source is currently unknown, but it's tone is strongly supportive of the local militia.


The F.B.I urges the citizens of Bone County to pursue the truth, and solemnly the truth. Doubt of doubtful sources, bear your right to question. Deceiful propaganda is a known guerilla/war method, intended to demoralize the opponent, the public opinion and the war effort.


Today, our agents took a step ahead to counter fake news. Going door to door in Bone County's major settlements, they began distributing informative content about the current situation in the region, precaution measures and the role of the F.B.I in combat. More of these door to door efforts are to come in the upcoming days, in order to counter the misleading guerilla propaganda.






A printable version of the distributed pamphlet will be shortly available in a day or two. Share with your friends, relatives and known-ones and spread the truth.



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*As you walk by any the FBI's buildings, you see a stand of pamphlets in front. You reach for one, as you begin to read through.*



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