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26/09/2020 17:00 IN-GAME, V-DAY

Upcoming Events

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We're gonna hold some activities this Sunday, 28th of July.


At 16:00 CET we will hold an auction. In the auction, we'll sell:

- 2x Buffalo

- 1x Infernus

- 2x NRG

- 2x Weed House


At 17:00 CET we will hold a governor candidate debate. Expected attendance by:

@Roy aka Staz Gonzales

@TiMoN aka Timon Burke

@Antonio aka Bret Maverick

@Kacper aka Kacper Williams

@Thomas_Hewitt aka Andeey Cake

@Saaruman aka Ned Mohammad

@Argon aka Maxim Perez

@Dr.Brain aka Dr Brain


From 18:00 CET and onward  we will hold a mystery event. You can expect:

- A best tuned vehicle show

- A fight club event

- A drug transport event

- A bank robbery event

- A race event


This will mark the beginning of the summer series of events which will be announced with details in a separate topic. In those events (summer events) we will give some major rewards to the winners. Stay tuned to find out what we have planned for this.


In summary:

When? 28/07/2019 / 16:00 CET and onward

What? Events and Auctions

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2 hours ago, amirhossein2 said:

*me : still can't connect to server because of shitty mudoo RPG support*

*mudoo rpg: not my problem*

*Also Mudoo RPG: explained the problem and how it is out of our reach, still working on finding a solution with the hosting provider*

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