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26/09/2020 17:00 IN-GAME, V-DAY


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On 8/5/2019 at 2:05 AM, Leonardo said:


Logo by Bruce McCane




Mudoolympics consist of a series of events to be disputed throughout five days, divided in three weekends. These events will be disputed by the players, whose only requirement is to be part of a team, previously subscribed prior to the event's beginning, in August 10.




This is the official calendar of the events - ALL of them start at the same time - 17:00 (server time), one per day.






All information about each event and it's rules will be published in topic a day prior to the event's scheduled date, and aswell will be recapped in-game.




Besides the fact there'll be individual prizes at the end of the Mudoolympics, the only way to participate in the events is to be PART OF A TEAM - anyone who's not part of a team will not be allowed to participate, neither eligible to join a team afterwards, or earn prizes.




The teams must have 4 (FOUR) MEMBERS EACH - NO MORE OR LESS THAN THAT. If your group of friends is bigger than that, nothing stops you from making two different groups! There will be no exceptions to this rule, since equal ammount of members is a must for the good will of the event - no less and no more than four. Once a member of a team, you're eligible to participate in all of the events, representing yourself and your team. In this topic. Use the following form and post here to apply your team:


TEAM NAME: <name>



TEAM NAME: Cartersquad
TEAM MEMBERS: Leonardo Carter, Matthew Carter, Derek Carter, Dylan Carter


Teams have no leaders. Anyone who's apart of one can submit an application. The full list of teams will be made available in the post below. The deadline for APPLYING YOUR TEAM IS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 10, 16:00 SERVER TIME. NO MORE TEAMS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THIS DEADLINE.



At each event, players will score points according to the positions they finish on. These points will count for both, the team ranking and the individual ranking.


1st place - 6 points
2nd place - 4 points
3rd place - 3 points
4th place - 2 points
5th place - 1 point


Team ranking is the total number of points of all of the team member's accumulated points - let's say Leonardo Carter won 1st place, and Derek Carter got 4th. That's 8 points for the Cartersquad. Team ranking will be updated at the end of every event.


Individual ranking is your own total number of points. Leonardo Carter won 1st place, he's got 6 points for himself, too! These will go for the individual charter. Individual ranking will be updated at the end of every event.



Every daily event will have it's own prizes, too. 1st place will win $1.000,000, 2nd place will win $500,000, 3rd place will win $250,000. 4th and 5th place only score the points.


The rankings also do mean something: 


  • The winner team of the Mudoolympics will get four exclusive cars of the member's choice (one for each), one "weed" house for each, as well a team's prize in $$$, to be decided still.
  • The individual winner of the Mudoolmypics will get a large monetary sum, and a good chunk of Mudoo Coins (the ones you can use to acquire VIP statuses!)



Each event will have it's own rules - however, we'll also have general rules for the event as a whole. They are the following:


- You're not allowed to participate in the Mudoolympics if you're not part of a team;

- For a team to be eligible to score team points, at least one member of the team must participate in the event (each of the daily ones);

- The points you make go to yourself and the team;

- All of the server rules apply to the events, except when said otherwise.

- Any other eventual rule that needs to be made/applied will be announced in this thread and updated in this list.




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REMEMBER: as more team members your team has online, the higher the chances of earning points. Obviously if all the 4 members of the team are competing, the chances of at least one of you scoring points are higher than if there's just one, for example.








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Bruce McCane

- Weston Lockeheed

- Eduardo Santos

- Shane Williams

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The individual winner will earn 30 Mudoo Coins (thanks to Dylan's willingness of sharing his own!). They're enough to attain perks for a good chunk of months, which is an extra motivator for the competitors.


Accepting team submissions till Wednesday, 16:00 [server time]!



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On 8/5/2019 at 10:20 AM, Leonardo said:

TEAM NAME:B.C.E                 TEAM MEMBERS: Viktor Reznov, Dayrl Reznov,,Cyrus Reznov, Reis Muchait.


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Mis type one name.
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TEAM NAME: The Trollers
Cap_Wilson Bret_Maverick Nikolas_Spasimirov Andeey_Cake

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TEAM NAME: Albanians

TEAM MEMBERS: Albion Hyka, Charles Howard,Emiljano Shullazi, Bruno Krasniqi

keno eix is replaced by charles howard.

granted by leonardo

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Due to some problems with the dates & available time, i'll have to reschedule the events - however, i believe it'll then be better for everyone.


The five events will now be distributed in three weekends, as of then:


Swimming - August 10 (Saturday), 17:00 server time

Boxing - August 11 (Sunday), 17:00 server time

Marathon - August 17 (Saturday), 17:00 server time

Triathlon - August 18 (Sunday), 17:00 server time

Paintball & Winner Announcement - August 24 (Saturday), 17:00 server time


All team submissions are accepted & the names are in. Team submission deadline is now extended till Saturday, 16:00 [server time]!

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TEAM NAME:  tortolinis

TEAM MEMBERS: Finn_Andolini, Jennifer_Andolini, Steve Andolini, Osolnik Andolini

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Team submissions are now closed.


The first event (swimming) was done today, with the following positions:

Osolnik Andolini - 1st

Randy Andolini - 2nd

Bruce McCane - 3rd

Albion Hyka - 4th

Emilijano Shullazi - 5th


The boxing event will be happening at the same time [17:00, server time]. More information on the card below:



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The second event (boxing) was done yesterday, with the following positions:

Bruce McCane - 1st

Shane Williams - 2nd

Weston Lockheed - 3rd

Shaun Sheep - 4th

Dre Santana - 5th


The marathon event will be happening next saturday, at the same time [17:00, server time]!


Also, scoresheet tables updated




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Marathon delayed to Sunday, 17:00, due to occurance of another event at the same time in the server (with a roleplay verve). 

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@Leonardo My team is "The Trollers" the man who made it was Cap_Wilson aka Cake_Chopper, he put me Bret Maverick and Shaun AKA Andeey Cake. 

Andeey won in the boxing event as 4th so he should get 1 point or 2? Plus he won the marathon as 5th place he must get other 1 point and I won as 1 st, give me 6 points?


plus the table of teams and scores, we have no points... The Trollers.

Check members, Andeey Cake = Shaun Sheep

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