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Nick Alvin

Not a bug Bug report - This bug occurs in 24/7, while buying a boombox.

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    Basically the thing is simple, whenever I go to any 24/7 to buy a boombox, I type /buy and select the boombox, when I clicks confirm a message shows up that ''You already have a boombox. If you do not, report this to development team. Item not bought, problem with using the item. Even though I don't even have a boombox in my items, I'm tired of this bug, kindly fix it, Thank you
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    This if the proof.



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Boombox doesn't show in inventory.

Maybe you bought it earlier, try to /boombox spawn(command to use boombox, if you have one).

Let us know if that works or not.

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I checked your items and saw you already have a boombox. Please do as Inferno suggested; try to use /boombox spawn to spawn it.

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